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  1. Correct Paul I remember that. From what I heard a lad called Gordon Kettle hit one of their teachers and not sure if the Police weren't called to sort it out. Again if i remember correctly HH were banned from playing football at home or something. Think the match in question was a cup game and HH were banned from playing in the cup the following year
  2. Remember Mandy. When she came in the labs we'd all give her a rendition on Mandy by Barry Manilow
  3. Good luck and hope you find something. But I think your problem is that you are talking about someone who was there around 70 years or so ago. Many of the people who worked there at the time are most certainly dead now or well into their 80's. Other problem could be that any records / noted will have certainly been destroyed now and record keeping was not as thorough in those days. As I say I wish you luck.
  4. Nearest you got was if they were thought of as a risk for absconding you'd write a description of what they were wearing that day in their notes. Thing was that after a while the Police got to know the regulars and would know who you were on about as soon as you rang them.
  5. I worked at Middlewood for a brief time and in mental health for 28 years and can't remember photographs being taken of any patients in all that time. What does it mean to be legally incapacitated? Person temporarily or permanently impaired by mental and/or physical deficiency, disability, illness, or by the use of drugs to the extent he or she lacks sufficient understanding to make rational decisions or engage in responsible actions. sometimes in the past diagnosis could be very vague. One diagnosis fits all so to speak. Thankfully things have changed
  6. There might be a picture but to be honest I doubt it. As for a "diagnosis" sometimes it would be terminology not in use today or it might be very vague. I've seen records from the 1900s etc where they are shown to have been admitted due to being worried or nervous. I've seen records which give kids diagnosis as stupid or docile even lazy.
  7. I always thought she was as wickerman said Persian.
  8. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/libraries-archives/access-archives-local-studies-l Mental health The history of mental health provision in South Yorkshire from the late 19th century is largely told by the history of Middlewood Hospital (formerly South Yorkshire Lunatic Asylum) which was established in Sheffield in 1872. The records of Middlewood Hospital (1872 – 1996) are at Sheffield Archives. These include patient admission registers dating back to 1872 which list the names of the many thousands of people who passed through the asylum, detailing ages, occupations and ‘causes of insanity’. The names of all patients admitted to Middlewood Hospital between 1872 and 1910 have been transcribed and can be searched using our indexes.
  9. At the trust, I worked for I don't think they were microfiched but they were stored electronically. As you can imagine it was/is a mammoth task .
  10. Accessing records varies around the country. the trust I worked for would allow access in some cases I think not sure how much they charged if anything. I heard of some trusts charging around £80. I know of somebody who managed to access their records but once they had been ok'd by the trust and consultant there was more stuff blacked out (censored) and unreadable than readable. The problem these days is trusts could be wary because of the where there's blame there's a claim culture.
  11. Might be difficult as they would be confidential so you would probably need his permission to access them also they might have been destroyed. I may be wrong in this but I think they are only kept for around 10 years. My guess is that the only thing you might find out is why he was admitted and even then the names of many diagnoses have changed over the years .for instance what was known as manic depression is now known as Bi-Polar.
  12. Doc Martin Biology , Mr White RE were a couple of other teachers
  13. Remember Mr Hill, Mr Powell and Holmes but not Mrs Merryweather
  14. Remember some of those names don't know where any of them are though. Suspect some may no longer be with us sadly
  15. My Uncle lived on Fichtes Strasse He would be well into his 80's now. He once one the champion beer drinker of Germany. The competition was in a bar that sold be from pretty much very corner of the world. He had to blind taste them and say what they were and where from he also played Kegel for Germany. My opa was indeed the headmaster of the Schule in Hover and we stayed in the house opposite the school. We used to get the boat train from Sheffield (Midland) in the early days to Harwich then the overnight ferry to the Hoek van Holland then on to Hannover. Lot different in the early days. get off the train then hand the tickets to a bloke sat in what was basically a garden shed then on to the customs. Cars in those days were loaded on to the boats by crane, great to watch as a young kid.
  16. I remember it well it was an old rickety old thing. Was at a wedding at the weekend of a couple of old school friends and the discussion got around to whether there was a school horse at Hinde House. People thought me and Ian were mad when we said there was and that it used to live in a paddock with an old railway wagon as a stable. Anybody else remember it? Must have been around the late 60s early 70s
  17. I have got an uncle who lives in Lehrte. My grandad was the headmaster of the school in Hover. We used to spend the 6 weeks holidays there. Look forward to reading your posts
  18. There were some sad stories there. I remember a woman who had been a fashion model before becoming ill. Apparently she had been jilted at the alter or something and her life literally fell apart.
  19. I worked and trained at Middlewood. There were as you say, women who were sent there because they became pregnant when unmarried and forgotten about. As a result there were men and women who had been born there and never left so never diagnosed as being mentally ill.
  20. There are also some youtube videos about Sheffield and the gang wars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2fNb7Zu1n4
  21. You could pretty much go from one side of Sheffield to the other for around 10p in those days. Remember catching a bus from Firth Park library to Barnsley market place and it costing 12p each way
  22. Burdock Arctium is a genus of biennial plants commonly known as burdock, family Asteraceae. Native to the Old World, several species have been widely introduced worldwide. Wikipedia Dandelion and burdock - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandelion_and_burdock It was originally a type of light mead, but over the years has evolved into the carbonated soft drink commercially available today. Traditionally it was made from fermented dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and burdock (Arctium lappa) roots, hence the name.
  23. Don't Know about your house but in ours it was a specific meal for a specific day Sunday was a roast Monday was sunday roast left over fried up Tuesday Pork chops Wednesday Stew and dumplings Cant remember the rest If you wanted anything different you made it yourself and bought it yourself Or put another way you had what was put in front of you or went hungry
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