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  2. Boro 0 - 6 Owls The great escape is on Derby 0 - 2 Birmingham
  3. I don't have to prove anything. I'm merely casting doubt on your claim that he was only talking about technical issues when making that statement - the lack of context in the article makes it impossible to tell one way or the other. Unless you can prove he was only talking about that, it's reasonable to provide some context by mention something that you admit is massively important to the provision of rural telecoms. I'll leave this thread to you now. There's no point of repeating this ad nauseam.
  4. Incidentally, I live in a rather nice apartment building; the car park has no numbered bays, has no restrictions to access and members of the public sometimes park there when they visit or go for a walk. I strongly suspect I've got to take the hit to pay for any charging point, and it means the access to the car park then has to be controlled in some way to prevent anyone else parking in my space and using my charging point. I'd also rather my charging point use my home electric, rather than having to pay for the electric differently. Problem with that, is that my electric meter is something like 70 feet away from where I park. It's probably easier just to move than bother with it all.
  5. The market for used petrol and diesel cars after 2030 is going to be very strong; I've said it before but I think the depreciation on an electric car after 2030 is going to be horrific. Everyone who wants one will have one, as a lot of people won't want one or have the ability to charge one at home or drive too much for one to make sense. You'll virtually be having to give away your three year old Leaf when you trade it in for a new model. Cars will be like old TVs. You either sell it for peanuts or give it away, or you scrap it.
  6. Hmmm... ... that raises an interesting point. I wonder what happens to warranties if you don't regularly charge the batteries?
  7. Choose option 2, get the BIK but don't charge it (unless he gets a Toyota that don't need charging).
  8. Hmmm... ... we could start by not refering to them as "the big 6". Maybe if we start calling them "the greedy 6" it might have more effect on their egos?
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  10. The candidates have similar values to their parties. You may find a candidate is reasonably honest, but that makes very little difference if their leader is a liar.
  11. I see no one has mentioned hydrogen cars ,they would take the same time to fuel up as a petrol or diesel,the car produces its own electricity eliminating the worry with charging times!.Up to just the technology is dragging behind the push for EVs and is expensive to purchase a hydrogen car but it makes more sense to me than all the problems mentioned on here!.I think this will be the choice for HGVs in the future it is already being used on bus services at this time in several towns,I think at the moment there are only a few filling stations in the UK Sheffield being one of them!.In my humble opinion we ought to be pushing this technology not the present one with all its problems!.
  12. I am disappointed that there are still such restrictions on using libraries. Only one person allowed in at a time. You have to say what books you want and an assistant will bring them to you, no chance of browsing. Really not worth going yet.
  13. Not exactly made MY day... But I bet our PAT is celebrating to day. Enjoy it PAT..... ST. GEORGES DAY.
  14. No breaks? That sounds fun. But for 300 mikes a day electric, at the moment, isn't viable unless it's a top end tesla.
  15. Louis Hiller was born Johann Ludwig Hiller in Kunzelsau, Wurttemberg, Germany on September 25th 1811. He was one of two brothers, other one George (Georg Friedrich), who came over to Sheffield in 1840 to set up separate businesses as pork butchers in Sheffield. They also had two Hiller first cousins (Henry & George) who did the same thing twenty years earlier in about 1820, possibly as early as 1817. This second George was my 3rd great-grandfather. As was the custom at the time, immigrants from Germany anglicised their first names so following them can be tricky! My George was born on November 4th 1799 also in Kunzelsau, Germany as Georg Christian Hiller. These four cousins did a very clever thing! They all worked in Germany as poor pork butchers, supplementing their incomes by working as innkeepers at night. They recognised that the industrial revolution was kicking off faster in the UK so they migrated to Sheffield and all set up separate businesses as pork butchers. They recognised that meat in the UK was for the rich and pork butchery was a rare thing in the UK. It was the first time that the steel workers of Sheffield were able to afford meat as the Hillers could process pork meat into sausages and other cheaper products. Their sausages became quite famous and they exported them into the lucrative London market. This is how they got rich! One of the Hillers (can't remember which one) turned down inheritances in favour of their poorer female sisters/cousins still living in Germany. Going back to Louis, he married Frances Armitage, known as Fanny, on September 27th 1835 in Sheffield.
  16. They do not the timing points are chosen to avoid that scenario.
  17. If you are waiting, note that the Elections Office now advise that most postal votes are due to arrive today for people who signed up before early April. Others should follow by around by early next week. Most people will have 3 votes: Election 1 of your 3 ward councillors for a 3 year term (reduced by 1 year due to the May 2020 election postponement). Police and Crime Commissioner Council governance referendum - see https://www.itsoursheffield.co.uk/ 7500 households will have a 4th vote to adopt a neighbourhood plan in the BBEST area http://bbest.org.uk/ There are also some parish by-elections in North Sheffield. There is still time to apply for a proxy vote while emergency proxies are available up to 5pm on polling day. See http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/.../your.../voting/vote-by-proxy I'm the election Agent for all Green Party candidates standing in Sheffield. We are supporting a vote to change to committees in the governance referendum and have delivered 73,500 leaflets for It's Our City with our leaflets. We also recommend the adoption of the BBEST neighbourhood plan resulting form 7 years work by the excellent, dedicated BBEST team.
  18. ime with these, they still have a chance. WAWAW C&P A good week for the Owls leaves them four points from safety, and there are reasons for them to be optimistic heading into their final three games. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-derby-county-relegation-20446747
  19. He could buy a self charging Hybrid - i did. No charging point needed - obviously when they remove the self charging hybrid from sale in 2030 i might need to rethink it ,if i'm still here and if im still working.
  20. if No ones in & the doors locked fair enough. When the door to a porch is unlocked whats the problem? taking a photo of the door and shoving a card through the letterbox without trying the handle next to it defies logic in my books. I'm not tarring all delivery drivers with the same brush most do in fact leave things in the porch or out of the way although i didn't mention the pillock from the day before who same again by the time i'd got to the door had shoved a card through it and was in the process of launching 2 large parcels over our side gate who looked gone out when i asked why he hadn't simply put them through the door instead of possibly damaging something. Rant over all though i do thing common sense has gone from this world.
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