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  1. yes! we do remember Ruby in accounts, Johnny Wobbler was a homeless character who had mental problems he used to pass Wigfalls store often and get rather abusive, he had one deformed leg which caused him to wobble. Mick asked do you remember Dorothy Shilton she also worked in electrical also a guy named Tony ? he used to sing opera.
  2. I too used to have to make teas as I was the junior, Carol do you remember the ladies I used to work with, I loved working with them all. do you remember the little fellow that used to hang aroundall the time, everyone called him Johnny Wobbler? one night leaving work he chased Mick Shakespear, Mick and myself he thought we were laughing at him but it was a joke Mick S had told us, he chased us all the way into town and Mick S being so tall he ended up on his knees in the bus queue, the sight was better than the joke lol.
  3. I started working in the shoe shop Fitzwilliam rd in 1961 -63 worked with Mrs Scofield, Mrs Hatherton and Bessie. Mr Mitten was the manager and Mr pepper was manager of Electirical, I met my husband of 43 years there Mick Webster who worked in the electrical section. Mick and I also went on that coach trip to Southport had a great day with a fun crowd including the managers, still have photo's. would love to find Mick Shakespeare who worked in the furniture section. Carol I too used to make and carry the teas. Mick and I migrated to Australai in 1965. Still in contact with Carol Edwards nee Powell who also worked in the shoe shop.
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