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    Because moorlands are especially important for nature and wildlife, and typically are home to many protected species. Those species can be right down to the plant life (many of which may be exclusive to moorland habitats) and supported invertebrates up to to small mammals, large mammals or birds - and lots of moorland birds are ground-nesting and particularly susceptible to disturbance. If the moorland has a good concentration of peat and heather, it will also be a storage facility for lots of carbon too - essentially the lungs of the planet and breaking down that carbo storage can have a devastating effect on the climate and nature emergencies. But... I suspect you know all this.
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    It was a truly disgusting comment and should have been called out at the time. Personally I have no time for Diane Abbot, I believe that she's a useless politician and I'd have no problem with anyone stating the same. However, what has her gender or her ethnicity to do with it? And more to the point how did every woman in the world with the same ethnicity as her get dragged into it? The man comes over as a complete misogynist racist prat.
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    It’s a clear and obvious racist (and sexist!) comment. Its also highly inappropriate and hugely unnecessary. The ‘I don’t hate all black women’ part is simply an attempt at a cover-up caveat akin to ‘I have many black friends so it’s OK for me to say this’ and doesn’t wash. He even knows what he is about to say is racist by saying ‘I’m trying not to be racist’ at the start of it… I mean, that’s a self admission right there. Yes, the comments obviously came to light now for political reasons, but that doesn’t excuse them. Even in 2019 the murder of Jo Cox was fresh in people’s minds and a dog whistle like that could prompt any crazy person to attack her, making it far more inappropriate and unnecessary. Personal comments have no place in politics. If he disagreed with Abbot’s speeches or Labour policy she had a hand in then debate and dispute that — no need to attack someone for the sake of it.
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    When I was growing up I used to go on a great many bicycle rides, and they were great fun. But you can't do that anymore because today cycling has been hijacked by thin-spectacled men from the marketing department, and as a result it's become a "Lifestyle Choice" This means you can't just buy a bicycle, you need lots of other paraphernalia as well. You need what's called a "kit"...A helmet with a built in camera, brakes made from materials that aren't even on the periodic table, some sideburns, a carbon-fibre boot mount for your car, some ridiculous energy bars and half a pint of special gel to keep your gentleman's area zesty and fresh. And then, when you have all this, you will meet other cyclist's who've made the same Lifestyle choice, and they'll explain that their gel is better than your gel and that their energy bars are more energetic, so you'll have to throw all your stuff away and upgrade immediately.......... It's the same story with fishing. Gone are the days when you could splosh about, netting sticklebacks, now you need titanium rods and a range of neoprene waders. If you want to hold your head up on the river, you'll be forced by your bank manager to sell all the natty golf attachments you bought during your recent flirtation with the golfing community. All you need to shoot a pheasant is a gun and some cartridges, but of course that's not true either, because today you have to turn up looking like a cross between King Edward VII and Pablo Escobar, and in addition to the fancy dress costumes you'll need noise cancelling headphones leather wellies, some care in the community fingerless gloves, a pair of yellow sunglasses, a Range Rover and the ability to talk for hours about the weight of the shot in your cartridges, this means the cost of each pheasant you bring down is approximately just short of a million quid. It just doesn't seem to matter, for many men nowadays the thrill of buying hobby related gadgets far outweighs the thrill of actually doing the hobby, and absolutely nothing proves this more than going on a safari to Africa. When I go on holiday, I'm armed with nothing but a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, unless I fancied the Artic Circle, in which case it's jeans, T-shirts and an anorak. If I was going to China I wouldn't feel the need to dress up like Chairman Mao, if I went to Japan I wouldn't wear Kimonos and slippers, and if I went to France I wouldn't have breakfast wearing a Beret. But these people on safari take all leave of their senses and turn up dressed like the zipped and velcroed love children of Bear Grylls. They wear trousers with many pockets for their foldaway cutlery, their compass, and bizarrely, a massive knife. I can see why you might need a knife when you are carving the Sunday joint or chopping vegetables, but why would you need a knife in Africa? Perhaps they think they will be attacked by a lion, it's nonsense, because lions are always asleep, and even if one did, do you think they'd have the presence of mind to unzip their special knife pocket, retrieve the blade and stick it into a bit of the beast that might somehow make a difference? Shoes are another big thing among the chaps, it seems that people in the outdoor pursuits industry have it in their minds that in Africa there is very little gravity, so to anchor themselves in place they need they need to be sporting footwear that weighs the same as a small house, plus, because they've already decided there is almost no friction in Africa, the soles must be made from chunky grooved rubber that appears to have come from the tyres of an earthmover. Now I'm not saying that all this hobby related kit is useless, obviously you can't jump from a balloon in outer space wearing a blazer and slacks, and you can't dive to the bottom of deepest trench in the ocean in a suit and tie, sometimes equipment is necessary.. But if your going for a walk, or going on holiday, or going for a bicycle ride, trust me, it isnt...
