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  2. one one me, one on you, makes two
  3. Most people don't wear one properly never mind two, why not put six on or ten, or walk about in a tent. Englands cases fell after the last mask mandate ended, that isn't comparing "far away countries" a virus is a virus it doesn't matter where it is.
  4. I couldn't give a monkeys about scaremongering regarding alleged shortages of gammon, turkey or anything else at Christmas. I've just returned from a shopping trip at my local Morrisons where there was piles of British beef reduced. The offer price is £5.99 a kilo and the reductions today lowered the price to £3.60 a kilo. I've now got enough British beef in my freezers to last well past Easter . The icing on the cake is that Wetherspoons are still selling guest ales at £1.99 a pint. I enjoyed a very nice Christmas ale 5.4% before I returned home with the hoard of British beef. Times have never been so good.
  5. Except we are the only creatures as far as we know able to appreciate the wonder of it all, ruminate about it and contemplate its significance. I believe that's important for some reason.
  6. Adjacent postcodes will often have significantly different infection/death rates. Same NHS trust, same laws. Wales/Scotland are different countries, devolved administrations with different laws, different bureaucracies, different weather. You can't just compare some figures, and come to a conclusion that masks have or have not made a difference. It could be down to fried mars bars or their musical tastes. Their figures could be worse without masks, you have no data to compare. Comparing far away countries and coming to a conclusion about mask efficacy is just ludicrous. In the absence of data either way, you have to use logic and precaution --- People spit when they talk/cough/sneeze, two surgical masks will help to contain and limit your exposure to that spittle. It's that simple.
  7. You are only guessing that way because it suits your anti Tory beliefs.
  8. I think if you consider the net effect humanity as a whole, is having on the planet, there's not much positive about it. I suspect the planet would be a lot better off without us (or at least, with far fewer of us).
  9. This is the crux of the entire argument over Covid. In the end, none of us can avoid death. Many people think that the reaction to Covid has been way over the top, and the figures support this. However others believe that the government can prevent them dying. It can't. Nobody can. It may be able to mitigate the effects with timely actions. It's a bit like never going outside in case you get run over by a car. You have to weigh up what you're losing and balance it against what you're gaining. Road accidents are reduced, you won't die in one, but is it worth losing the freedom to go outside? The government / media have hyped this up to the max and arguably done more damage with lockdowns etc than the pandemic itself. However, personally I have been quite sanguine about the efficacy of the vaccine and been happy to have it, but that doesn't mean it should be mandatory either through coercion or force. There's no doubt in my mind that governments like controlling their populations, it makes their lives much easier, and fear does control. The jury is still out on whether this is an exercise to see how far they can push them or simply an overreaction borne of inexperience.
  10. You need a usb wireless adapter (not an internal wifi card, or a powerline adapter). Curry's sell them from £6.99 upwards.
  11. I used to be addicted to the Hokey Cokey, But I’ve turned myself around, And that’s what it’s all about !
  12. Since they have closed the general Covid thread I will have to ask this question on here : My mother in law is in care home. She has now been triple vaccinated (plus I would bet money she had Covid in April 2020) Any visitors she has have to test themselves thirty minutes before and register the result ion the govt website, then, when they get there everyone has to wear masks, gloves (I think)and aprons. Bearing in mind, as I said, they have all been triple vaccinated (and most of the residents had Covid in April 2020) and therefore will never be more immune than they are now, why is this necessary ? And, bearing in mind we will never get rid of Covid, how long will this madness go on for ? What will change ? It should all have ended in about last April when they'd vaccinated 15,000,000 with at least two doses. And I really do mean All of it, no masks, no travel restrictions, nothing at all, back to the old normal. But the problem is, as we get safer from Covid, all that happens is people's risk aversion (not mine I hasten to add) just goes up another notch. The fact is that if, back in March 2020, the death rate from Covid had been what it is now NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING, that is an indisputable fact. It is very very worrying..... "End of April" (when 15 million had been double vaccinated and 34 million had had at least one dose.....)
  13. Glad you liked it, thanks for your reply but you can't beat on the pitch comedy, I'm sure someone will be scouring for one to match it as we post, probably Henderson's blunder. It's all good banter until the dummy spitters join in.
  14. This time of year used to be for the half season tickets.
  15. When my son, who lives and works in America tells his American friends that he originally comes from Sheffield, England, they ask him “ Oh, is that between London and Scotland ?”
  16. Excellent idea for a thread. I saw that one live though, so I'll skip it and offer you this:
  17. Today
  18. I'm going to stump up for ours. Mostly because it will be about £50 a ticket saved. It's a curious carry on though.
  19. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Vintage Barrington masters squash racket with original cover. Jonah Barrington on the handle. in very good condition. not used for ages.


  20. Money most likely changed hands before, just not directly to the victims
  21. A private citizen, which is all the the employee of the car park would be, would not be able to enforce any law. That said during the hours of operation the car park would be considered accessible by the general public therefore is covered under the various laws governing the use of public roads, such as the Road Traffic Act etc.
  22. The early bird bets the worm, but I prefer a meat pie myself.
  23. Hello all, It would seem i'm not the only one thinking what happened to Tracklogs? Google searches led me here and having read the forum i guess i should cut to the chase and ask if Temuchin could help me out? I have a V2 install but not the latest V3, any OS25 mapping would also be helpful, i do have quite a few .pkg files for V2 and V3 so happy to contribute to anyone's library if required. Anyway hoping Temuchin can help me with the install for starters? Thanks Chris
  24. An effective vaccine would have ended the thing months ago, remember the "15m vaccines to freedom" claim.
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