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  2. Sunday Times have a huge scoop. Operation Yellowhammer, which is the Government's 'no deal' (or absence of a deal) has been leaked and revealed: ‘This is not Project Fear — it’s what we face after no-deal Brexit’. Codenamed Yellowhammer, it is the clandestine operation intended to prepare the UK for a no-deal Brexit. In one of his first acts as prime minister, Boris Johnson declared that he would “turbocharge” the UK’s preparation for no-deal on October 31, appointing Michael Gove to lead the cross- government efforts. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/this-is-not-project-fear-its-what-we-face-after-no-deal-brexit-3p2cdq9zd Which, amongst other impacts will, involve shortages of fuel, a 3 month meltdown at the UK's ports, a hard border in Ireland I read earlier in the Independent that over 100 MPs have now written to Johnson to recall parliament early, because of the looming 'national emergency': https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-parliament-recall-letter-house-of-commons-brexit-a9063996.html
  3. The last film I saw him in he was playing the bad guy in The Limey starring Terence Stamp, about 10 years or so back, I think. Oh yeah, it is definitely a guy movie, that one.
  4. Don't get yer knickers in a twist.
  5. Don't cry daddy, daddy please don't cry, You still got me and little Tommy, Together we'll find a brand new mommy, Oh da a addy please don't cry.
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  7. Maybe because it is relevant. Member of the royal family, closely linked to important member of the royal family, plots to bring down elected PM. In past years that would have been a huge scandal. Nowadays it is just run of the mill craziness
  8. The link is very strong. Historically, Mountbatten wanted to promote himself and his family and have influence in Government through next generation of Royals and in particular saw an opportunity through his nephew Philip who was very much a minor Royal. Mountbatten was aware that the future queen, Elizabeth was keen on Philip and it is extensively written about that Mountbatten used every means possible to smooth the objections the family and Government had to Philip. Having never known either of his grandfathers, Mountbatten made sure he was around to fill that role for Charles and thus creating for himself a bigger position in 'society' and politics than he merited.
  9. It’s a good job we had men like Lord Mountbatten of Burma during the Second World War and Prince Philip. Two brave men who saved many lives.
  10. Would it not be cheaper to use the tram Park and Ride at Halfway, or even park somewhere say on Norfolk Park and travel in on the tram? Daysaver is only £4.20 but if you’re close to town could just pay the £1.80 singles each way (£3.60 in total). Or even get a Weeksaver for £14?
  11. Longcol

    Food Game

    Sweet and sour pork
  12. 'Cause they know what they want And they know what they like Daddy, daddy, daddy Daddy, daddy, daddy Daddy, daddy, daddy Look out... she's got her eyes on you
  13. Daddy Daddy Cool Daddy Daddy Cool She is crazy like a fool What about it Daddy Cool
  14. I don't see how he would be a better option than bullen. At least bullen knows the club
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