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  2. None particularly stick out at the moment, but my all-time/never to be beaten favourite ad is “Daddy or chips....?” The most loathsome ones are any that use CGI on babies or small children to make them look like they’re speaking. That’s just creepy. So very wrong.
  3. I don’t think you know what it’s like for people on benefits, I don’t think you know what it’s like for low earners and I’m pretty sure you don’t care either. And that’s fine. I bet you could lose a third of your income and be totally fine. Thousands can’t. And that will be millions in a month or so.
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  5. Not a battler? What’s he supposed to do, launch across the House and grab Johnson by the throat? Not tough enough? Good heavens Anna. He is systematically taking Johnson apart every PMQs and taking him to task where possible. I suspect he’ll make changes when he gets the job in four years. However, the working class put Johnson exactly were he is. They voted for him to get brexit done and send the foreigners home. Don’t forget that.
  6. We are allowed. So why would we need to isolate? Just going elsewhere in UK. Might reconsider plans as it’s probably doable, just struggling to weigh it all up.
  7. There was a young girl from Madrid Who thought she was having a kid So she ate lots of blubber.... And plenty of flubber And out came a Dunlop Non-Skid !
  8. Don't worry about it RJRB, Things will get better just you see, Just like you, I like to sink a few, PS. can I join you for tea.
  9. Do be daft. Being concerned about the high number of local hospital admissions and not wasting time before new local restrictions are implemented are not reasons why he should resign.
  10. ........in your uncorroborated opinion. Personally, I heard it all before. For some people no matter what figure gets put forward they will scream it never will be enough. Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome. How many times over decades do we keep hearing the same....... the NHS is always allegedly destitute and on the brink of collapse, despite vast amounts being thrown at it each year...... Benefits are allegedly always too little for people get by, despite the fact that successive governments have made numerous tweaks and changes to not only the policies for the type of benefits available...The minimum wage is always allegedy too low and people struggling to survive, despite the fact that it is been subject to increases almost every single year since it's Inception.... Now suddenly the whines are starting that emergency Covid support is "not enough" for people to survive on despite the fact that it didn't even exist until the few weeks ago Taxpayer money is finite. Some people need to realise that and stop making ridiculous predictions just to do a bit of point scoring against the government.
  11. I don't view it nowadays after that fracas with Coleen Nolan - obvious set-up imo by ITV I'm shutting down more and more repeats lately, on Bargain Hunt they have been reduced to showing the old David Dickinson episodes!
  12. Starmer? I very much doubt it to be honest. Too soft, no fire, he's not the battler the little people are going to need. He can talk the talk but not walk the walk. That 80 seat majority will be the biggest mistake the working class has ever made. They need to know, not only who is on their side, but who is tough enough and capable of making the changes necessary to protect them. otherwise it's a very bleak future for them.
  13. No matter how Boris and co calculated it, I can guarantee it won't be enough. We have real hardship coming down the line.
  14. Kier Starmer but has in opposition and the government has an 80 seat majority full of brexit acolytes. He can wipe the floor with Johnson every PMQs but his options are limited.
  15. Jarvis has taken the same money per head of population has other areas have done roughly £8 for help with testing and track and trace and a further £20 for dealing with support for business.
  16. Then that's why you still have moderators, to step in if such things happen... Honestly though, if I replied on a thread, and my reply kept getting deleted - i'd just stop following that thread... or if it was one specific user who was always deleting my posts, I just simply wouldn't bother reading their stuff anymore... It's an idea I have been toying with for a few years now, no forum anywhere (that I know of) has anything even close to it... It works (mostly) on FaceBook - think about it, you post something, someone replies - if you don't like it you can remove/hide the reply etc, it's just a similar idea...
  17. Yes indeed. Boy are we going to need a politician who will fight, and fight bloody hard, for the little people. Where is that politician?
  18. We're getting way off topic here, but neither could corbyn. He thought he could negotiate anything and if you're going to do that you'll give a bit. But 30s and then some I reckon. Royal mail, will see a spike in profits as p45s are sent out en masse next month.
  19. They won't, they'll just turn into circle jerks of people with the same views reinforcing their own bubbles. Once you have enough threads for people with view X (that have banned people with view Y) they only have to post frequently enough to push the threads for people with view Y off the first couple of pages and those with view Y will get bored of the constant effort to bump their threads to the first page. You've then let people with view X drive others away by swamping the forum with their views and eventually even X supporters will get bored and leave too. This happened in a lot of usenet newsgroups even without the ability to ban people you don't like from your thread.
  20. Whereas another politician can promise exactly the same, with no intention or ability of delivering. They'll be the candidate allowed to win the next election.
  21. So OK Boris well take 41 m as Yorkshire people aren't worth it dignity jarvis should resign
  22. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    Raleigh airlite 100 mens 7 speed racer bike. This bike was bought as a bit of a fad and only used on the road twice. Then stored in a shed hence little surface rust near brake as in photo. We now need the space back hence reason for sale. The turbo trainer has been sold separately. No offers. It's 21 inch from crank to seat post.


  23. Hi grannypat - that's disappointing. I'm surprised they don't know what electoral rolls are in the collection. You'd have thought the catalogue was digitally held and could be accessed.
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