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  1. There are two or three empty arches at the canal basin. They wouldn't hold enough people to make a viable entertainment business and don't curently have running water or gas. They can be leased from The Canal and River Trust - which is a charity with limited resources. A few people are looking at taking on Arches 18/19. The Canal and River Trust have plans to turn one or two of the arches into toilet facilities, but I guess the funding for that comes second to canal repair and maintenance. They are currently replacing the lighting and the windows on all of the arches. The canal basin has very little to do with Sheffield Council. Leeds canal goes through the city and onwards. Sheffield's is a dead end. The people building the canal should have thought about 21st century entertainment quarters and carried on to Kelham Island.
  2. Hello all. The Dorothy Pax has been opening on temporary licenses and is still waiting for full licensing. If you check out the Facebook page there are some gigs coming up before Christmas and the ihope is that it will soon be fully open, with food available.
  3. This event is now fully booked. Look out for others by joining the Facebook group. Kumquat Mae and friends present
  4. I went there a week ago for a meal. I haven't been for ages. The waiting staff couldn't have been nicer. The food and wine were very good. I would recommend giving it a go. I loved it.
  5. Please note that if you want to come - it is bookings only. You can PM me for this.
  6. Thanks. Points noted. Nowhere is always perfect or to everyone's taste. Sorry you didn't like the quality of the food. It wasn't my restaurant (I am Nicky's friend) but the prices had to provide a wage to the cook and also take into account the overheads of running a restaurant. As it says in the Star article it was difficult to fill the restaurant during the week. This was hopefully the best idea to bring Kumquat Mae back. The event is priced at £14.50 for three courses and the pub is lovely.
  7. Kumquat Mae is in the Star today. Thanks for your comments - PM me if you are interested in hearing more (or join the FB group). http://www.thestar.co.uk/food/Kumquat-comeback-gets-big-boost.6157833.jp?CommentPage=1&CommentPageLength=10
  8. The restaurant closed nearly two years ago now. So it's not so much a change - it's a rest. But they do say a change is as good as a rest.
  9. It's one-off events at different venues for customers who miss the place - there seems to be lots on the Forum. Nothing to fear for other restaurants. Please join the Facebook group and let others who may be interested know.
  10. Nicky has asked me to let the lovely forummers know that Kumquat Mae (Vegetarian Restaurant on Abbeydale Road) is back! Please join the Facebook group - Kumquat Mae and Friends Presents..... An event is planned in the very near future. We recently did an event at the Rutland Arms - see the Facebook group for all the lovely comments!
  11. Hello all - Nicky has asked me to let you know that you can join the Facebook group - Kumquat Mae and friends presents..... Future Vegetarian Food events are planned.
  12. Nicky has asked me to let you all know that you can join the Facebook group - Kumquat Mae and Friends Presents - Future Kumquat Mae :DVegetarian Food events are planned.
  13. Nicky has asked me to let you all know that her Vegetarian restaurant KUMQUAT MAE now has a Facebook group: "Kumquat Mae and Friends Presents.....!" Please join it and tell your friends. Future events are planned. Search this site for the many positive comments about this Sheffield vegetarian restaurant.
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