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    I think local councils should focus on local issues and stay out of foreign policy Thats what central government is for
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    If people decide to settle in this country, they have to accept the practices of this country - if you go to anywhere that has a different culture YOU adjust to that, NOT expect them to adjust to yours.
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    From The Star: The blue plaque will be unveiled in Fitzalan Square by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Colin Ross, on the building where the Marples Hotel once stood, on Saturday, April 6 at 11.30am. It willl read: “On this site stood the Marples. During WW2 on the 12th of Dec 1940, a bomb destroyed the building, killing an estimated 70 people who were sheltering in the cellars.” Well done to local historian Martin Naylor who appears to have been the one to campaign for and instigate the blue plaque. 👏
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    I can remember the 1950's. I was born in the late 40's, I survived being born to a mother who smoked and drank while she carried me, she took Aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, Tuna from a tin, and didn't get tested for diabetes.. Then after that trauma, my baby cot was covered with brightly coloured lead based paint. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors, or cabinets, and when I rode my bike, I had no helmet, not to mention the risks I took hitch-hiking. I would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags..I drank water from streams and NOT from a bottle. I'd share a soft drink with 4 friends from one bottle and no one actually died from this.. I ate cakes, white bread and real butter, and drank pop with sugar in it, but I wasn't overweight because I was always "PLAYING OUT" I'd leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as I was back by the time the street lights were on. No one could reach me all day, and I was OK.. I'd spend hours building my go-kart out of old bits of scrap metal and then ride down a hill, and crash into the bushes a few times to stop, cus I'd no brakes.. I did not have a Play Station, Nintendo's, X-boxes, no video games, no 99 channels on tv, no video tapes movies, no mobile phones, no text messaging, no personal computers, no internet or internet chat rooms...I HAD FRIENDS! and I went outside and found them. I fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth, I played with worms and made mud pies from dirt, and there were no lawsuits from my accidents. I made up games with sticks and tennis balls, and even when my mam told me it would happen, I did not poke anyone's eyes out. And the idea of my parents bailing me out if I broke the law was unheard of, they actually sided with the law. I had freedom, failures, success and responsibility, and I learned "How to deal with it all" If you were like me "CONGRATULATIONS" we were lucky to have grown up before the Lawyers and the Government regulated our lives for our own good...
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    Seems like the young people round here have no need of a dedicated off-road motorbike track, they just use the public roads. They go even further with money saving by not paying for expensive helmets, numbers plates or purchase of the motorbike 😂
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    It's amazing how many people like to criticize Sheffield, it really is a wonderful place to visit. We should be promoting the city, not knocking it. All big cities, and even seaside resorts have a tourist bus showing visitors the delights of their surroundings, usually in the shape of an open top bus. So why don't we? I'd like to suggest a "Sheffield Safari Wagon" This could start outside the Cathedral, set off seeing the spice heads roaming the plains, head off to Page Hall. take in the magnificent sights of tracksuits, litter and brawling. Then visit local centres like Hillsborough, Sharrow etc. where they can browse the charity shops, nail bars, and Turkish barber shops. A comfort break could also be included, enjoy a 20 minute stop at a Tesco Express, and enjoy a cup of coffee, while enjoying the sight of a shoplifter fleeing with a bottle of Southern Comfort. And what better way to end the day by finishing up on West Street, dodging the vomit, and sampling some of Sheffield's authentic cuisine. Come on Sheffield, show people we really are a city on the move!
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    I mean, calling someone "a Down Syndrome" is pretty disrespectful in itself.....
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    So? Can't be that much priority if you have enough strength to post on here moaning about it You could choose to pay for one and get seen next week if you wanted. However if you want it out of the state's purse, then sorry - you need to wait your turn.
