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  2. Some irreverent wags have set up a fake website which looks just like the genuine one but re-routes the march to Brussels! https://marchtoleave.co.uk/index.html
  3. jane2008

    Word Association (Part 28)

  4. jane2008

    Change a Letter (Part 21)

  5. whitemary328

    Glasses needed

    Thanks for the info on the virtual mirror, it's really good. My partner's ordering specs right now. I have about 60 pairs by the way.
  6. red cabbage, cauliflower and cabbages coming along nicely. I have overwintered broad beans outside also put out under cloches broad beans from February greenhouse sowings. Early peas sown in raised guttering under cover. I am going to leave parsnips for another couple of weeks as the failure rate is rather high when sown early. The early potatoes (Casablanca ) have been planted today with fleece on standby for when they appear in case of frost.
  7. Despite all the xenophobic insults and predictions of the imminent collapse of the EU, it will come out of this stronger than ever. Also its support of Ireland over the backstop has made it quite clear that in a crisis, the EU will have your back. However this turns out, the EU will be strengthened and the UK will be seriously diminished in the eyes of the world.
  8. whitemary328

    Glasses needed

    Thanks for the info. In response to Happ, my partner just likes the way I look with glasses on and I don't mind wearing them but it helps if I can see through them. Some men take their partners some flowers after work but mine brings a new pair of specs. I never know what the frames are going to be like so it's a surprise for me. They often perch right at the end of my nose as I can't see with them but I can look over the top of them fine. The opticians in Sheffield are not very helpful though.
  9. No it’s not - unless you measure the councils performance in running services in a city of 500k on an individuals ability to recognise an Irish flag. or do you think the council executive selected it during a meeting. give me a break
  10. Haha, brilliant, even after all this time you're still clinging to some dilusion that we have wasted our superior bargaining position and we should have demanded what we want as if we were some colonial superpower that people should bow down in front of! So what would you have done the would have had the rest of Europe quivering in their weird foreign boots?? The EU have been pretty consistent..
  11. What part of the Welsh flag is orange ?
  12. Do you seriously think that it can be sorted out?
  13. Proud Mary keep on burning And we're rolling, rolling Rolling on the river
  14. Religion is a passionate interest. It's nothing more than that really. You'll see the faithful congregating at their places of worship on their designated days to worship their gods of choice, wearing appropriate attire and regalia to signify their chosen faith, singing aloud as one in praise of their gods, showering them with money. Some feel so passionately about their faith that they won't hear anything contrary towards it, with some believing it's a passion worth killing for, even dying for, and this is only football. With religion, you're talking about the mother of all passion. It has no equal.
  15. Nothing is quite like Mary in the morning
  16. RootsBooster

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    We were actually talking about you or I not being able to cover our faces in public. So do you have any examples of laws, policies or occasions when it was forbidden for someone to cover their face on a plane?
  17. A huge mistake that Leave supporters make when talking about the 'Labour Backlash' in leave constituencies is they don't really have any understanding of what form that backlash will take. Without doubt, there will be significant numbers of Labour voters who won't vote for an anti-Brexit Labour Party but what is more important is what they do, if anything, with their vote. To think that they will all vote Conservative is bonkers, even more so in light of the Tories' recent shambles. In reality, a lot will vote for Farage's new Brexit Pary. Others will vote UKIP, BNP or Britain First and many will show their annoyance by not voting at all. With the right and far-right vote split, the most likely outcome would be Labour retaining most of these seats albeit with reduced majorities. An anti-Brexit Labour Party promising to sack the whole thing off would absolutely rinse the Lib Demn vote and may even pick up a lot of Tory marginals, particularly in the South of England. Scottish Tories will pay the price of May's foolishness and lose the seats gained in 2017 to either Labour or the SNP. So yes, Labour could easily sweep to victory. And the massive boost to sterling and the markets on the news of a Labour victory promising the end of Brexit would give Labour a huge pile of cash with which to implement a radical programme. This is a chance in a lifetime where a radical left wing Labour Party could come to power without frightening the markets. If Corbyn doesn't realise this then he should be told and if he still wants to put his childish, outdated Euroscepticism first, he needs to go, and go sooner rather than later.
  18. Ive also seen a report that any extension must come with an option of a second referendum apparently https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/eu-will-agree-to-extra-time-if-there-is-a-second-brexit-referendum-z6td8nvd7 its a few days old now and no idea if its already been mentioned on here, pages zoom past at a startling pace lol
  19. Leavers started off with no position to negotiate from - that was the problem - there wasn't a Plan A, let alone a Plan B. And now they are looking to blame anyone else - last I heard it was Lord Lucan's fault!
  20. Penistone999

    Climate change "protest"

    There are laws against obstructing the public highway , and every single one of those tree huggers should be charged and prosecuted.
  21. FinBak

    Old Sheffield dialect

    That book called 'Sheffieldish'... Is available on eBay. £5.24. Free Post. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sheffieldish-A-Beginners-Phrase-Book-by-Tom-Hague-Book-The-Cheap-Fast-Free/141913770478
  22. What is the current situation re development of what at first appeared to be an asset to the community. Last time I posed a question I was told no comment, its political !
  23. Thats for them to decide. She has had plenty of time to come up with a solution and failed, several times time to get someone else in to sort this mess out.
  24. Thats EXACTLY what it is .
  25. Today
  26. It is not at al usual for something like this to happen at that Tesco. Don't think the area has anything to do with it, knife crime unfortunately happens all over Sheffield.
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