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  1. The training IS inadequate. I initially trained as an EN. My first day as a qualified nurse I worked on a ward which was described as for severely and mentally disturbed ( No PC in them days ). Anyway after a 15 minute hand over I was handed the keys by the charge nurse and told to take charge as he left to go home. About an hour later I was asked to hold the keys for another ward and to do the drug round. This was followed about 90 minutes later by another call telling me to hold the keys for another ward and to do the drug round. So within about 3 hours of my first day as a qualified nurse I was in charge of 3 wards. The irony is that about 3 months later they bought in agenda for change and the grading system in which I was given a C grade which meant I couldn't hold the keys for any ward including my own
  2. In those days students were counted in the numbers and you learnt things by doing them and not just reading about them in books or watching a DVD
  3. I was a student nurse at the NGH in the 80's. It was a different world then with plenty of staff at times. The main difference was that as a student there's wasn't much you couldn't do unlike the ones today who's constant mantra seems to be that they were told in "school" that they weren't supposed to do that until they were qualified
  4. A mate of my mate worked for Virgin records and tipped us off about the gig. If I remember the pistols were on the bill as the paint spots or something. We weren't sure whether he was winding us up or not so didn't go
  5. supposedly the football pitch next to it was the best and flattest in Sheffield
  6. You are right he did have a sister Michelle. Dennis was a marvel at metal working. He replaced the sills on my car in a morning so that it copuld pass the MOT. Martin as I understand it is no longer with us. Can anybody say hello to any of the people I know mentioned on here Ian Lemons Colin Gunstone etc.
  7. Icelandic premier has resigned following the revelation that he is implicated in the sacndal
  8. East Coast rail the only one of the rail companies making a profit and nationally owned. Sold to private investors we wait with baited breath. I suggest the usual will happen. If a nationalised company makes a profit the money is ploughed back in. If it loses money, or not in this case, it's sold to private investors usually at less than market value and immediately subsidised. If it makes a profit that is given to the shareholders as a dividend, if it makes a loss it's given a hand out by the government so as not to upset the shareholders.
  9. Make your own. Joint of meat, pan underneath to catch the DRIPPING. Bung it in oven, jobs a good un.
  10. I'll remind him of the above when he gets back. He manages a few bands hence him being on tour.
  11. Hopefully my post above means that it may be sorted very soon
  12. Sent this to the owner. people still complaining they cant log in. Sounds like some of the people on there are willing to take it on.. It seems to be validation that is the problem Got this reply Ok mate - I'll put a team together once I'm back from tour in a couple of weeks Happy to hand over to a willing team so long as they know what they're doing re: spammers etc
  13. Simple high amount of calories for very little cost. Best bit of course was if you got the brown jelly on the bottom. It goes along with other foods hardly seen anymore like tripe chitterlings and bag and cows udder with loads of Hendersons. For Sunday tea there was always a glass dish with cucumber swimming in vinegar. About the only thing thats survived frtom those days is Pigs trotters and only found in posh restaurants
  14. what about the interlude the potters wheel and the epilogue
  15. Got my first tele in the one that was just for me and kept in my bedroom from the Co oP it was a colour tele and cost me a £1 a week to rent. Had a tuning wheel to change channels. But it meant the freedom to watch what I wanted.
  16. I have no religion but have always thought of the Catholic church as one being run on fear. I always have to laugh to myself when walking past the local Catholic church and see in the foyer a poster for child line. I marvel at the irony. My only experience of Catholic Schools is as already said in here is a basketball game at De La Salle in which we were roundly bullied during the game with the officials from the school turning a blind eye. When I say bullied in some cases mugging would be more accurate. Never really thought about it until this thread but maybe the phrase you reap what you sow is appropriate to the level of violence we experienced. Only game we lost that year btw
  17. As i say it should be working perfectly now
  18. Spoke to the owner about a different matter this morning and mentioned that people were still having problems with the site . He told me he was working on it last night and it should be fixed.
  19. It been known for sometime that priests who known to have carried out such acts get sent to a retreat never to be seen again
  20. I'll try and get hold of the owner again and tell there are still problems
  21. just to let you know there were some comments posted about Mr Ridgeway and he was thought of as a firm but fair teacher which I think sums him up perfectly. One strange thing I remember about him is a production of the Caucasian Chalk Circle in the lower school. He did a impression of a baby crying perfectly and loudly. Strange thing to remember but I can see him doing it now all those years ago.
  22. MR Ward was a PE teacher this is from friends reunited might jog some meories. Mr Edwards - sadistic Oliver Maurer - my last form tutor - taught Maths in a non-threatening way - nice bloke Mr Sellars - Geography - 'Smokey Joe' because he was always late for lessons and when he would finally arrive he would stink of fags Mr Pemberton - Maths - always known as 'Spam' Mr Hill - History - another evil and scary sort Looking back, it seems that HH attracted either old teachers on their way out (mentally and physically) or student teachers dropped into a school with a dodgy catchment. Just remembered another sadist - Ridgeway, who taught woodwork. A totally uninspiring school for me - I achieved everything academically (Law degree) as an adult under my own steam Andrew Oxley replied 7th Sep 2011 Mark Littlewood Had a lot of time for those teachers who had that rare skill for getting the best out of you by getting to know you rather than resorting to scare tactics as first call. Exponents of the former would be Mick Glover, Dave Ward, Mr Wainwright, Mr Short, Mr Mowrer (spelling ?). Numerous could be placed in the latter category but special mention go's to Edwards who systematically seeked out younger boys making minor transgressions and beat the S**t out of them. Having spoke to some teachers it is clear that his staff room social skills were on a par with his teaching. In my second week there the caped crusadist spotted me without my books out whilst waiting for my teacher. Using the words of that famous football commentary, "he gave me one hell of a beating". I was only saved when he tried to cut off my air supply with my tie. It was the only time I was grateful for my mothers crummy clip on tie which coming off in his hand seemed to distract and confuse him sufficiently to make him leave me alone and trot over to give Ian Finch a sound thrashing. From then on when ever he passed my classroom I would lie on the floor and pretend to be dead, this seemed to work fine. George Ridgway Sadly, my Dad, George Ridgway passed away on Saturday 2nd March 2013.
  23. HI Mr Ridgeway did in fact die about a year or so ago. It was on Friends reunited.
  24. Used to go round with my uncle sure the company was Kershaws. Anyway me and my cousin used to sit in the back of his van whilst he went round doing the selling. We didn't last long as whilst he was selling we were eating his stock . Although it was around 50 years ago I can still remember how chewy and rubbery the whelks were, never tried them since. However it did start my love of cockles which I still look forward to eating nowadays
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