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  1. Hi puffin4 Didn't know about lurgy coming from the Goon Show. My Mother wouldn't have it on in the house. She thought it was too daft to laugh at. My childhood was sadly deprived. Still use the term though even today..
  2. Hi cuttsie Joe Hancock's name is the only one I recognise. Think he went to the same school as me, (Greystones) but he was older than me. Did he used to live round Milton Street or Hodgson Street way?
  3. Hi Hetty Seems our paths cross once again. I remember Bobby from school. If I remember rightly he used to live round Parliament street and Summerfield Street. Can't bring the actual street to mind but it was round there. I read his book a while ago and there were a lot of names that I remember from school. The names and the tricks he got up to sent me on a long trip down memory lane. The last time I saw him was in Sherbert plus on West Street in the late eighties. He accused me of getting him into trouble for spilling green ink down his tie while we were at school although I can't bring the particular incident to mind.
  4. Hiya Willybite What can I say. The old memory is not what it was and it is a very long time ago.
  5. Hi Grinder Yeah, I'm sure the asterisks weren't even in our vocabulary in the fifties. We were a lot more niaeve back then
  6. Hi Grinder. Gormless (daft or stupid) wer a gudun, four eyes (wearing glasses) Lairy (argumentative) Lurgy (anyone with spots or scabs) And for things that sparkled (Shunkly)
  7. Hi tifftifco2 I was a teacher along with your dad, Linda, Doreen, and Gene. Ken Waller was the manager. Sorry to hear about your dad.
  8. Hi debss14 Thanks, that would be great. I will have to rely on offspring anyway as I think most of my dad's brothers and sisiters will have passed by now. It might even be grandkids. My dad was born in 1897 so as you can see they'll all be pretty old.
  9. Hi Puffin 4 You got that right. Anyone else remember saying they were starved to death for being cold, not just for being hungry and cornish for mantlepiece.
  10. Hi debss14 No sadly I lost touch with them when we stopped going to the dances at St.Vincents. That would be the late fifties. I'm not sure about the Whitings being related. My dad's name was Ernest and he came from a large family but we didn't have much contact. He had a brother called Bernard who used to run the Vine pub on Hodgson Street. He had two kids, Carol and David, also had a brother called William I think and a sister called Bertha but that's as much as I know. Maybe Ian and his family were offspring of one of them. Regards Janber.
  11. Hi Hillsbro Just seen the link you sent. Thanks for that. I seem to remember the lads at the Farm Grounds spinning us a lot quicker than that. Perhaps we were braver in the fifties.
  12. Hi debss14, just seen your post. I used to knock about with Susan Civico from the sweet shop round about 1957. Used to go to dances at St. Vincents on a Monday night. We also used to go to Croft House Youth Club same time. She had an older brother who went to Del a Sel (not sure about the spelling. Do you remember any one called Barton, think he lived on Lambert Street flats. My maiden name was Whiting. Can you remember the adult's names as I'm wondering if they are any relations of mine.
  13. Hi Spunkee. Just a line to say thanks for passing my message on to Terry from Friends Re united. I'm sorry to say I don't remember you but if, as Terry says you were a year above us, you wouldn't have had much to do with us plebs in the year below. Thanks again. Janber. Nee Janet Whiting
  14. Hi Jack. You seem to be cropping up in a lot of my old areas. I wonder if we ever met. The Continental used to be owned by a German woman in the early sixties. I was engaged to her son for a time. Big mistake. He chased me with a gun and we finished up in the papers. (Daily Mirror) I think it was. My ex husband and me used to go in the Disc Jockey, owned by Bill and Maisie. I was also friends with their daughter Hilary.
  15. Hi there. It's a small world. I remembered Joan's name as soon as you mentioned it. Did they both teach at the Court or was it just your Dad? x
  16. Hi Hillsbro I too remember the Farm Grounds. My favourite ride was the Waltzer. They used to play all the best tunes. My favourite was Tequila. ~Everytime I hear it I think of that Waltzer. In 1958 it started up just as I was getting off and it threw me off balance. I got my foot under the base and it went over my heel. I spent the next six months waiting for it to heal. My mother had said I couldn't go, so of course I went. She said it served me right, but it was too good not to go. I used to like the caterpillar as well, and all that lovely candy floss.
  17. There was a Richard Swinscoe who used to be at the Court School of Dancing when I was there round about 1967. He was a diabetic. I think he also had a sister but I can't remember her name.
  18. Hi GloriaN. Are you the Gloria Nixon who used to live in a flat on Psalter Lane and went to Hallam University on a WOW course in the eighties?
  19. Hi jonjo Who did? Are you on avbout Kath Fowler or Christine Marsh?
  20. Hi Jack, not been to a football match since 1959. Me and my mate Elaine always used to stand behing the goal at the John Street end (I think) Never missed a match that year. I think it was 1959 when they were playing Watford we were selling programmes. After I left school I got into other things and football fell by the wayside. I still support their Lottery though.
  21. Hi Thorpy, sorry, the name David Wild doesn't ring any bells. I left Christmas 1959.
  22. Ji John Habs, Your poor old mate. Are you allowed to say that. bet you're glad you didn't have to sit behind him. I remember going into Hartleys across the road, (do you remember the Temperance Bar, had two doors) for a glass of Lemon Barley and the barley sugar sticks. He also use to sell tubes of Horlicks tablets and sticks of liquorice root, ( used to last for ages) yum. Bet you can't buy 4 Black Jacks for a penny these days. I think my corner shop sells them for 7p. each. Oh happy days. Jan
  23. Hi Billy boy. Will tha stop rewerin' wer one of my dad's sayin's. One of my mothers sayin's (usually after giving me a clout) was, shurrup, or do ya want some moor. Stupid question really. Up the dee dahs, and proud to be one.
  24. Hi John, I also used to go to the Star on Saturday afternoons and remember the YoYo competitions, walking the dog etc. Weren't the seat edge gripping serials great? You always thought the hero would never survive until the next week, but there he was the next Saturday getting out of some impossible situation. Phew!!! Do you remember Tarzan? and the fabulous tricks he got up to?
  25. Hi Thorpy. I think the Greystones Grammar School you're on about is probably the same as our Secondary Modern. Before Sheffield went comprehensive in 1957. to get to Greystones Sec Mod you had to have something like a b pass on your eleven plus. Not quite good enough for Grammar school. I think in 1957 the old council schools (where you went from start to finish) merged, and the seniors all went to Greystones in our area. We merged with Pomona st., St. Mathias, St. Silas and Carterknowle rd. Hope that helps.
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