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  1. yes we do!!! orthodox and Reform.contact me!!! ---------- Post added 28-10-2013 at 20:47 ---------- Jeffrey, if you want to eat wider diet than chicken.... Or you want to get challahs, etc and work on a Thursday morning..... It isn't so easy here. thank goodness for Titanics!!! ---------- Post added 28-10-2013 at 20:48 ---------- Jeffrey's views are valid but other Jews adhere to different traditions. ---------- Post added 28-10-2013 at 20:49 ---------- Jeffrey's views are valid but other Jews adhere to different traditions.
  2. Both Orthodox and Reform communities and lots of non-affiliated Jews. Anyone wanting to find out more (sensible stuff only, please!) please feel free to contact me. getting kosher food is not easy but it is possible- I do it! There are non-religious as well as religious activities for Jewish community.
  3. Aw thanks..... If your father's relatives ever visit Sheffield, do get in touch. Pass the word on as well. Best wishes
  4. Oh yes.... wish it was my job to do but will add your suggestion to the others who are saying the same thing. thanks for tip
  5. Sheffield and District Reform Jewish Congregation holds Shabbat services three times a month and for High Holy Days as well as putting on activities relating to festivals. It's a small friendly community that welcomes new members! If you're an unaffiliated Jew, what would encourage you to engage with us? Do let me know. Web page http://www.shef-ref.co.uk Facebook http://www.facebook.com/JewishReformSheffield
  6. Cold, innit??? Need to insulate under floor in my 1920s house. I know that you can get stuff that's easy to put in but it would have to install itself for me to get it done... Any recommendations for someone who can put the insulation stuff in for me quickly and reasonably - and soon!
  7. Thanks for the opinion... after a 14 hour flight, another 6 hours just feels too much to contemplate!
  8. Yes, you're right, I should have but I didn't!!! Thanks for suggestion re hotel. I have looked into it but I'd love to get home that night if I could. Thanks for taking trouble to reply
  9. Flying into Heathrow to arrive 7pm On 30th November. Last flight to manchester seems to be from a different terminal 1hr 40 mins later, which is a bit of risk, claiming luggage, travelling, checking in..... Train from Saint Pancras - not until after 10, getting in to Shef after 1am. AAAAGGGHGHHHH:mad: Taxi £160. Anyone want to share???????
  10. Used to live on Springvale Rd. My elderly neighbour told stories about the night the blitz hit, a bomb landing in his garden.
  11. I have far more paper and card than plastic and bottles (though I do my best with the latter) so think that the balance is wrong
  12. on naturist beaches, why do some men wear large rings round their bits???? is it so that they get a tan line to monitor their deepening colour?
  13. Just got married at East Lodge, Rowsley. A beautiful venue for a summer wedding and lovely staff.
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