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  1. yes I remember him resplendant in his blue denim dungarees only one strap fastened as was the fashion in those days very Dexis
  2. there was a thread on her a few months back I think. I remember them at the Sheffield Playhouse in a production of Midsummer Nights dream I think it was. It was many many years ago
  3. Just cracked open a bottle of Batemans Victory ale 6% and a good substitute for barley wine
  4. Managed to get six cans of Canadian beer back for a mate when I was over there about 3 years ago. Stuffed them inside trainers and shoes then inside socks in the suitcase. As for battery acid I used to work in a lab so tasted it many times mostly accidentally,its sulphuric acid BTW. I would say the nearest you can get to the old Barley Wine taste these days would be Special Brew
  5. The taste was awful for the first, like drinking battery acid but you got used to it and after the third you didn't care . Seem to remember some used to add a dash of lime,never tried it myself can't think it improved it any probably made it worse.
  6. used to be the drink of choice when I was a lad and skint. Could be bought for 20p a bottle. This was the 70's mind Pretty much out of it for a quid happy days. I seem to remember that it was advertised then as having the same strength as a double scotch
  7. Went there once with the school basketball team. Dirtiest game ever with De La Salle fouling all the time and the priest referee turning a blind eye to it. Only game we lost that year. Fellow Jays / SWFC fan here BTW Torontony
  8. Heard from him last night. He's very busy but going to try and find the time to have a look at the problem
  9. He's a bit of an entrepreneur and at the moment is busy promoting bands and organising gigs etc. . Getting hold of him is very difficult at the best of times
  10. Just to let you know I leave messages on his other main site for Neil Sheffield History's owner. About a month ago he said he would look into it. I left a message a couple of weeks ago and as yet heard nothing in reply.
  11. Good news Maybe Neil had a spare minute to sort it out
  12. so many happy memories. I used to sit in the kitchen with my Mum listening to the radio on a Sunday whilst she was cooking the Sunday dinner waiting for my Dad to come home from the club. Round the Horne,Clitheroe kid et al
  13. Tried to contact him again saying that it seems to be a validation problem and that there might be someone willing to take over the site
  14. Hunter was Red Brearley was blue and Chantrey was green that was the house I was in. Sorby used to win all the sports days and footy matches as I recall.
  15. He is a bit of an entrepaneur and runs quite a few sites including Owlstalk which is one of the most succesful football forums around. He's a busy bloke
  16. Sent him a link to this topic and told him that there seems to be a lot of interest in the site and even people willing to take it over. I know that when he first set up the site he was disappointed at the number of hits it was getting so maybe that's why he's not taken much notice of it.
  17. I have posted a message for Neil on Owlstalk but as yet he has not replied. I know he is very busy with his other business interests. I will ask his brother to bring it to his attention. ---------- Post added 29-09-2015 at 20:56 ---------- Just heard from Neil he is going to have a look and try and sort it.
  18. IF it's who I think it is and 'm pretty sure it is he runs a few forums. Not sure why he's let this one lapse maybe he's busy with other stuff? I know a long while back he was disappointed with the lack of traffic on the site so maybe he's concentrating on other things. He has a few business interests.
  19. I think I know who the site owner is and how to contact him. I will see if it is him and if so will ask him to try and fix the problem
  20. Health and safety what health and safety. You used to come in from playing looking like you'd done a shift at the coal face. None of this sanitised hand wash and stuff needed in them days either
  21. Plastic glasses in the Bucc were pretty much as thick as proper glass glasses as I remember not the flimsy jobs you get today
  22. Slightly off topic but I once went to the Sheffield Playhouse to see A mid summer nights dream could've been twelfth night, it was about 40 years ago mind, the music was supplied by the afore mentioned McCluskey's Apocalypse.
  23. Wadsley Villag is built pretty much on what was Middlewood Hospital
  24. Seem to remember that before regulation busses were packed most of the time and affordable to all After you could have one to yourself at times.
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