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  1. I was an apprentice at Davy united from 1967 and Les Cartiledge was the fabrication guy. I believe his son worked there to ? I remember he was a heavy smoker
  2. I used to live at the Coach and Horses, my parents had it. Must have been around 1958.
  3. I went to school with Paul and for a time we were friends. We were different and I remember talking him out of more than one fight. After he was apparently out of prison i remember, during a visit back to Sheffield, quite surprisingly seeing him in a shell suit walking near the Blackstock. Thats the last I saw or heard of him
  4. worked at Davys from 1967 moved over to instruments have lots of names in my head, been around the world a bit since and those days seem such a long time ago. The thread seems to be somewhat earlier so would be good to see some notes from anyone 1967 on.
  5. It was a scale model of a water pump if i remember correctly. The guy next to Lawrence was Mick Jackson
  6. Windswept, sent you a copy of the original image without the photo additions to the email
  7. Keith Kidd and Dave Wild were big mates of mine. Keith lived down by Rollestone School and Dave lived on Springclose Mount. Barry Briggs lived on a block near the Far Lees, we used to play snooker together, he was a year or two older than our year. Marion Coles lived up Springclose as well. Did you see my previous post on the email address?
  8. I went out with Lynsey as well! Clue? not sure how ---------- Post added 31-01-2017 at 12:53 ---------- Windswept. I have an alias email address. If you have one too fire an Email message to ashlettcreek@gmail.com, I will send you the photo and put a ring around my head, "NOT HALO OF COURSE" thats stretching it!!
  9. Seems like I didn't take as much notice as yourself, you got it all down to a T in the old memory bank!I am close with things but not on the button! Could've sworn Eric married Elaine though, maybe not, oh well live and learn. Yes my name and yours have been mentioned. You're so much on the ball with the school memories I am surprised you aint sussed it. ---------- Post added 31-01-2017 at 10:48 ---------- Windswept, are you on Linkedin?
  10. Glad you remember the names, and I recognize all of them now you said them. Liked Alan Frogatt, knocked around with him a little bit and saw him later after we left school.Carol Grubb I used to fancy, her uncle lived on the same block as me and she used to visit him. Went a couple of times to the youth club at Herdings but not much. Elaine Percils boyfriend was I believe Eric Pashley and I believe they were married. Pretty much knew it was you and I know the name. Obviously you know I am on the photo also. Don't live in Sheffield, not since 1992. Left Uk in 1973, back in 1975. Now in New Forest, Hampshire.See someone else thought Lorraine Transfield was a stunner. Too right!!!
  11. Yeah reckon he wouldn't have you can always blame the parents! I remember that with Freddie, yes I saw it. When you get the photo the three I can't remember the names of are, the guy stood up sixth from the left with the glasses and the two guys on the extreme left on the floor. The rest of them I know, the guy who went to work in Manchester is stood up on the extreme left. If you can't get the photo I might be able to get it to you in some way. Not sure if we can post photos on this portal.
  12. You're right Paul Gregory, lived in the upside down houses opposite Dave Rodgers on Blackstock Road. Yeah Freddie Swindell well done, really small and slight from what I remember. There are 13 in the photo and I can name all but 3 of them, one of them if I recall correctly went to work in Manchester. Mr & Mrs BEAM ME UP!!!
  13. I have the same photo. I remember Geoff. If its the right person he lived in the little estate set back opposite the Sheffield and Heeley pub. Also a guy named, I think, Swindell??!! lived just before the shops. Seen the Far Lees what a mess!! Used to go in quite a bit. Never liked the Blackstock and never really used the Horse and Groom or the John O Gaunt
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