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  1. Car Boot Mania is coming to Sheffield. Sheffield's first regular car boot sale for three years is being launched in the Motorpoint Arena Car Park and will take place on Sundays from 3rd April (except 10th April & 8th May) until September. Gates open from 6am General Admission: Adults 70p, OAP 40p, Under 16s free with free onsite car parking for customers. Traders entry fees: Cars £10, Car & trailer or small van £12.50, Large Van £15 For more information contact the promoters on 07980 496639 or 07798 588011
  2. My nosey neighbour brigade mention that they saw the latter end of what they assumed to be an all night rave taking place in Grenoside Woods earlier. Was it invitation only? I know that the price of weddings is going up but is this the new fashion..Here's a field, sod it, call your friends? If we're having an late eighties/early nineties 'grab a tree & partee' kind of revival then hell, i'm most definitely in.
  3. The Decent Homes 'Team' do not get involved in individual cases unless the issues involved relate directly to a property inclusive in their ongoing refurbishment phases. The term 'Decent Homes' actually refers to the legislation that required improvements to be made to social housing stock to ensure that they met 'decent living' standards. http://www.decenthomesstandard.co.uk/about/standard
  4. Apologies. Outdated information. Please see addendum below. The Tenant Services Authority is the operating name of the Office for Tenants and Social Landlords - the current regulatory agency of registered providers of social housing in England. The Tenant Services Authority took over the regulatory work of the Housing Corporation, inspecting housing associations and responding to concerns. Its remit was then expanded to regulate local authority housing, ALMOs and housing cooperatives from April 2010.
  5. I'm afraid that you have misunderstood the post. I have a big, angry dog that takes great offence to strangers.
  6. The Postcode Gazette is currently running an article about this issue, specifically in the Sheffield 5 areas. I would be most grateful if you could email me on rachelcpcgazette@yahoo.co.uk with any information relative to the matter. http://postcodegazette.com/url/news/beware-of-bogus-scrap-collectors--AT-shiregreen/9000072658/9000393146/
  7. Try pressuring them via The Housing Corporation. Also compile a complaint and copy your local MPs in. Failing that, bring a direct complaint via the 'write to them' website. Negative PR always has the desired effect, you just need to persevere with it.
  8. They can come and fill their pans up all they like but once they're in my house, they ain't coming back out alive.
  9. The Loft in Firth Park. I understand they charge a fiver. Failing that try the Cutting Lounge, Hatfield House Lane. They charge a tenner. From personal experience, please note that lash extensions only last around four to five days (if you're lucky) and even then you may have to return to have a couple glued back on.
  10. Recent Tax Reforms haven't exactly made it inspiring nor financially lucrative to set up your own business and ridiculous fuel costs don't particularly encourage new drivers either.
  11. You don't mention what trade he is. I would suggest he register with as many agencies (try dutton international) if his skillset lie within the construction sector. In this game, it really is a case of making the right contacts. Maybe he could find out what new build/refurb projects are on the go nearby, try major housebuilders taylor wimpey, barratts, etc. Write prospective emails to contract managers, walk onto sites, take in a cv, introduce yourself and build a rapport with the foremen. The housing market is slow but it is picking up gradually. If your son puts the effort in, the rewards WILL come.
  12. As opposed to the proportion of society that are fortunate enough not to have a mental illness and still descend into debt? Is he pathetic for being mentally ill or pathetic for being in debt? Which is it?
  13. I rather liked their 'I'll laugh as you go down' headline on the back page, Tues April 12th. I thought it quite apt to see it captioned above a picture of a professional footballer. I bet Wayne Rooney regrets saying the very same thing, especially to that octogenarian lady with the suspenders.
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