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  1. My name was Janet Whiting way back then and I was always in trouble, usually for something I hadn't done. I remember being in Mrs Harrison's class for my last year and left at Christmas in 1959. What was your name? Ican't remember a Hetty.
  2. I remember Wheatley & Bates brewery being on Napier Street as I used to live next door. I can remember crates of Tizer travelling down the ramp and making a hell of a row! It was one of the first places that I saw bottles of '7 Up'. This is the first site I've ever seen where Wheatley & Bates was mentioned. Whenever I have talked about it to my friends, they don't know what I am talking about! This was in the mid to late 40s.
  3. Is there anyone out there who was at Greystones Secondary School between the above dates? Names I remember: Valerie Firth Sylvia Shore Christine Wilson Joan Slater Christine Marsh Rosalind Somerset Derek Green Stewart Clarke Graham Blythe Dougie Stevenson Terry Allcock Victor Fox to name a few!
  4. I certainly remember Intimate from the 60's. My best friend at the time had a big bottle for her birthday and very kindly spilled the whole bottle on me
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