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  1. True, and by the same token most of the younger lads I know seem to be nagged by mardy and materialistic Towie's that only seem to bother with dumb reality TV and endless gossip mags etc...like they were 12 or something.
  2. Thanks guys, I'll leave the reduction question. I think he's been genuine and fair.
  3. Thanks, Jeffrey, I doubt any of us have any right to demand some reduction of the next rent though? It could get messy (in court?) with a LL who we all (I think) get on well with, he has always been decent and fair with tenants, fixing things quickly with qualified workmen.
  4. It's a large, clean and private Edwardian house divided up into roomy bedsits and flats. The landlord has a registered gasman working on it, but it'll be fixed tomorrow, after 5 days down needing a few parts.
  5. Mostly English- you must be thinking of the RAF Battle of Britain pilots in 1940!
  6. The influence of actual LA gangs, rap/hip hop stars and films/TV glorifying it. It's not like white Americans have done our language any favors?
  7. In the 1960's the world, and especially Sheffield, built the high-rise 'streets in the sky' of which we were proud. At some point between then and the last decade or so (or before?), they are now known to many people as either dirty, dangerous or embarrassing, thanks to a minority of residents perhaps, as with any estate? So, even with fancy exterior cladding to smarten them up, at what point did they become such ''unwelcome eyesores'' and why?
  8. I thought that most modern Sheffield 'men' were skinny young effeminate students with manbags and those annoying poncey-pumps?
  9. The private landlord has been 'waiting for a boiler part' that he couldn't find in local shops after the boiler in the house (with about 30 tenants) went on Saturday. Tenants are having to shower at relatives homes (if they do at all!) and are thus inconvenienced. The landlord is a decent bloke and usually very good at getting things fixed and replying to complaints etc, so i haven't whinged. I don't know if anyone else has? Family members and friends, especially the females, are saying I should complain and demand some rent reduction, which does include all bills. What do you think?
  10. Thanks, guys! I'll pop down to the market first thing!
  11. They're not the trendiest of items, but very useful for carrying loose change/keys/phone etc when playing with kids in playcentres etc. Does anyone know a good place to buy a cheap one tomorrow morning, please? Home Bargains on Queen Street doesn't according to the net? Thanks in advance.
  12. Do you mean they've dismantled one of the three big activity 'houses'?
  13. This is great, I thought only unstable, frothing BNP d1ckheads hijacked this Roman Saint's day?
  14. That's true, Andy!! I was anyway but thought they came across as odd (at the least) and unprofessional. But the chaps and chappesses at JCP will be pleased I've got an interview.
  15. Princess, I'm glad this awful scrubber behaviour was resolved, but I wouldn't hold your breath for a satisfactory solution from Stagecoach. I had a clear and genuine complaint of verbal abuse by the driver about 15yrs ago with SYPTE and they stonewalled me- despite my brother working for them!
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