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    Middle aged white man invents assault of his son. Uses invented assault to get angry about stuff that hasn’t happened. Concludes that racism hardly exists. I’d like to say that you couldn’t make it up. But Checkers just did. Total fabrication. The entire post.
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    What is most upsetting is that there are still people in general and on Sheffield Forum who don't believe this crisis is happening at all. They just moan about the number of vagrants in the city centre as if they're there just to annoy them. They're also very quick to blame them for being homeless - it's all their own fault, (it isn't) or they're all drug addicts (they're not) or feckless, idle indolents who won't work (they're not.) I hate to tell them but anyone can become homeless very quickly should circumstances so conspire, and when you're down and out it can be very hard to claw your way back. Have a little compassion.
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    Think you'll find it is. And I think you'll find most people and conservation groups, not to mention most developers and planners agree that it is.
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    One of the most significant influences GB has had in the world is to change agrarian societies to an industrial ones.The technological advances during the industrial revolution were tremendous. It occurred here first and subsequently had global repercussions. Water power to steam power to electrical power. The making of individual bespoke products to the mechanisation of processes and mass production in factories. Locomotives, turbines, jet engines, hover craft, light bulbs, sewage treatment, televisions, phones, computers and the World Wide Web are a few of the inventions which emanated from these shores. We should be proud of what we’ve contributed to the advancement of civilisation. echo.
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    Aren’t some of these jibes just a little bit pathetic? I am an Owl ( first game I saw at Hillsborough was in 1965), but don’t take pleasure in seeing United struggle .Obviously,I want Wednesday to win every local derby when both clubs are in the same league and I still smile at the memory of Chris Waddle’s free kick and resulting goal in the 1993 FA Cup semi-final,but I do think it’s sad that a city like Sheffield doesn’t have a football team that competes with the “bigger” clubs - if United win,that’s good for the city,even better if it’s Wednesday! I do think that some of the regulars on this forum must have empty lives to resort to these sort of childish comments.
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    Someone I went to school with was quite high up in the BBC (🙄) We met him for a drink in town one Saturday night after United had been at home and he’d clearly been in a fight. I avoided the elephant in the room and asked if it was a good match. He hadn’t been. Didn’t bother with the matches anymore. Pathetic.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/education/2024/feb/29/fines-children-england-to-rise-33-percent-unauthorised-absence The fines for non-attendance in term time, basically taking kids on holiday in term time are to increase from £60 to £80. What people are not told until the DoE threatens parents is that these fines are per child, PER PARENT. Meaning that a two-parent family is fined TWICE that of a single parent family simply because both parents stuck around. This, to me, is utterly unfair and discriminates against 2-parent families. Doubling the fine because both parents are present in a child's life is dispicable. It get worse too, if you ignore the fines then both parents are taken to court INDIVIDUALLY and prosecuted separately for the single offence. How is the law allowing this? Additionally the DoE recently & covertly scrapped an allowed for parents who work in industries where they do not get to choose when their annual leave is, one of the caveats that was mandated by the courts when the policy was introduced.
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    Maybe it was a Harvest Mouse?
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    For what it’s worth Gimbal Walk TV does walks around many places in Britain. This is just another one.
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    I think a lot of people have given up. Same old stuff, same old complaints, keep coming round again and again, but nothing ever chages does it? Election might perk thing up a bit...
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    I'm not denying that 'too many people chasing not enough resources/facilities' isn't ultimately the symptom that we see around us, but the point here is that simply blaming immigration for that issue completely overlooks the real problem, which is that our Government's don't deal with population increase properly. Despite what the usual suspects enjoy believing, we still take in a relatively manageable and modest amount of immigrants - economic and asylum - compared to many of our neighbouring peer countries, and study after study shows - on average - immigration has a positive net impact on the UK economy. Switching off the tap of outsiders coming in to this country would actually be detrimental to the UK economy (we've already seen some micro-impacts thanks to the influence Brexit has had on economic migrants turning away from this country). A functioning Government making the right policy choices should be able to manage the population increase this country has seen in the last two decades, but instead we've seen them concentrate on power-grabs, syphoning of wealth upwards away from society and in to the pockets of the already rich. We've seen laughable amounts of house-building in this country and unsustainable house-price increases. Meanwhile, they use their influence in the media to paint a picture to society that it's someone who was lucky enough not to drown whilst crossing the channel in a dingy that is the real evil, the real source of the issue, and you people lap it up. Good grief.
