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  1. One of my Dad's favourite sayings was: Cum in lad and put wud in t'oil. He didn't swear very often but everything was 'Thunderin this and Thunderin that. He also said Chuffin' a lot.
  2. Hi Jack. I left Christmas 1959. Was in Mrs Harrisons class at the time. I remember we were the first year to be banned from having a fourth year party as previous years had. We were very disgruntled to put it mildly. Quite a few of the class still took records though and persuaded me to fetch my record player at lunchtime. Always up for a bit of a rebellion I fetched it and of course, as was normal I was the only one who got hauled over the coals for disobeying. I didn't care. I'd already got a reputation for being bolshy (unfounded I may add) and I was leaving anyway so what the hell!! Old Aizelwood never even gave me my last leaving report. Mr Turley took us for Art. I didn't know he had played for the BLADES. Definitely Sheffields No.1 Club. Do you remember Derek Pace, goalie Alan Hodgkinson and was it the Shaw brothers. Not too sure about the last. UP THE BLADES.
  3. Hi Jack, Was Steve Marsh any relation to Christine and Tony who lived in the last house on Hodgson Street bang across from the Vine. My uncle Bernard used to keep that in the late fifties. Christine was my best mate for years but lost touch when we left school.
  4. Hi Highnote, Hanover Square it was. Havelock Square was a whole other ball game. I can't believe I made such a stupid mistake. The only thing I remember about Division Stree was the fire station and the NSPCC shop with all those horrible pictures in the window. I lived near Ecclesall Road so walked up to the baths via Broomhall past Viners. Regards.
  5. Hi Jack, just been replying to katedave and saw your reply to Hetty. Dave seems to think Aizlewood was a lovely man. Must have been another Aizledwood. Your memories of him are the same as mine. UGH!!! I do remember most of the teachers though. Liked Mr Grenville. When we first went up to Greystones he took 3B until we were all sorted into forms, then he took us for history. Mr Wragg was lovely, think he took us for maths. I was in his 11+ class at Pomona Street. Couldn't stand the sight of McDonald and Morgan wasn't much better. I do remember all the girls were mad on Mr Turley the art teacher. You've probably guessed by now, I also hated school.
  6. Hi Dave, Just reading about you and Kath, naughty naughty. I'm sure our paths must have crossed but I've racked my brains and I still can't remember. It must be the old age thing. Kath and me used to knock about together for a while. She's still around. Have seen her mentioned on the Forum. Malcom Simpson's name is familiar but I can't put a face to him. Take care, Jan
  7. Hi katedave, nice to hear from you. I'm sorry I don't remember you, but if you were shy that's probably why. Dougie was a right little scrapper but good fun. He could sing too. I seem to remember someone saying he went training to be a jockey when he left school but I don't know how true that is. Yes, there was a gang of us who used to go to Encks at dinnertime to swing in the tree tops. We also used to stop at the railings on Bingham Park Road for a crafty fag. You must be one of the few who liked old Aizlewood. I really hated that man. Mind you, I was forever on his radar.
  8. Ji pjkay I lived a lot nearer than that so I wlked it. Don't remember the piklets, just the dripping doorstops.
  9. Hi katedave. God, That's a blast from the past. What form were you in? I was also in Mrs Harrison's class but I don't remember your name. She made me sit right at the front of the class next to Francis Fairbrother, he was always playing pocket billiards. Dirty little tyke. I used to go out with Dougie Stevenson. He was mates with Derek Marriott. We used to knock about together. Do you remember Christine Marsh and Kath Fowler. Kath was a year younger than me. I remember Joan Titman, she certainly lived up to her name. She was head girl and she knocked about with Arlene Richardson if you remember. Once had a row with Mrs Harrison. Joan Titman (teachers pet), Arlene Richardson and me forgot our homework and she wanted to put me in detention but was only going to give the other two lines so I refused to do the detention unless they did it as well. Needless to say I got the lines instead. Did you go up from St.Silas? I went from Pomona Street. My name was Janet Whiting back then. I remember Brian Fowden's name. Nice to be in touch though. Thanks for the memories.
  10. Hi Brian1941 Just been replying to willybite about the baths. I thought the bakery was a cafe on Convent Walk but we always looked forward to the dripping crusts after a swim. The showers you mentioned were great if the water in the baths was a bit cold. I f you had a cold shower and jumped in the pool it made the water feel lovely and warm. Never used it as a shower though.
  11. No. You've got the right pool. I went from about '53 to '59 with Pomona street school and later with Greystones. We got the bath cards and used them during the school holidays. All the cubicles had doors on them and the horrible coconut matting. Did my first dive off the top of the steps. Looked really high but I suppose it was only about five feet from the pool side. The mixed bathing pool was where they had the dances on Saturday afternoons run by Walter Collinson. I used to go to his dance school on Havelock Square and he used to have his medal presentations at Glossop road. I used to lead off with him when he was doing a dance his wife didn't like. But back to the swimming. We never bothered with the vending machines but we used to go to the cafe on Convent Walk (opposite the entrance to the boy's baths) for a doorstep dripping crust. It cost a penny (lovely). Does no-one remember the cafe?
