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  1. I don't have a Sheffield accent, was born in Huddersfield, and have lived here for over 20 years, but still have my original accent (so i'm told)
  2. I personally choose to put all passes into wallets and seal them, but then again i'm a late board driver, and I don't get many weekly passes requested
  3. At last Ash, we finally agree on something
  4. As a bus driver, I have to buy my own sunglasses, so I can stop the glare of the sun in my eyes whilst driving a bus, should I go on strike because I have to pay for this myself??? Any vehicle transporting paying passengers should have CCTV fitted, for the safety of passengers and for the driver, simple.
  5. At the start of my shift I have plenty of change. £5 in 10p's, £5 in 20p's and £15 in pound coins. This is all my own money, which I choose to carry to make my job easier, should result in not having to issue credit notes, not running out of change, but it still happens. A couple of days ago, I was about an hour into my shift when I was down to my last 60p in change, everyone seemed to be getting on with £5 and £10 notes. It came to the last of my change and a passenger gets on my bus, presented a £5 note for a £1.80 fare. I politely explained I didn't have enough change. She demanded to know why not, and I explained to her what happened, how much change I had to start with and that every one seems to be getting on with notes. She turned nasty, shouting I should carry more change at the start then. Surely everyone can see that the £25 in change is way more than i'm expected to carry. When I first started about 3 years ago, I was offered a float of £5 from the company, I refused that and decided to carry my own float, that way I would not owe the company any money when I left, and I could decide what float I carry. All we ask is that if you know you are catching a bus, then try to have the correct change available, or near as damn it, or don't go crazy when we try to offer you a credit note.
  6. Disabled passes are valid all the time, it's the OAP passes that are not allowed after 11pm Child Zero Fare passes are valid up to 7pm All other passes / permits are available at any time
  7. Yes he should have done, it's not hard or going out of his way to issue the credit note, takes no time to issue, so I can't understand why it was not offered. Only the driver knows
  8. I know it's too late now, but if it happens again, all she has to do is request a credit note. This credit note can be changed on her next journey into cash or if the driver does not have enough change to cover it then can be exchanged at the Archway Centre at the bus station in the city. I must admit that I find it hard to understand why the driver didn't have enough change at that time of night, unless a lot of his passengers got on with notes. I've done my bit of detective work, trying to find out who this driver was (just out of curiosity) but drew a blank, with all drivers saying it was disgusting how your daughter was left at the bus stop.
  9. Ok, let's turn the tables a bit............ My nature is to be happy, have a laugh and it takes hell of a lot to get my back up. This I demonstrate whilst driving a bus. I say Hello and thank you to each and every passenger, do my bit to help where I can etc. The number of passengers that get on, look at you as though you have just killed their dog, slam money on the counter, grunt, tut because they have to take their ticket out (and yes it does happen), and are completely rude, that's even if they recognise there is someone driving is unbelievable. The grief we get from some pensioners after 11pm when they have to pay for their journey is unbelievable too. It's not the drivers fault, it's the Government who changed the system, and I for one am not going to risk my job to save someone less than £3 by letting them on for free when they know the timing cut off is 11pm and they are able to pay I don't ask for much, but I am polite and courteous to each and every passenger that gets onto my vehicle, and I expect the same in return, but unfortunately it doesn't happen. I can understand why drivers get grumpy, it's the way they are spoken to, or acted against by some passengers, which stays in their mind and reflects on the mood for the rest of the journey. Remember we are human, not robots, there is a real person driving the bus, who deserves to be acknowledged and spoken to correctly. This is all I ask, and i'm sure some people will slate what I have put, I don't care, this has come from a drivers view, my own personal view, not First, not any other driver, but mine.
  10. Dunno, she ain't saying, if she is saying a £1.00 fare, she must be at least 17 with a student pass or didn't have her pass on her and only going to Ranmoor or the bottom of Hallamshire Road
  11. The driver had a couple of options open to him. If he couldn't give the £4 change, then he should have either issued a credit note for the £4, or accepted the 70p and pushed it through as a child fare, or at a push put it through as a misc. fare. If this really did happen, and wasn't a ploy because she was late home and thought of this as an excuse, then she should have made a note of the bus number, which would have linked it to the driver in question. I really can't believe that a driver wouldn't have the change on that route and at that time of night. I regularly drive that route and always have enough change. The drivers attitude was all wrong, and there is no excuse for it. I know 90% of the 120 drivers and they are decent blokes/lasses, and most have families of their own, so I find it difficult to see this happening. Are you sure it was a First bus?? Stagecoach run that service too.
  12. Most people who post on here have never lived on the Manor, and comment on it's past and reputation. I bought a house on the Manor Top in 2007, and never regretted it. The road I live on is quiet, friendly, and no trouble what-so-ever. However........... the further down Prince Of Wales road you go, the rougher it gets, so if you are thinking of moving to the manor, my suggestion is the nearer the shops at Manor Top the better, from the White House Surgery upwards. Since they have demolished the "Boot Houses" behind Prince Edwards School, the area has improved vastly, with all the rough element moving away from here. Stay away from the lower Manor, that is not recommended at all Before anyone slates what I've put, it's my opinion, having lived here since 2007, and it's what I've witnessed since being here
  13. What pay rise??? we have been offered 0 pay rise this year and 1% next year, so that's not true is it???, and as for the running boards..... each and every driver wants to run on time, it makes their job easier, ensures they come off on their break times on time, so they get their full break. Drivers run to the running boards the best they can. If you drive you will understand that things disrupt your journey each and every day, with buses it's no exception, volume of traffic, volume of passengers, unable to pull out, diversions (lots of these in Sheffield at moment with roadworks popping up everywhere), badly parked cars etc etc....... It's not only First, many times i'm driving the 52 and get complaints saying there has been no bus for 10 minutes plus, so, the bus that was before me should have been a Stagecoach bus, but First are always the ones to get the flac. Someone on this forum was complaining about the 79 / 79a route, saying that first can't run it properly, and first are never on time on this route, its run by stagecoach, nothing whatsoever to do with First. If Buses are late, be it First, Stagecoach, TM etc, they are late for a reason, not because the driver wants to be late. Most bus passengers see this, they are on the bus when something happens to make the bus late.
  14. There you go, typical Stagecoach, they wait for First to put up their fares, watch all the flac they get and when it dies down, they put theirs up. Same year in and year out
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