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  1. Borick I didn't post a message about Totley Tom. I will try and look for it on the Net - - will obviously save your message - - sure I will find it' LoL Sheff
  2. Hazel. The tall Dark Bouncer on the door, I think was "Lol Banks" a gentle Giant. I used to go to the Tue's night "Beginners" where a few ladies would try to teach Ballroom dancing. They would prowl the room, and as in those days boys were still polite and respectful - - one didn't refuse a lady. For a dance lesson that is. Sort of Ballroom - - intersperseed with Rock and Roll type of evening. Happy Days.
  3. The Manor Top used to be a name to be conjured with - - The Elm Tree pub - - The Cinema, and the snooker hall below. Tom the manager, ---You were honored if you could use the first table in front of the office! The cafe by the side - - two ladies - - Margerate & Beatie I think - - original style coffee bar to me. Think Vimto or frothy coffee. I think it later turned into the clinic (Maternity that is) The Saturday rush! The tanner special - - watch the manager come on to open the show - - bow tie et al - - flash gordon - hopolong cassidy - Then dash out to run around on "Pit Hill" - now the fire station. I've slid down that on 'alf an anderson shelter and nearly made it across the pit pond at the bottom - - had to swim to shore! Wonder we didn't catch typhoid. Happy Days.
  4. Hazel I remember you and your hot water bottle --B B was the name of the boyfriend.
  5. Hi Just an enquiry into the integrity of this place? Apparently, they ran some courses, supposedly leading to an SIA badge. The Security Manager says that the dossiers were passed on to THB, or something like that, No Knowledge of their address or a names. a charge of £250 floating around here. Evasive answers on the phone, and downright offloading of any responsibility. Anyone else know anything?? Sheff
  6. Living overseas, - - - night clubs and things - - my attractive, but lesbian wife would occasionally lead her latest dance partner (Male conquest) back and say "Have you met My husband" - - - made for an interesting exit from the club. _____ Being a true Yorkie.
  7. Get an overseas job with an aid agency - - - sex for food is the latest offer!
  8. Have just read the last page of postings. Have any of you lived or worked in a moslem country? Very restrictive. Muh-madman Ghadaffi has not changed his views on international terrorism, - - rather ther oil crisis has changed the opinion of him. There are no building of huge christian churches in the city's of the muslim country's, there are very restricted christian schools, and you females would be horrified at your place in family or society! I have worked in Morroco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya,(Or should I say Labia), Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Chad, and that's just Africa. Add The middle east, where the labour force are imported asians, and that is a lot of experience of the moslem mentality. In the divided countries - - such as Sudan and Chad. The Moslems live in the desert North, and the Christians live in the productive South. The Moslems usually form the government and hence the military force. The result? Starvation policy and genocide. They have a policy of enforcing their views and beliefs, By the sword. They are not indiginent to this country, their beliefs are not natural here, and I would say to them all, Go to Saudi Arabia, where any believer is welcome, and the shariah law will treat them as they deserve.
  9. In "Their" what?? The original plack ppl were dependant servants- weren't they?
  10. When I was around 25 years old, my mother told me she had visited the pier fortune teller in Blackpool - - Eva Pellegrina or some such. She was told some facts about me, her son, that all matched, and that she would lose me when I was thirty. Shock - Horror - - I enjoyed the next few years, and went on some devil may care expeditions. Now - sadly, I am afflicted with an incurable illness. I wish there was a euthanasia policy - - - that would enable my GP to prescribe scotch and nicotine in sufficient quantity to finish me off. I've been trying for thirty years or so, at no great cost to the NHS. Tony Blair take note - - - One pill - one last dream - think of the savings??
