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  1. Odd one. I have some offensive balloons for a friends birthday (odd sense of humour). Does anyone have any ideas where I could get them inflated? I guess clintons wouldn't?! Please help.
  2. Looking for a reliable person to fit a dishwasher, any tips? We need someone to to say where the place we want it is possible, then fit once we've bought one. Keep getting let down by people not turning up or ringing back. Any recommendations? We're in Loxley
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-35473732 Think that answers that
  4. can anyone recommend a company or person that supplies and fits driveway gates? Thinking wooden. It's just for a single width drive. Would need posts putting in/attaching to the side of the house. ta
  5. Any idea how much it would cost to get someone to put up a Pergola in my garden?
  6. What a brilliant service! Awesomes Thank you Sheffield Forum. You make my life easier.
  7. Hillsborough is good for me. are they easy to fix on? Or will they do it for me? I know nothing about cars
  8. Hi, My wing mirror has broken. How does one replace it cheaply? Its a Fiesta so should be two a penny. Where's the nearest breakers yard in Sheffield?
  9. I feel ashamed buying lager. Its for a big group of neanderthals. I'll be in the corner supping my Belgian Blue reserves while those monsters crush cans on their heads and fart in the paddling pool
  10. Where is the best place for buying large quantities of beer from. Bottles, like Moretti or Estrella - but by the crate? Supermarkets are a bit hit and miss
  11. Oughtibridge, loxley, stannington neck of the woods. All going to sealed bids
  12. Has anyone got any tips on buying a house? We're getting wiped out at every turn. Offering low to start, then someone offers a reasonable offer and hikes the price up that they disclose to everyone before going to best and final. We offer over the asking price and we are losing out every time. What are your tactics?! How does anyone buy a house? We've got no chain and are good to go. Offering 5kish over the asking price. also, Blundells do a guide price thing, say Guide Price: 180-195 What does this even mean? it means everyone goes for 195 and it goes over. Does anyone know where we could camp long term?
  13. Yeah putting money in to hospitals and schools', absolute sods! :s
  14. SHEFFIELD WINTER VILLAGE! What is this? Why is it shut? I need a glass of mulled.
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