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  1. I find it digusting that we cant even walk on our streets without being pushed around , and then to call the police and they really don't care , I wonder what would have happened if it had been the call handlers Mum, Dad, or any other family member, they would probably have send 4/5 squad cars..its disgusting it really is, I hope you do complain please post on here there response..good luck as I personally don't think you will get anywhere.
  2. Hi , I'm looking to join a golf society to join in the Sheffield area, I'm 50 and play off 24, been playing for just under 2 years, I can only play weekends due to work ..
  3. Hi,you could try barlow handling on meadowbank road,i have used these a couple of times for refresher courses, they cover both citb & ritb certs.
  4. I totally agree with everything you say, I really hope this person meets some nice people to have dinner with
  5. hi, try M Mitchell , painter and decorator , you will find him in the Sheffield business section on here, we have used him quite a few times,
  6. Hi , i realise it's a while since you posted this but there are a couple of cottages just of quiet lane , (mayfield valley) just as you turn up hangram lane , this could be it .
  7. Hi , sorry i don,t remember paul but you could ask on the Facebook page as i think most of t&g ex staff and kids tend to use that than on here.
  8. Hi , my girlfriend bought me a golf package at the belfry £99.00 per person dinner b&b and 2 rounds of golf one on the pga golf course and the other on the international course, really enjoyed it and a must for any golfer. she got it thru golfbookings.com .
  9. he's a big soft pussycat...... ---------- Post added 05-09-2013 at 16:42 ---------- hey no problem, like i say never had a problem with them , will always recommend them.
  10. Hi Yvonne , did you used to live on fairfax rd? somehow i seem to think of a sister called michelle, maybe i'm wrong.
  11. Hi Andycott, did i ever send you the photo of the old church ?, just reading thru this and cant remember if i did or not ,let me know
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