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  1. There's one next to the wednesday ground opposite 4 lanes chippy & one in hillsborough barracks
  2. EASY Spares & Repairs 0114 2313787 have been great with us, no call out charges & genuine. If they can repair they will.
  3. I used SBK weed killer its the only thing that worked on our very overgrown garden
  4. The cheapest place I found for mine was the key cutting shop in Morrisons Hillsborough
  5. My OH used Martin Woodward, there's a few instructors he had Richard, very patient.
  6. If you have a bank account with HSBC they have a machine in the Fargate branch that puts it straight into your account, no commission like the supermarket machines
  7. Messy play at Shooters Grove on Mondays is good, also Minibeast music on Thurs or Fri, S1 or S6
  8. http://minibeastmusic.biz/ is good, we go to the Friday session in S6, theres also a city centre session on Thursday
  9. Sheffield Roofline - Dan Campbell is great, he's fixed our roof a couple of times after bad storms
  10. I have a great lady I use in S6, very reasonable & items turned around in 48hrs
  11. I'm afraid I cant help as we don't have a ladder but try posting this on the pet Owners section, there are lots of helpful people on there
  12. We've only done self catering holidays for that reason, I have one almost 3yr old. There are lots of suitable properties in the Lake District, we've also been to Jersery, Stockholm, Bruges & are going to Mallorca this summer. You often need to book travel & accommodation separately rather than use a typical travel agent.
  13. Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Cannon Hall Farm, The Deep (Hull), Wentworth Garden Centre animal farm & cafe
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