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  1. Connie Grant also had a place on Psalter Lane before she moved to West Street. If I remember rightly her formation team appeared quite a few times on Come Dancing.
  2. I used to live on Hobart st in the 50's and I remember there was a bakers or some such on the corner of Langdon Street and when it was cold, but too early to go home we used to stand with our backs to the wall where the ovens were and keep warm. The Sheffield artist Joe Scarborough used to live on Langdon St. I moved onto my own house on Fentonville St in '66 and worked behind the bar in the new Cross Guns. It was a great place to live then, sadly now, not so much. I moved to North Anston in the 70's as the Housing Associations were moving in problem families and it had started going downhill.
  3. Well said Tzijlstra. Takes somebody not born here to remind those who were what a great place Sheffield is. I'm a Sheffielder born and bred and proud of it. As you said Brilliant access to city AND countryside all within half an hour. Come on Sheffielders, where's your pride?
  4. Now that's a real blast from the past. Don't think I've heard that since I was at school. Was there more to it than that, or was it just a tongue twister?
  5. Hi echo beach It is indeed a small world. When I lived on Fentonville St my back gate opened on to Croydon St. There was a couple who lived opposite who also moved to Coal Aston in the early 70's. They had twin boys who would have been about 10 at the time. After my dad died in 1969 my mother carried on living in Hobart St until the early 70's, when she moved to the Herdings. Not sure of the exact date she left.
  6. Hi echo beach ( if you're still around) Not been on here for quite a while so don't know if you still read this. I lived at 21 Hobart st. Moved there in 1957 and lived there until I left home aroung 1962Our house was about halfway down. There was a family called DaBell who lived at 19 and somebody called Wade who lived down the bottom on the other side. Ian was the sons name. I remember Tony's fish and chip shop. He was Polish and did great fish and chips. There was a hairdressers round the corner on Clubgarden Road. Mollie ran it. I finished up living on Fentonville st in the late 60's and early 70's and worked behind the bar in the Cross Guns.
  7. Hi Grinder The correct word is obstreporous but I like the Sheffieldism best. It means awkward as in a right okerd little beggar. This is the first time I've heard it in years. I also wer called it a lot as a kid.
  8. Hi sandraroger. I used to be best mates with Ann Coggin. She used to live on Sharrow Lane with her Mom when we were at school. Don't know about Margery Staniforth but as far as I can remember Ann married and lived up Millhouses. Don't know what he did but he drove a Rolls. My name was Janet Whiting.
  9. Wotsthathinkthatdoin What do you think you are doing. Imgunnashop I'm going to the shop. dusthawantowtfetchin. Do you want anything fetching.
  10. Hi Spider 1 Another saying to show surprise was " Well, I'll go to foot o' our stairs
  11. Hi Vera I remember going to the dance, I think it was on a Monday either just before or just after we left school which would be '59 ish. Can't remember the chap's name who ran it though. The memory lapses get longer and longer.
  12. Hiya Willybite One of me favourites is, itintintin. Tha reely shud ear sumbdy from Brum tryin' to read an say it reight. It's a laff a minit.An then thi sey Northerners r thick.
  13. To Willybite Ee lad. it's reight good to actually see it in print. Figurin'aht wot thaat sayin' is enuff to keep towd grey cells gooin. I luv Sheffieldese. Tha can't beat it.
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