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  1. Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone in or near Walkley area fancies buddying up for some runs....would prefer another girl to run with. I'm out 40 and 50 minutes, 8-9 minute miles at the mo and heading up the hills, but building it up for the half marathon Does anyone similar pacing etc want to join me?
  2. http://www.meetup.com/Sheffield-Mountain-Bikers/ ---------- Post added 28-12-2013 at 17:48 ---------- These lot do loads of trips...theyre a nice bunch too
  3. Hey all! I ride with a group sometimes, who are majority male, so wondered if any ladies fancied joining me for a ride, just for a change? Can do midweek/evenings/weekends. Suppose I'm above beginner level, happy on red routes (some black I guess), but I'm definitely no down-hiller. My fitness isn't terrific just now as I've been stuck in doing uni work, so aiming at 12-14ish milers.... Get in touch or text me 0759861891 Holly :-) ---------- Post added 11-06-2013 at 11:12 ---------- Sorry I beg your pardon... use this number 07597057211!!!!!!!!
  4. Does anyone know of any pottery classes in Sheffield using a wheel? Preferably pay per session or continual classes (not just blocks of classes). Tried it a few months ago with a friend a few months ago on his wheel, and it was so much fun!
  5. Hi all! Does anyone know of any/been to any good meditation classes? Oh, and suitable for a beginner! Thanks.
  6. Oh we just turn up and play, but since we dont play 11 a side unlike the other teams, we just dont get enough time practicing. Would be brilliant if you could come along on a thursday and give us some tips!
  7. Stay away from anything halfords!!!!!!!!! They crack!!!! I have mates whose carreras have been replaced time and time again by halfords.
  8. Ive got a Cannondale trail sl4..... it was 600, and i love it! It's seeming to withstand a real hammering, it's ridden at trail centres and all over the peaks etc. I did, although, update the forks quite alot.
  9. Cheers! Would be interested in giving us some help btw?? A coaching sesh or 2 would be awesome or someone to watch a game to give us some tips.... Obviously pay you :-)
  10. Yeah that would be awesome! The matches vary from 6-9pm, Numbers would be great! Or pass my number on! We need someone who will commit as people keep coming and sacking it off. Cheers.
  11. Does anyone know if there is a league at goodwin?? I heard there was one starting at one point. Our team would be interested.
  12. Hi all! We need another player for out thursday team....someone who can play most weeks who will come and get stuck in. We arent amazing by miles, but we are startng to improve alot and we just need that one extra player. Drop me a line if u fancy it! 07598618291.
  13. Anyone up for a climb indoors next week? Not climbed outside v much and had a few weeks off. Be nice to meet some more people to buddy up with!
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