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    It's well past time that Chekhov got on with his own life instead of looking what everyone else is doing and criticising them. For a bloke who doesn't like being told what to do, he appears to be a right little Hitler. Of course we know that, if his kid was deaf, we wouldn't be able to do enough for deaf people.
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    Most people probably pretend to be deaf when they meet him.
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    How to tell everyone you are an ignorant nob without actually saying as much.
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    beat me to posting it but i think this is a fantastic development. BSL is a brilliant thing to learn and opens up a whole new world of communication both for deaf people and hearing people.
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    It's optional, like the comprehension classes you opted out of.
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    My new years resolution? Ask more people what their thoughts are.
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    Covid whine... Check. Overbearing government whine.... Check. Unable to film kids in swim gear whine... Check. Mentions his kid's swim galas..... Check. Wild overreaction and conspiracies.... Check. Ranty ranty ranty...... So predictable. Once again your moronic obsession spilled into another pointless thread. None of that crap has anything to do with kids being offered a choice to do BSL in their GCSE Options.
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    Calm down, you silly hysterical tool. Like most GCSE subjects, they are giving people the option to study it - not forcing kids at gunpoint. Given deaf people are going nowhere, it is hardly an outrageous thing for those who want to study it. It forms part of modern language just as much as any other. How many people who take the film studies at GCSE go on to be a director? How many people who take the astronomy at GCSE turn into Brian Cox? How many people who take physical education at GCSE become a world famous football player? You talking nonsense. Its about giving people the well-rounded basic education as a starting point with some more specialist personal choices in the latter years. They then go on form that basic education to then develop their careers and what other direction they choose. To some a study of BSL may be a great boost for that and possibly fsr more practical than trying to remember pigeon French and Spanish from 10-20 years prior. Its how it's always been. Like everything else the curriculum evolves. You really need to seek professional help. Its cringe making seeing a supposed grown adult constantly having hissy fits every time there's some minor trivial change to society.
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    I learned sign language at an early age. I only use it when a motorist sounds his horn at me...
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    I think its a brilliant it should have been done years ago.
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    i have a deaf nephew, he's only 4, and the sweetest little chap. i'd love to chat with the wee man - i suspect he'll mostly want to talk about pokemon and dinosaurs! i've learned yes/no/dog/cat/bird, but need to know much more! ... ok, edit, new-years resolution, i need to learn how to ask - "what's your favourite dinosaur?"
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    How on bloody earth can anyone take issue with this? Bonkers. If I had a deaf friend and had the opportunity to do this at the age of 14 I would be first on the list to sign up. But no no only 500 people in Sheffield ever use sign language, because apparently only deaf people themselves need to learn it... As for remaining proficient...I did Spanish at GCSE. I dont remember much of it. Same will apply for millions of people who did millions of GCSEs.
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    I was going to edit that but I won't πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    People are now being given Tents to sleep on the Streets of our Country ' Residents in houses on those Streets are threatening those unfortunate members of our human race . Meanwhile there are houses belonging too Royalty , The Dukes and landed gentry along with diplomats , Russian gangsters , Saudi Royalty and a cast of thousands scattered across the land . These palaces and mansions have thousands of rooms laying empty between them , The residents of these places can often be seen on TV giving advice on on how we ordinary folk should help . We should donate a quid or two , give a few bits and pieces to charity shops who try to help by raising funds . The good and the great , The film and music stars are always to be seen at the for front of any appeals . Then they return to these vast empty houses , and feel that they are indeed the experts .
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    well i am keeping my burgers onions and ketchup,my fish and chips and scraps,plus my favourite beer john smiths or any beer or lager,my bacon butty or my beef/lamb or chicken,so nowts changing,plus blackpool for the lights and skeggy reggae in june ,plus due to my friends at the lib/dem camp i still will help with the lowedges festival,but thanks for saving it and its on aug 11th , forgot merry christmas and happy new year padders and everone else . so that leaves a wish thats to stay alive another year ,plus hopefully meet padders again on august 11th at the festival ,best wishes to all and the forum for all the great work , thanks
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    Unless they have the same opinion. He is typical of the majority of lefties, can't accept any other opinion without resorting to childish insults and ranting. Spoilt brats. (Apologies to the other lefties on here who are more than capable and do so with better behaviour).
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    I've got to go out, but I'm taking precautions - wearing a big jacket with a housebrick in each pocket so I don't get blown away.
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    we the wednesday always work hard helping the local communities ,they have helped teach football skills at lowedges for years ,thats what good football clubs do.
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    I’m currently knitting a willy warmer for Peter Boner.
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    Absolutely, and it's totally optional of course. My friend, a special need teacher, taught her children BSL from a very young age, it's has come in useful to communicate across a crowd, to help and reassure them from a distance when they do public things. Chekhov's son could use it in supermarkets and from swimming pools to tell him to stop embarrassing him all the time.
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    Of all his moany threads this is by far the worst.
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    The irony in your post is rather spectacular. Most of the posters on this section agree that you are the main protagonist when it comes to personal insults, it's embarrassing, especially coming from someone as old as you. You have personally insulted many on here, hence why you get so much back. Ask yourself this.. Why is it that you receive so much flak? And....you will find the answer. Hardly any of your posts are without a cheap dig or an insult at a fellow poster, I would be hard pressed to find anyone who has had an issue with so many members as you have.