  11. Its cold in Edinburgh, and the landlords don't pay for outdoor heating, and the hardiness of the Scot's is a bit of a Myth. I am 65 ish, have smoked since I was 9 ish - - due to working around the world, tobacco was cheap, and often free. Now, back in UK, I roll my own, and use the internet to support my lifetime habit. I am a regular poster on the forum, in support of the free thinking smokers. I don't go to cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, or other anti smoking places. My little haven is definitely a smoking heaven. My coffee table is a shrine. Tobacco - papers - filters, very well used ashtray (Large). Old couch, burns in the carpet, ash all over the place. I have lighters all over the place (Roll-ups often go out). In the kitchen, in the loo, by the computer, but not in the bedroom. Strange, I chain smoke, usualy with a glass of scotch to hand, but the moment I decide to sleep, (Or collapse), I don't find the need for a fag. I would welcome the offer of a portrait of myself for posterity, sat at my post, rolling a fag, and smiling at the thought of all you "Little miss pritchies" trying to spoil other peoples pleasure. Definitely the last smoke I have, will be up the cremetorium chimney, if I don't get refused as a hazard due to the alcohol content. Sheff
  12. Watching 24-Hr News - - First the breaking news of the first strike - - then the following live events. I was at home, determined to kick the booze. After a lifetime of working for and with American oil companies. Of living through the 70's & 80's hi-jacking, and PLO and Black September attacks, I could see the significance of this cowardly event. I walked up to the local offie, and purchased two litres of scotch, then sat down and waited for the aftermath. Quieter than I thought, I would have Nuked Em! With as much cause or chance that their governments condoned the slaughter of innocents with. I have been back to the Middle East - - what a change. They now have fortifications around government buildings, and tourist hotels. I wish them well, in their descent into civil war andf terrorism.
  13. Pussy - - - as served in the best asian restaurants (In Thailand)
  14. I had a care in the community guy who lived in the flat beneath me. He could hear me walking on his ceiling. Hammered on my door at all hours of the night and early morning. The Council were real helpful, offered to check my flat for loose floorboards etc. (Why not sound proof his ceiling). His social worker visited me, and asked me to understand? Said he imagined it sometimes, depending on his medication? The police really weren't bothered, until I said I kept an axe on the shelf by the front door, and if he ever crossed the line????? His social worker had him removed.
  15. I may be wrong, but I suspect that among the youth of today, alcohol is a bigger health threat and contributor to crime and anti-social behaviour than the nicotine addiction &Ban being debated. Most people on this thread seem to be mentioning their dislike of entering pubs and clubs where smoking is allowed - - - If the government can ban smoking, (While allowing it in their own little club) why not ban alcohol and Pubs etc. altogether? End of debate. Drink or smoke at home.
  16. With a name like Sheff, where else could I belong??
  17. 60 per day man, and un-changeable. I stopped going to Pubs a long time ago. Danger zones - yes! Full of idiots and often tanked up hooligans. Stopped going to restaurants, I can cook better and cheaper at home. Stopped going out in fact, which is what this Nanny State government would seem to prefer. Next?? - - My home is an enclosed semi public place! Visited by various "Employees"? of delivery companies, council officials (Un-invited) and the like. It still is a smoke free zone. I will offer a fag to anyone! For how long though??
  18. Disposal is a major problem. I did a lot of work on sea defences - - sea wall and groynes - large concrete structures good for hiding a body, but then they started x-raying for air pockets etc. Then I worked on a sewerage scheme. In the Pre-Process treatment, they have an apparatus called "The Masticator". Basically - the input is flowed into a huge pit, and before the outlet, is a sieving system with revolving blades to ensure that all solids are reduced in size (You get all things down sewers). Then into the settling tanks, to be reduced to sludge. No smell, and who is going to sort through the sludge? A hollowed out cigar, with a biro sleeve inserted - - a broken off hypo needle, with a small sponge or cotton wool aid to propellant. Mercury from a home thermometer in hypo. Fit together, sit behind the "Mark", take out cigar - - place in mouth and cough. Now redundent, because of smoking ban!!!
  19. Just wait for the police releases, The last lot were Somali's - - I've been there. Have you??
  20. Doe's anyone remember the monty Python Graphics, and the "Big Black Foot"??????
  21. Who really are the Foe? With the recent rise in Gun crime, and police being shot when attending trivial crimes? Don't people realise, that immigrants from lawless and bandit ridden countries are used to shooting their way out of situations with the authorities. They don't feel secure unless they are armed,and will open fire immediately, because at home, they would be executed on the spot. We let these people in, as political migrants, They are persecuted criminals.
  22. Is this MI5, trolling for recruits, or Scotland Yard looking for solutions? I know a few ways, but obviously keep stum.
  23. During the South African modern history, all "Whites" had what they termed a "Book of Life" - - which served as an ID - Drvng Lic' - Gun Lic' - and birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. present address et al. The present Government here, and most of the other lefties demonstrated and even rioted against this system of government control! It was after all, just a method of segregating and controlling their multi-national population. Bring it on - - In this new Little Britain.
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