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    Thank you everyone for your contributions and comments re my blood pressure. I’ve purchased a home blood pressure monitor and have managed to keep myself reasonably relaxed, thus enabling a normal reading. Thanks so much team forum xxxx
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    For the benefit of the newer members, remind us how old you were as the clocks ticked over to the new millennium?
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    No doubt the two sides have been waiting all along for Sheffield council to tell them what to do. May I suggest they now do the same to Putin and Ukraine. With a bit of luck we'll have world peace by the weekend.
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    How sad but also how strange that both Kate and Charles have cancer at the same time. It's a cruel disease which has taken family and also recently a friend so I wish them both all the best and hope they make a full recovery
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    I wish her well too and hope that people and the press will leave her and her family alone now.
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    Like I have mentioned umpteen times I am not a Royalist, but I believe in event of any illness or them trying to get a bit of privacy, for God sake leave em alone I've always griped about them being out of touch because of living in a bubble but for Christ sake, when they try to do a bit of normal stuff they get hounded by that flippin media, admitted if they abuse their position, give it em but when they are making an effort give em a break, if the media gave William and Kate a break and let them mingle a bit more with the public, I think that bubble would cease to exist and bring understanding from both parties, ie: a chance to learn us more and then we will learn them more.
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    is this the same council that had a massive diesel generator running 24/7 for 3 months for the shipping containers just outside the town hall
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    Very true. Far too many blindly following a colour or picking who their dad picked or their granddad did or their great granddad did. .
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    Climate emergency but then replaced all the static ad boards with larger electronic ones..
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    Oh dear... With all the problems Sheffield has, SCC want to ban burger signs and the likes? Just jumping on the 'climate' bandwagon again. Pathetic!
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    What's the point? It'll offend someone on the extreme left and anyone flying it will be classed as a flag-s***ging gammon right-winger...
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    Great... lets all buy loads of counterfeit stamps and post them to the homes of the executives of Royal Mail, see how long this idiotic rule lasts 😜
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    What the heck?! How are we conflating the homelessness issue in Sheffield with immigration?! Speak to some of the homeless charities (Archer Project, NOMAD, Roundabout, etc) in Sheffield and see what they say are the causes of homelessness — I bet not one of them give immigration as a major reason.
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    That’s not fair. When I stand on the town hall steps trading my wares , all the men want their money back !
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    The problems for the NHS have the same root problem as all this country's other problems-a bloated, unsustainable population.
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    I do worry about the future of this world.
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    Up to 50 a day me , been stopped just over 5 five years and I can make one guarantee , I will never smoke another fag as long as I live .
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    I see no reason why Robert Marnock shouldn't be awarded such a plaque but let's face it, if wasn't for the hard work over the decades by the Friends of the Botanical Gardens, it wouldn't be the great asset to the city it is & there wouldn't be a place to hang the plaque.
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    Looking back to my childhood in the ‘40s and ‘50s I was very fortunate and had a lovely time. Despite not being wealthy by any means, we always had holidays and the family was travelling abroad on the French Riviera, in Italy and Spain before package holidays became a reality. The ‘60s was the best of times and the worst of times to be a teenager/young adult for so many reasons. By the end of the decade I was engaged to be married but we split and that never happened. Then I met my soul mate and wife to be. Proposed walking next to the River Wye in Bakewell, she said yes and the rest as they say is history. So that day is definitely the best of my life. 55 years and 3 sons later we’re still together and they said it would never last! Life’s a journey and every so often we come to crossroads. I’ve always believed that whatever happens we can make it work out for the best in the long run. echo.
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    Britain is by and large a secular country, which is good.
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    It could be argued that it is the amount of cars on roads that's the actual issue.
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    Loose women will have her as mum of the year.
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    And you know what, at some point she'll be on one of these daytime programmes, such as This Morning or Loose Women & they'll be cooing all over her. The first question that anyone who has the opportunity to to interview her should be, "How do you feel about denying the NHS money because you've failed to pay the taxman?"
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    Got Another 800 quid fine other day for driving with no license or insurance . Just paid that for my insurance , makes me wonder why I did .
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