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  2. Not looking good for Corbyn. Lost his case and will have to pay. Time to either step quietly out of the limelight or, if he has the supporters he thinks he has, start his own party. https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/brexit-news/westminster-news/jeremy-corbyn-labour-party-suspension-court-case-7078092
  3. Not sure why you'd need high revs? And what do you class as "high"?
  4. Thanks Kidorry Do you know roughly when that was?
  5. Walt & Mrs. Richmond kept the Manchester Hotel on Nursery St. for a good few years.
  6. There was a building on top of them and by the side was a runway for water that went into Ibbotsons rolling mill on the other side of the road. Probably did have a water wheel but when we used it, it was empty.
  7. I wouldn't buy anything online now unless it's via PayPal, the buyer protection against rubbish sellers and products is worth its weight in gold!
  8. This picture was taken from roughly the same side. https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s01891&prevUrl=
  9. Paypal wasn't always compulsory; before something like 2005 paying a seller direct was the normal process.
  10. EBay have already started to roll out the idea for sellers to receive payment direct in to their bank account, and bypassing PayPal. The percentage they take from sellers has increased in respect of this. Not everyone will be happy with these changes. I think this may deter some sellers. Apparently, many people already use Facebook market place as an alternative for example. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/11/ebay-axes-paypal-sellers-bank-accounts-upping-fees/
  11. 'Farewell my Lovely' by Raymond Chandler. Up to page 40. So far so good.
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  13. Bartlett and Hilts ? Can you provide some more information?
  14. Black boxes only measure parameters. They don't give any context and that's the issue.
  15. If you want the UK to continue exporting Nissans and Minis to the Continent, better not. The motorway speed limit in many countries -and certainly the 2 largest markets, France and Germany- is 82 mph. Besides, most cars that integrate cruise control have long had a (user-selectable / -activatable) speed limiter option. Takes seconds to set on our 14 year old (low end) Mercedes. Modern cars with built-in GPS and cruise control already integrate all the technology required to implement this. My car has a GPS 'repeater' in the instrument cluster that displays the speed limit for the road I'm on and updates it in real time (by comparison with observing roadside signposts, the accuracy looks like 5-ish meters) and a "naughtymeter" that compares my current driving speed to it in realtime (5 green bars = at or under it, down to 1 red bar = multiples in excess of it). It'd be easy enough to get those electronics to 'talk' to the (similarly-electronic) throttle. The car is manufacturer-restricted to 155mph, like most other EU cars (-I believe). But that manufacturer limit is removable, likewise the power output is upgradeable, through reprogramming. Again, as with most other cars.
  16. No closed ,But the plough as an open new cabin in garden were you can get tea coffee etc.
  17. A note on black boxes. Both my son and stepdaughter were required to have these fitted by their insurance companies when they started driving. They work on a score system whereby too low a score leads to withdrawal of insurance. My lad was marked down for performing an emergency stop (harsh braking)and my stepdaughter was marked down for high revs. She has a tiny engined car and lives in a very hilly area of North Yorkshire. The system is currently clearly not yet flexible enough to account for real world situations.
  18. Thankyou for giving a good example of why bus driving jobs in Sheffield are hard to fill. I used to work in Rotherham many years ago and like the rest of my colleagues used to hate coming over to Sheffield. The attitude of many of the public there was disgraceful and we could not wait to get back to Rotherham where we were spoken to in a civil manner. I know this will rattle a few cages particularly amongst those who think butt kissing is part of a bus drivers role, but we never experienced this in Rotherham where we spoke to people in the same way ( politely) and saw no need for it in Sheffield. I felt so sorry for the poor souls that worked there all the time.
  19. Thats not quite true I think. Germany was going to do what the UK did, so you can do it in the EU (and indeed we did whilst still in the EU!). The EU persuaded them to not do that and instead go the for collaborative EU wide distribution and purchase of vaccines.
  20. There are numerous vaccines, at least some of them were not tested properly on older people. In order to test the vaccine, they would need to get 100,000 of volunteers, 1,000 of those may be elderly, give 50% of them the vaccine(500) and se how many caught COVID. Of those 50% only a small number will get the virus, probably around 25, so the vaccine
  21. Albert an Joyce Drabble kept Dog and Partrige Atterclife,
  22. I didn't watch so I can't say what chances we created but Rhodes isn't the answer, he's no better than Marriott these days. Need to find a way to get more goals though somehow.
  23. And it is widely understood that the "thinking time" used in those figures is underestimated, and with all the distractions a modern car has, likely to be even longer. Did ECCOnoob explain anything about the differences in kinetic energy and where all that extra energy goes? Did you? Much like it's transferred into pedestrians getting hit by cars travelling at 30mph in 20mph zones, and kills them.
  24. Bill and Lily Hatton kept Samuel Plimsol Hyde Park 60s.
  25. So the residents who complained about the commuters and visitors taking up all the spaces will get screwed over too? Or are they issuing residents parking permits?
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