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    I disagree with your characterization of the situation as an armed mob trying to overturn democracy..πŸ˜€ It was 2,000 unarmed protesters staging a sit in, occupy Wall Street type of protest, that got out of hand and turned into a mini riot, thanks to a few professional rioters, and some "agent provocateurs". The new FOI video I posted earlier released some 2 years after the event clearly shows it was, as the Left described the BLM riots, "mostly peaceful." Most who entered the building were let in by the Capital police, who opened doors and even fist bumped them. as they wandered through unobstructed. The main violence occurred outside the building when the Capitol Police Used "Tear Gas, Flashbangs on Pro-Trump Rioters". The riot lasted 3 hours before the Capitol Police finally returned order. It never reached the same scale as the BLM protests that that burned, looted and occupied government buildings in some 200 cities across America, involving 20 million people, in "more than 30 states and Washington, D.C. activated over 96,000 National Guard, State Guard, 82nd Airborne, and 3rd Infantry Regiment service members.[33][34][35][36] The deployment, when combined with preexisting deployments related to the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural disasters, constituted the largest military operation other than war in U.S. history.[37] " - WIKI
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    Bit late to the party weren’t they? Don’t you claim Blades always follow what the Owls do? https://www.sufc.co.uk/news/2023/december/13/festive-cheer/ Maybe Scrooge and the Ghosts are just giving Forum a wide berth since you and your plethora of identities has taken it over again?
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    Waiting for a post from a Wednesdayite about the Blades v Villa on Friday night !
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    You were more or less in agreement in post # 122 and now you backtrack again.. Delayed has just answered your queries ( and answered them very diligently in my opinion ). Those answers confirmed that he DOES NOT live in cloud cuckoo land and that he does have a very balanced and sensible view. You are repeating, like others, the same views which have had numerous re-hashes and, the answer to you is in that post #122, and that has also been said by many posters before. How many times would you like to repeat the whole lot before a little understanding is reached ? Delayed said, and I quote: And so this goes back to my previous post where it's better for the gov to spend money on resourcing the Enforcement, Legal, Decision Making side with the money spent on Rwanda and Barges so that asylum claims are considered quicker and those refused are removed from the UK quickly having the knock on effect in terms of healthcare, education etc. Do you have a better solution than Delayed ? If so, then enlighten us and inform the government as quickly as you can.
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    I couldn't care less if two cats wanted to get married in a church.
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    Wrong on both counts. You can find a quote in the bible to suit every eventuality. Forget the idea that the bible was written by god. It was written by many different men who often contradicted each other. They are entitled to believe in God if they wish, whilst believing that the bible is laughable. You like them, are entitled to believe whatever you like but not to prevent someone else from doing something which is not harming you or anyone else. That would be like saying, I don't drink so therefore nobody should be allowed to drink. You personal opinion is fine if it doesn't affect others. If you followed me around, filming me, you most definitely would be breaking the law. That remark points to you having some very strange views and not only about gays.
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    I never instigated violence I said that he would get a slap if he spoke to people like that in public I'm not saying that people should slap him.....but he would get one
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    Some charity shops are run by a franchise , The owner takes a profit , This is not why people donate goods . One on the Moor is a prime example Seen it my self in Barnsley ,The rare LP records are sorted out and certain people get first choice its wrong . people give in good faith .
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    Teachers all over the UK will be dancing with joy at that news and servicing their Citroens as we speak!! 😁
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    this lot will sell off owt to get money ,but the problem is more once they get it ,useless
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    Both my parents were deaf so learned to sign at a early age. I also taught a mate back in the 60's the basic sign alphabet he picked it up in less than 2hrs. I have always said it should have been taught to kids when they first started school. Sadly both my parents are long gone and I haven't used sign language for a long time.
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    and if we're feeling a bit tory about it: sign-language translation is a very real job.
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    To be a Loyal Patron to Padders Bar.
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    It’s not a policy. It is a qualification which will help quite a few people. Rejoice.
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    Just down the road from me there's a nursing home that for some reason has been closed down, now it's boarded up and sitting empty... why can't places like this be used for shelter for homeless too?
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    I would have happily taken this at GCSE instead of German. These days more and more people are having issues with hearing loss, and it's only going to become more widespread as time passes, so this would have come in very handy
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    Hi Ya Linda and Buddy, Have a lovely Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year........
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    https://sheffnews.com/news/demolition-to-begin-on-unsafe-former-sheffield-pub?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email This is a shame, used to be a nice looking building and a decent boozer.
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    Have a lovely Christmas everyone ☺
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    The lefties will be quiet as usual when their beloved EU can do no wrong But this is happening all over Europe now So many people have abused the asylum system that Europe cannot cope with the numbers of people who expect to be housed, fed and looked after by the taxpayer
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    Seems to be that Chekhov is telling lies regarding this fictional Mike Buckley who he keeps quoting. But YES, we have had this argument before but Chekhov would still like to carry it on for the rest of his days. Best ignored.
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    Whatever happened to the traditional values where the younger extended family looked after and cared for their parents and grandparents in old age. As a society are we so self centred that the only option is to pass the buck and put them into a care home? echo.
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    Who is this famous Mike Buckley you have referred to 50 times? Surely he must be more important than a minor political journalist who spoke on a minor radio programme hosted by a minor journo on a minor radio station on a date you don't know, in an unknown context, from I don know, based on an edited quote to which you then add different numbers?
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