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  2. Before you start on about OAP bus passes being stopped isnt it about time that the free passes to people who come to reside in this country, having not contributed to the system should be the first to have them taken off them, then also childrens fares could be reduced too so helping families who work and pay their taxes etc.
  3. I went to Abbeydale Junior School in the late 40's to 50's I think we will all be in our 70's now and I was wondering if anybody can recall their class mates. The names of those I can remember were: Anne Walker, Bruce Gore, Alan Newbould, Brenda Wales, Derek Flower, Sandra Hiley, Pat Hopkinson, Kenneth Fox, Anne Gaines, Florence Millington, Pat Packard, I was just wondering if any of you are still alive and going strong. :)
  4. The Osteopath that I would recommend is Mark Wilcox at the Wainwright practice on Kenwood Road. Had quite a few problems and he has managed to sort things out for me.
  5. I have always found the TM travel buses clean and comfortable and also the drivers are friendly and ready for a banter with you:)
  6. This thread about Nether Edge brought memories back of when I was young in the fifties. Nether Edge was always an exclusive area with a lot of wealthy people living there. I remember going up there carol singing as we knew that we would get quite a bit of money for Christmas. Later I went to work on St Andrews Road which I loved. It was in an old Vicarage which had been converted into offices. Oh happy days.
  7. Dr Ogilvie who practised on Wolstenholme Road was our family doctor for years when I was little in the 1940's. He was lovely and always asked about the rest of the family when we had the occasion to visit him, I remember being a small child I thought that the dimple in his chin was great, never since have I had such a good and thorough Dr,
  8. Just saw your reply on thread, yes I remember you as you used to go out with my brother-in-law Don Dexter, nice to know that you are still in contact with some of the old swimmers, still see Glyn Mettam and Keith Ward and Naomi.
  9. My round was at Nether-edge, up Steade Road and onto Kenwood Park Road. It was a right drag going up the hills with the papers. I also did Sunday mornings on Broadfield Road across the bridge that was there then to deliver to the cottages, one morning I fell down a coal hole which wasn't secure and got a right bruised leg, today it would be compensation wouldn't it :roll:
  10. I agree with artisan about Osborne House being the best at Rowlinson, they always seemed to win at sports day.:clap:
  11. Well done Jessica, What a super, super girl. You are a credit to this city and lovely with it
  12. When i first started school a Miss Burrell was my teacher, she was so kind and lovely and I always remember that she gave me a book on wild flowers when I left which I have to this day some 50years ago. At Rowlinson there was a Mr Curly who I had crush on, he was quite dishy. He was the Sports Master and because I was in the School Athletics team he used to get me off having to do Maths which I hated, instead I did training. Oh happy days;)
  13. I was at Rowlinson when it was opened by Princess Margaret, and can remember what a great Headmaster Mr Kay was. The teachers I remember were: Mr Ellin (Could be a bit of a bully) Miss Ditchfield Miss Stewart Madam Perelees Mr Rutherford Mr and Mrs Baker Mr Curly (He was lovely) Miss Varah Used to love the Sports that we played there, cannot believe how developed it is around there now, it used to be all fields.
  14. Hi I remember Stan Royle as he was my sisters God Father. He was a lovely man, really cared for all the young boys in the club and was an inspiration to them all
  15. Hi Sweetdexter, my husband was in the RAF in Hong Kong in 1957-59. He thoroughly enjoyed it and was going back when his National service was over but met me and that put paid to that. By the way his name is Dexter.
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