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  1. Individual clubs / groups tend to have a common political slant or shared beliefs though these vary depending on club / group and whereabouts in the country they are situated. The Women's Institute for example has run many campaigns on issues affecting women some of which were intended to influence or introduce legislation and gain public support.
  2. To the Bullingdon club I'd add golf clubs, Freemasons, Round Table, Working Men's Clubs, W.I.s, M.U.s, local pubs. Only one of those is a 'secret society'.
  3. Sheffield Council Education web pages had no mention of fines that I could find but did have a contact telephone number ( apologies, can't do links) . They should know the information you seek or where you can get it if not from them.
  4. Hope the news is good for you today Twirler. If you do have to stay in I'll happily lend you my new but basic laptop. PM me if wanted
  5. Bumping up the post by member seeking help now. I am a much older dyslexic who went to school in the early fifties. Fortunately a newly qualified teacher spotted that although I could not read or write I wasn't "stupid" or "unteachable" ( both terms had been used of me ). I had a good memory and could do mental arithmetic. She gave me daily one to one reading sessions instead of the usual weekly ones. As a result in one term I went from bottom of the class to the top and won the term prize. Later I had handwriting lessons in a special group also in school. I found ways of coping with exams. To be legible my writing was (still is) incredibly slow and before I found short cuts I often lost marks because I failed to complete exams in the time set. I went on to do fairly well academically and professionally. Like Retrogro's Dad new technology has been wonderful for me. For instance emails to friends take a fraction of the time to write as legible letters.
  6. Which did you choose? (Am assuming you're trying to bump your post count up to 5 and trying to help. )
  7. Sorry, must disagree. Fortnum & Mason at Tinsley is better.
  8. Agree wholeheartedly with all above quotes about Twirler. To be fair to the Met Office. They give regional forecasts whilst Twirler very kindly gives us Sheffield's prospects. Don't mind snow but can't cope with ice and am forced to stay indoors.
  9. This is about NHS management. Improving target figures usually takes priority over improving treatment and frontline staff numbers. The nurse, if it had been physically possible which doesn't appear to have been the case in the OP, has a duty of care not only to the patient committing the assault as JFLvsNixon says, but also to any other patients present. Therefore even if able any qualified member of hospital staff cannot "just walk away". Paramedical staff would face sanctions for doing so.
  10. We had this last year. I pointed out my police 'no cold callers' sticker on the door and he claimed that didn't apply to milk and newspapers! This prompted me to report him to 101 as did at least one other neighbour. He was representing the Star but disturbing elderly people in the evening most of whom have a door sticker was not a good advert for the Star.
  11. Reporting his responses / actions to 101 will support your case. Log them in your original file and also keep a separate one for them give a copy to the community support officer ( who may be the first to visit ) or the police. 101 will give you a reference number. Report _every_ incident or persistent noise to 101. This at the very least will cause a spike in the immediate vicinity's crime figures which will trigger action eventually. I speak from experience of a different type of situation which involved abuse after my reports but constant reports and logging worked. As an earlier poster noted there may only be a temporary lull after action is taken, if so start reporting again. The culprits have no consideration for you and other neighbours and deserve none from you.
  12. The first time my house was broken into after I moved to Sheffield the only internal door that had a lock was kicked down. Apparently the thieves' thinking is that if an internal door is locked there must be something valuable in the room. It is a terrible thing to come home to and I'm glad for you that the police have made an arrest. Great idea.
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