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  1. ouch ! You saw what you wanted to see, now you're hounding the poor woman to clarify so you don't look silly.
  2. I don't see what needs clairfying it looks pretty straight forward to me.
  3. I didn't read it as that, odd that you did.
  4. i don't think they are legally allowed to what with not being qualified to administer drugs. TBH, if you're not prepared to put up with it hurting you shouldn't be having it.
  5. Thats correct. i don't think it created anythign though.
  6. My grandad had tattoos, he got them in the navy in the war, we thought they were great, they were proper old skool, mermaids/ships/swallows that kind of thing. he wasn't ashamed of them.
  7. You missed every thread that Graham posted on then ?
  8. It just exists, it doesn't "do" anything, or it might, I don't know really. You're not really discussing this, you just want to make me look stupid, and for everyone to see you as a the beacon of rationality.
  9. But why do i have to, why can't you just leave me to it. But, as you asked, i believe in a kind of universal consiousness, I use the word God, thats probably not a good word, but I haven't thought of another one yet. Beyond that i don't have much more of an explaination, because i don't really need one. I don't want you to believe the same thing, it's up to you.
  10. but thats organised religion, not everyone who believes does that, some believers arn't even part of an organised religion.
  11. I hate having to eat at a specific time, wether I'm hungry or not, and being expected to eat as much as possible, and I don't really like turkey. I do like sprouts though.
  12. The needles dentists use are the real scary ones, the rest are ok.
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