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  1. Hi, Just wondered did anyone purchase a car on finance from Peugeot dealership in Sheffield in or around 2005? I bought a car from the old Ecclesall Road branch and was told I needed PPI for the finance to be agreed. Problem is I can't for the live of me remember who the finance company was? I was half thinking it may have been Black Horse, but cannot be sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Motorist v Car Drivers hahaha this is such a boring topic. However my take is this... Motorist don't like cyclist because they're jealous they're keeping fit and wish they could be bothered to cycle instead of drive, and it sometimes takes a while to take over them, and they're annoyed they can't go through the red light too. Cyclist don't like motorist because they think they're better than them for keeping fit and saving the environment, and as a result expect motorist to worship them and allow them to occasionally flaunt the law in recognition of their achievements Haha
  3. Is anyone aware of any play centres in Sheffield, Dronfield or Rotherham that hire out the entire venue for birthday parties please? Thanks
  4. Hi, You've not actually parked, therefore in my opinion you didn't enter into any contract implied or otherwise and therefore do not owe any charges. It would be for the company to prove, albeit, only on the balance of probabilities, that you were info t parked and therefore agreed to the terms of the contract. Don't worry about Beavis case, that evolves around the issues of genuine loss amounts to the parking company and what is deemed to be proportionate. The Supreme Court judges who are salaried at well over £150k a year didnt believe £85 is excessive surprisingly.
  5. Hi, Has anyone any experience of dealing with a private parking company called Minster Baywatch? I specifically interested in anyone who has received a parking charge notice whilst parked in the Casino car park they control at Queens Road, Sheffield. I'm not after advice or the usual "ignore it" posts, but I am a consumer and I'm looking into the practices of the company. Thanks
  6. It doesn't need exposing from the 1970/80's at all. The expenses going into some of these historic enquiries is astronomical. Efforts should be made to stamp out current corruption or issues. Stop shaking cupboards looking for skeletons that are long gone and have no effect on current issues. The police today wouldn't (and don't) police football matches or demonstrations the same as they did in the 70/80's. And too many people are judging today's police forces on matters that happened 20/30 years ago.
  7. Learn from mistakes and move on, otherwise we'll be investigating 2010's incidents in twenty years time.
  8. Hi Does anyone know anywhere that services Honda's with genuine parts. Preferably in Sheffield/ north Derbyshire? Gilders want £215 for the first service, for an oil and filter change apparently. Thanks
  9. He will get you nowhere, just like he did when he was at Derby.... Great asset haha
  10. Any suggestions where to take an 11 month old during the day? She is just walking, and crawling? Any play areas designed for babies? We've been swimming, walking in park, visiting animals etc... Any suggestions on somewhere a baby would have fun would be appreciated.
  11. Does anyone know anywhere in Sheffield that's sells the self adhesive gloss vinyl or similar to stick onto cupboard doors? Thanks
  12. 2 x entries for Percy Pub available due to injuries. PM me
  13. Anyone seen any alarms for sale anywhere that may be open now? Garages, late night spar's etc? Thanks
  14. I'm looking to hire a 7 seater or minibus for 7 days at the beginning of September. Everywhere I've found on the internet has been over £400 which for 7 days it's ridiculous. Anyone have any ideas. Doesn't need to be anything flash, just big enough and safe/road worthy. Thanks
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