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  1. ah I didn't do that so thanks for the advice...i will check out the website cheers
  2. I looked at the suggested threads chez2 but didn't see any answers to the question...i was hoping someone would know a reliable website or post suggestions here
  3. I have had both a camper and a tourer, I prefer the tourer. With the campervan you have tax test insurance to consider as with any other motor vehicle and unless you use it for most of the year (which I didn't) it will just sit on the drive wasting money With the tourer you may be able to store it at home or in a storage yard (from around £200 per year) and it will need a annual gas safety check etc. just a few more things for you to consider...hope everything goes well
  4. Hi, would it be possible to pin a thread letting people know where and when craft fairs etc are and also (if known) the price of stalls. I notice quite a few people have asked about them but had little response. I think this would help out the newbies (including me ) thank you in advance
  5. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Book-Art-Crafts/740524606036394?ref=aymt_homepage_panel My Facebook page...go have a browse...take your time, don't rush....Give me a big thumbs up if you like what you see, or better still an order
  6. I can do it..message me for details:) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Book-Art-Crafts/740524606036394?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
  7. Hi can anyone remember the name of the supermarket that was on Buchanan Road Parson Cross...opposite Chaucer school I've been rackin my brain for the last week..its driving me kerrrrrrayzeeee
  8. When speaking to you audience try not to get fixated on one person as you may lose the rest..scan the group (making sure you turn your head) this way all the students will think you are talking to them. Pause as often as you need to...although a few seconds pause may feel, to you, like hours. I agree with the others comments to, so add them all together and you'll have a great time Good luck
  9. Property Offered 3 bed house on Pollard with good views over Foxhill Type of Property: House Number of Bedrooms:3 Landlord: Council Property Wanted Large 3 or preferably 4 bed house Area:Yew Lane (near school) Colley Road or surrounding area Type of Property: House Number of Bedrooms: large 3 or 4 Landlord:Council Any other information: Exchange needed as 2 families have now become one, need the space for 4 lovely children pm me with info....thanks
  10. this is what I found on the hse website...there may be more..and I'm sure someone will come along with more info On request arrange eye tests, and provide spectacles if special ones are needed Employees covered by the Regulations can ask their employer to provide and pay for an eye and eyesight test. This is a test by an optometrist or doctor. There is also an entitlement to further tests at regular intervals; the optometrist doing the first test can recommend when the next should be. Employers only have to pay for spectacles if special ones (for example, prescribed for the distance at which the screen is viewed) are needed and normal ones cannot be used
  11. at that end you'll get the school kids...hope you don't like your car too much
  12. As mentioned later on in the post will need the 12 hour first aid course This is renewed every 3 years... too long really IMHO
  13. Thanks again...it's offices (2) but big enough for training/meeting rooms and it has parking that was my biggest challenge I'll await your PM...does he/she have a Sheffield branch?
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