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  1. I attended St Johns in School street from 1963 to 1968,in 1968 the school closed and moved to a new building on Manor Oaks road.We did merge with another school,I was in the new school for just one year before moving onto Norfolk school on cradock road.My first teacher (at age 5)was a Miss Vaugne (not sure of the spelling),it was her last year before retiring.Then there was a Mrs Wilde followed by Miss Dodsworth.I also remember the headmaster Mr Martin and the reading ability tests in his office.The caretaker was a Mr Ashmore.The old StJohns (in School street was a L shaped building with 2 playgrounds on different levels (the school was built on a hill),the higher larger playground also contained the main enterance gate and the boys toilets.
  2. I attended Norfolk between 1969 and 1974.I can remember a Mr Headley (though I was never on one of his classes),Miss Roy (French),Mr Pearson (Technical drawing),Mr Chapman (German),Mr Corden (PE) and Miss Collins (English..who became Mrs Dovedale) .It does seem a shame that the playing fields are overgrown,but I do not have fond memories of running around that track!
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