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  1. I remember those machines. At the end of their shift the conductor(ess) would write down the numbers on their time sheet and hope that they had the right amount of money in their bag when they got back to the depot to cash up ---------- Post added 29-08-2015 at 12:41 ---------- Lad I used to knock around with worked down the pit. He told us that sometimes in a morning going to work on the top deck of the bus you could hardly see a hand in front of your face because of the cigarette smoke.This was because you couldn't smoke down the pit and they would be getting there quotas in before work.
  2. It has to be remembered that according to the Japaneses if you surrended you were the lowest of the low and almost sub human. Surrender was not an option and it was more acceptable to commit suicide rather than surrender. Remember those japanese soldiers who spent many many years living in the jungle rather than surrender,not knowing the war had finished many years ago. Thjs was mentioned by someone,didn't catch his name, on the BBC coverage The treatment of POW's was horrendous,but I once read an article, many years ago, in which they asked the Japanese who had lived through the war. They said that the POW's were being treated in the same way as the Japanese workers were treated on the plantations etc i.e being given a bowl of rice and little else,being made to work long hours, living in shacks. I don't know if this is correct and if it's a reason to treat POW's in a similar fashion is right. I suspect not. To go off topic my mother was a refugee from Poland and told us of some of the atrocities she saw mostly done by the Russians. She also told us that towards the end of the war her family had everything they owned in the world which wasn't much taken off them by a group of American G.I's. Not on a par maybe but the point is no one came out of the war squeaky clean. |There is a saying that the best way to cover up atrocities in a war is to win it
  3. Got caught playing 3 card brag with some mates in The Rock pub in Pitsmoor. Ended up in court and got fined £5 which in the 70's was a lot of cash. Made the The Star newspaper as well, It must have been a slow news day.
  4. My grandmother told me stories about Charles Peace. We lived in Darnall at the time and some of our family had originated around the Manor I think. Anyway she told me that when he was on the run he was allowed to hide in the attic of my great grand mothers house. No idea if she was telling the truth cool story though.
  5. I am mate you? I'm enjoying retirement can thoroughly recommend it
  6. Been doing a bit of research and it seems there is a Lingards Road in London in SE 13 so may be my Nan was right.
  7. My grandfather did some research into the family name once, not the family tree. He told me that the name had origins in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. He also told me that there were links to the Slave trade. My Grandmother told me that as a girl she was told about a Lingard, an uncle I think who lived in and around London. He inherited a Handsome cab company and quite a lot of land in and around the London area. Unfortunately he was an alcoholic and gambler and either sold or gambled it all away. She also told me that her mother once let Charles Peace hide away from the Police in their attic. Finally my auntie once told me that we are distantly related to Florence Nightingale. This thread got me thinking and bought all the above to mind again.
  8. If you dont want to post e mails etc send each other a private message
  9. Met my girlfriend now wife and she asked me to stop smoking so I did that was 27 years ago. Smoked one cigar since when I was very drunk and couldn't work out why I ever started
  10. Mr eccersley and Glover were proper teachers
  11. did some work on that old bus helped put the stable in for the horse as well laid the concrete base
  12. Dennis was a brilliant sheet metal worker. Remember when my car failed its MOT because the sills had gone. Bring it down to where I work he says. Took it down one Saturday morning. About an hour later picks it up with brand new sills in place.
  13. Michelle couldn't remember her name thanks for jogging my memory
  14. That sounds very much like the afore mentioned Denis's wife. The son was Martin who was well known around Sheffield back in the day
  15. Hello Frank Lingard here. We got moved to Pitsmoor in the high rise flats. We were number 193 all gone now of course. Went back to Darnall a few years ago and couldn't believe it how it gone down hill in some parts. Seemed to be a lot of new builds as well
  16. True but local or not it bought them to the attention of the masses. Same as Wigan casino the Hacienda all pivotal in the music scene in their time
  17. Wasn't the Cavern the same thing, a venue for up and comings?
  18. Was the Mojo club as influential on the British music and club scene as the Cavern club in Liverpool?
  19. You used to be able to buy stick on soles and heels from Woolies as well bit of DIY
  20. God wasn't life a lot simpler then no designer must have labels just sensible clothing designed to do a job and do it well
  21. I never knew him but my wifes maiden name is Roseveare so he was part of her family tree. The family has been researched back to the 1500's by someone who worked on the enigma machine at Bletchley Park. It's originally a Cornish name.From memory there are 3 derivatives Roseveare Rosevar and rosevear. Sorry I went a bit off topic but it was a surprise to see an uncommon name
  22. It was on the opposite end to the arches opposite the Brown Cow? pub
  23. There was an old bloke used to have the smallest shop ever on Ladys Bridge that used to make clogs maybe she got them from there
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