  12. The Mail Coach was my first pub too. It was 1960 and I was 15. I was etching knives back then and we used to go in at dinner time in all our muck. Had my first taste of beer ugh!! I still don't like the tast of it and was scared to death I would get caught but I didn't. Made you feel grown up though.
  13. Hi ieghtlegger No, sorry. I went to a lot of places as a kid and teenager but that one doesn't ring any bells.
  14. Hi Denise853b The last time I went to Collinsons on a regular basis was way back in 1959 so I didn't know Doreen. I only went back in '75 to take my 1st. Gold bar in ballroom so only had a few lessons to brush up on my steps. Were Les and his wife still running it when you were there. They were very good teachers and nice people. I wonder if they're still around.
  15. Hi Hetty Just seen your post. Dancing was my life back then. My parents were in to old tyme big style. When I was very young I used to go to Sheila Tyas's on ~Cemetery Road, that was also for tap ballet and acro but mostly my dancing was old tyme back then. We used to go to the Abbeydale, run by Joe Marshall on a Monday and the Cutlers Hall on a Thursday with Louis Pecks band. David? Gascoigne was the MC and I used let the New Year in when I was about 7 as the New Year fairy (don't ask). I used to go to Collinsons on Havelock Square for lessons on Thursday and dancing class Saturday morning. My parents wouldn't pay for lessons in ballroom so old man Walter paid for me himself in exchange my dancing with his learners on Tuesday and Friday night and helping out at dance class on Saturday morning. They were great times and I'm now getting very nostalgic. Don't do much of anything these days what with old age povery and arthritis Ha ha.
  16. I used to go to Edith Hursts when I was very small. Much much later I used to teach ballroom and latin at the Court School of Dancing which was in the Abbeydale Ballroom. That was in 1967. Ken ran it with Gene, Linda, Doreen and me as teachers. I akso went to Marjorie Fields in about 1951 for tap, ballet and acro. I wish the old bones could do the same things now as they did then.
  17. I used to go to Edith Hursts when I was very small. Much much later I used to teach ballroom and latin at the Court School of Dancing which was in the Abbeydale Ballroom. That was in 1967. Ken ran it with Gene, Linda, Doreen and me as teachers.
  18. All the areas mentioned are ok but if you're going for the south of sheffield or sheff 10 try to get somewhere before the new university term starts which I think is in October.
  19. I used to go to Collinsons on Hanover Square from being four to being fourteen. It was Les's parents, Walter and Kathleen,(I think that was her name) who ran the old time side and Les and his wife who used to do the Modern (as it was called then) I took my first bronze medal for old time in 1953. I went back in 1975 and took my last gold bar for modern in 1975.
  20. Me again. Forgot to mention Kath Fowler was probably in your year if you left in 1960. I know she was a year younger than Chris and me. Do you remember a Joan Clark who used to go to Greystones and lived on Angus Square or Daniel Cocking who lived on Angus Terrace I think. They were both in my year.
  21. Hi Hetty. Must be another Christine Marsh. There is no way Christines mum would have been able to afford the trip to Switzerland. She was a single parent with six kids and to be kind, not very well off. Munch and me had some great times though. Las time I saw her was about 1975. I lived on Fentonville Street at the time and was working behind the bar in the Cross Guns.
  22. Hello Wendy. Not been on the Forum long and just seen your thread. I was at Greystones and left in 1959, so a bit before you. Carol Whiting was my cousin and she had a brother called David. Her dad, my uncle Bernard used to keep the Vine on Hodgson Street. My best mate at the time was Christine Marsh and she used to live opposite in the end house on Hodgson street. Long gone now, like a lot of the Sheffield I used to know and love.
  23. Hi Kath. Do you remember me? Janet Whiting as was. Used to live in Napier street and later Hobart Street. You, me and Christine Marsh ( munchy) all used to knock about together eons ago. Used to go down Attercliffe and go round in a gang with some of the lads, Dave Blackburn, Roger Sapcote and Dave Socketts. Would love to hear from you and anyone else we knew
  24. Hetty I can remember most of the names you mention: Miss Hornsey - (Big Boobs!) Mr Turley - Art Teacher - (Heart throb!) Mrs McDonald - (she would have been a guard in Stalag 13 in the War!) Mr Aizlewood - Headteacher - (called everybody 'girlie' and 'laddie' and was a right pr**k!) Mr Wragg - (he was real treasure, a real good teacher) I remember Martin Windle and Hazel Chadwick but didn't have much to do with them. I left Greystones in Christmas 1959 so probably would not have known you as we 4th years always thought we were above everybody else - being about to go into the big wide world! (What gits we were!) Did you think the same when you were a 4th year? Do you remember Mr Renshaw who used to teach science and was very fond of throwing the blackboard rubber at pupils? (He always hit his mark as well!)
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