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  1. 2 faced bitches. I hope they get diabetes and cancer :rant:
  2. Is it discrimination? Yes. Is it acceptable? No.
  3. Great service, nice bunch of lads. One of them was even decent enough not to laugh when i had to ask him where to put the oil. Ill be making them my first stop from now on foer everything i need for the car. Thanks again matey
  4. There we have it folks. the ones that scream about how muslims have it so bad and are so disgriminated against are always amongst the first to start throwing the insults.
  5. thanks for the suggestions. Im going down to Neepsend motor factors as they are at least £8 cheaper than Greens and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than halfrauds and bullseye. Thanks again
  6. I dont want to use halfrauds and im not going to go into bullseye cos the women that works there knows nothing about cars and so cant advise properly. Does anyone know of a good motor spares shop in Sheffield that has knowledgable staff and reasonable prices. Thanks
  7. Call charges Vs Childs saftey. = no contest. The school was out of order and should be held to account.
  8. He gave us nothing. He isnt real.
  9. Sam Fox's strip poker. Wrong kind of hardest?
  10. Seen them on advertised on tv but cant for the life of me think what they are called. anyone got any ideas?
  11. Sega Rally Fighters megamix, Virtua fighter 2 Gran tourismo Nights.
  12. Came home at lunch today to find FIVE more parking 'fines'. Jeez these people are stoopid.
  13. Working. I work on the retail park, registered my cars number plate and yet still cop for a snotty letter.
  14. I got a 'fine' for apparently over staying my parking time at meadowhall retail park through the post today. They got me photo'd going in at 8.45 am and leaving at 6 05 pm last week. If they think they have a chance in hell of seeing a single penny from me all i have to say is Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and so on. anyone else got a 'fine' for parking there? DONT pay it.
  15. You recon im askimg too much ? http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=6910952#post6910952
  16. Apart from CEX, where is a good place to sell a couple of mobile phones? Thanks
  17. Thats sad. Whats even sadder is how far down the police in general have slipped. I still remember my local bobby from when i was a lad. Cracking fella and a far cry from todays former school bullies/bullied and other psycos who have used the lax entry standards to carve a life out in the force.
  18. And it is my judgement that you like to bash amreicans. This is mearly a smoke screen to make you look all Amreica friendly so you can come on here at a later date and bash the americans again. Mr Predictabilityamundo!
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