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  1. I went to that one. one other thing that comes to mind,can't remember which concert, was going round writing man in felt tip under all the way out signs. well it was funny at the time.
  2. darra

    Pyebank School, Pitsmoor

    That was the bloke The other name I thought it might have been was White.
  3. darra

    Pyebank School, Pitsmoor

    Well said Paul, for all it's faults, and there were many, Pitsmoor was a decent place to live, until as you say, all the decent families were moved away.I remeber how we, and I include you in that, used to play on the rec until late(ish) into the night without a worry,when the policeman whose name I can't remember used to talk to us and we would call him sir.Walking home from Town on a weekend a bit worse for wear and not feeling at all threatened.It's a shame that If I went back now it would be pretty much a no go area,but then again isn't that the way for a lot of places
  4. I was mate worked out at around £16/week which was acouple of quid more than my mates.
  5. found my contract for my first job in 1973. My yearly wage was the princely sum of £850.
  6. Do you mean the saturday morning ones? If so yes I did
  7. HI Shaun mate long time and all that how you doing? Remember that day well and still got the lump to prove it. As I remember it you were trying to attract my attention and you certainly managed it. P.s my lawers will be contacting your lawers shortly.
  8. darra

    Sheffield gales 1962

    I was 7 at the time and lived in the tower blocks on Andover street in Pitsmoor. Can just about remember how the flats were swaying,was told later that if you stood outside you could actualy see them moving.
  9. I.m doing allright mate what about you? Yeah I went to Hinde house,some happy memories, some not, Mr Edwards being a psycho,Napier,Richardson,Doc Martin. I was in the same year as Ian Caterer,Kevin Buzcko,Dave Smith.Gary Parker,Graham cryer.to name a few.
  10. darra

    I Miss My Hendersons!!!

    try this http://www.hendersonsrelish.com/
  11. As A kid we just used to say "Get yer spuds in"
  12. Taking pop bottles back to the shop to get the money back then spending it on sweets usually blackjacks or fruit salads. Anybody remember going to the shop to buy a homemade ice lolly for a penny?
  13. Balaclavas, liberty bodices, the pop man coming round on a Friday and you having to give him the co-op share number ( can still remember it after 45 years).
  14. Used to go to a place in the Wicker run by a Mr Naaz called the Naaz. Like a transport cafe with Formica tables and Elvis playing in the background. He used to stay open 'til 2 to 3 in the morning sometimes. Endless cups of free coffee as I remember and good food.
  15. Morris Traveller which cost me £50 in 1978. Gave it away a year later. Last heard of (1983 ish) rotting in a field just outside Bridlington.
  16. darra

    Tossing ring on sky edge

    One of my mates Mothers was arunner for the bookies up there
  17. Remember it well the food was good. It was next to acinema the name of which I can't remember (The classic?) It was also part of a conspiracy theory. A company wanted to develop Fitzalen square which meant demolishing the cinema.Unfortunately the cinema was a listed building so they couldn't.One night the cinema burnt down taking the restaurant with it. I remember reading in the Star about it being in suspicous citrcumstances but nothing was ever proved.
  18. Remember it well, served good food.It was part of a conspiracy theory as I remember. It was next to a cinema the name of which I can't remember The story goes that a company wanted to develop fitzallen square. This meant demolishing the cinema but it was a listed building so they couldn't then one night the cinema burnt down taking the Restaurant with it.
  19. Stop it mate you're bringing a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat lol
  20. Used to frequent the white house chippy a lot, Whilst on the subject of shops anybody remember Cairas (sp)? Run by Tony and his Mum best ice cream around. One of those shops that never closed. Remember that if you went in for something and he hadn't got it he would try his damndedst to sell you something else. Top bloke.
  21. darra

    Pyebank School, Pitsmoor

    Used to hang around a lot with Colin and Martin also a couple of lads called Graham Beachell and Bob Chappel spent many a happy night in the Crazy daisy getting drunk. As for the other lad I thought his name was Steven Revell but we are talking a lot of years ago. Anybody remeber Frankies brother Ian and his mate Tony Wilde? Remember Martins dad being a bit of an electrical wiz, if your radio or stereo went bust he could ususally fix it.
  22. Hi Frank Lingard here went to Hinde House from 64 to 73.
  23. darra

    Rag 'n Tag Market

    two things I remeber about the rag n tag were the atmosphere, as a kid it was like stepping into another world and getting a bag of boiled sweets
  24. darra

    Food Past And Present

    Things I remember from school are potato puffs still the best crisps ever.Chocolate teacakes and the cheese and onion pie that one of the dinner ladies who lived nearby used to make for me for years after I left Pye Bank school. Remember eating udder soaked in Hendersons and Sunday tea with onion and cucumber steeped in vinegar.
  25. First gig I ever went to was John Mayall and his bluesbreakers,Others were Groundhogs,ELP,Deep purple,Genesis,Peter Gabriel,Free,King Crimson still got the ticket stubs for most of them don't think I paid more than a pound for any of them. Saw the Police at the top Rank for 50 p.

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