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    yea i do, its 01143276112
  2. i have been to no.1 oriental and didn't like their school dinning hall either and i totally agree with the people who said that but i think the standard of their food is acceptable in terms of a buffet place. moreover, i think they'd better serve more proper chinese dishes rather than sausage roll and pasta instead. who would want to come to a chinese restaurant to have sausage roll instead of crispy duck, come on ppl:suspect:
  3. oscar2010

    Phoenix II @ Swallownest

    yea, went there last week and had a great night out with my family , the food was amazing and we also got a starter for free. I was introduced to the japanese style 'New-tong chicken' and totally loved it. it was very crispy and delicious, greatly recommend it also service was good and we got a 10% discount as well, will definitely have a re-visit very soon.

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