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  1. I worked at TB & M when your mum in law was there. Lovely lady! I kept in touch with her until she died. She bought me a lovely wedding present, which I still have.
  2. We wouldn't do that!!! Were you at Ecclesfield?
  3. We're the Atkin sisters twins? ---------- Post added 13-07-2014 at 18:40 ---------- Can't think of anyone else Pete!
  4. Our Tony is fine, still a blade & always going fishing. Pete Callinswood was in my class along with Pete, 41A, the bright ones!! Or maybe just bluffed our way through! You've really got me now....Alan Stacey maybe?
  5. Hi Crossowl. I'm going to take a guess..are you Alan Vanezzi? I'm not sure I was that quiet (at least not out of school) & my brothers name is Tony Camm but you're right about the rest! Wish I was that slim now!! If I'm wrong, see if Pete can guess!
  6. Staying just outside Masham. Going to see a friend who owns Chapel Gallery in Hawes whilst up there. I love it too!
  7. Sounds great Weekend Pete. Malta to meet family? Brilliant! Glad all well with Val, give her my love. I went to France in June, first time without Mick, lots of memories. Am going up to North Yorkshire with a friend for a week later this month. You take care x
  8. Hi Pete - I've not been on here for ages either. Would like a clue to Crossowl too. Great to reminisce & see names from years ago.
  9. Is that Brian Marshall who lived around the Buchanan/Adlington Road area?
  10. Yeah, he was a nice kid Kath. How are you these days?? Hi Steve Only just seen this post, not been on in ages. Mick been in hospital for major op. OK now then we've been to France for a couple of weeks. All fine. Hope all ok with you. ---------- Post added 13-07-2013 at 10:01 ---------- Did you go Steve?
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