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  2. him and his two brothers trial was supposed to start on the 2nd of this month,theres been nothing in the news saying it started.
  3. Same on BBC news last night - endless parade of voters saying how we can finally get on and invest in the NHS, improve public services, sort out immigration. They might do the last (though I am doubtful - I suspect they just want the immigrants from somewhere else), but surely won't do the first two beyond some smallish gestures (they clearly are planning to spend more, but its nowhere near enough to undo the damage they have done and seems largely to be concentrated in 1 or 2 areas of public services, leaving the rest to rot). Mind you nowadays most people can find out anything they want at the touch of a button. If they choose not to, and only read drivel on social media or believe what is written in newspapers perhaps they deserve the government they get.
  4. Porter valley plodders, Wednesday nights from the Greystones. Don’t be put off by the name. totley ac run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from bents green and millhouses in the winter.
  5. You could be right there, it's not hard to wonder why. In 1970 Grimsby was perhaps the largest fishing port in the world; it started its decline due to the dispute with Iceland, then more rapidly when Ted Heath gave away the exclusive rights to our fishing grounds (EEZ) to the Common Fisheries Policy.
  6. Seems Boris has promised everything to everyone. A hard brexit to the older voters, whilst promising to fully maintain supply lines to those whose jobs depend on full integration with the EU. In 6 months one or the other group is going to very angry. Though not much they can do, given the mandate they gave him for the next 5 years.
  7. Today’s line up against Forest. Dawson Palmer Fox Rhodes Harris Fletcher Bannan Lees Reach Luongo Iorfa Subs: Westwood, Pelupessy, Winnall, Borner, Murphy, Nuhiu, Hunt.
  8. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    For sale. 32 identical bottles originally from hobgoblin, bottle drying rack and tray and 6 x 5 litre mini kegs. All used but in good condition. Available for immediate collection from Hangingwater area.


  9. Is there one? I want to run something past a lawyer but dont have the finances to do this and the advice is needed this weekend if at all possible. Is there a reasonably respectable forum I could use to get pointed in the right direction? Ta.
  10. In the nineteenth century that the Tories are taking us back to, there was at least a distinction between "deserving" and "undeserving" poor. For today's Tories all poor people are "undeserving".
  11. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For Sale
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    For sale. Used Bosch fridge. In clean reasonable condition this fridge has been used as a beer fridge and brew fridge for the last few years so only used for a few weeks at a time. Fully working, inside is clean but has slightly yellowed in places and has a couple of slight cracks but nothing major. Ideal as a seasonal beer cooler. Ready for immediate collection from Nethergreen area.


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  13. In the past Hermes have lost 2 of my parcels!!
  14. The thing is she is assuming that she would win independence , the recent vote proved otherwise. The snp did well but the independence vote is something else. Why not have an English only parliament like wales and Scotland ?
  15. I've read it, that's where the quote originated.
  16. Were there buses running on Boxing day, the day of the Owls-Blades (4-0) match 1979 ? I seem to recall having to walk back to town, or were they on strike ?
  17. 2 -0 up and some more of this would be brilliant. I never tire of watching this, and re-posting it, every time we play Forest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8wmETo3_jA Somehow though, I think today could be a bit different. Forest have shown some good displays this season, and Grabban is looking a bit warm. Fletch is red hot though, so we'll have to see. I'll sit on the fence and go 1-1.
  18. Your right. It's wonderful how the rich and those of inherited wealth and privileged have managed to convince the poor to keep voting them into office. At my local health centre yesterday morning at 7am in order to make sure I could get a GP appointment for that day, an elderly couple, one of whom seemed disabled ( speech) had walked 2 miles to the surgery. They asked me if I'd voted, I reciprocated, and the man said he'd voted for Johnson and came out with the usual stuff about Corbyn. This was in a town which was the worst affected by austerity in the country, according to research, lowest investment by the govt and they voted Tory, ie. more of the same. Powerful undercurrent forces that persuade people to vote against their own social and economic interest.
  19. Yes, buses were running then.. in fact Iv'e drove buses for the old STD on both Xmas day and boxing day, in the 1970s.
  20. Yes, that may be the case - but there was never an age when all drivers knew or abided by the law. Still, that keeps me in work!
  21. The Conservative Party gained 43.6% share of the electoral vote. Are there any current EU country leaders who represent political parties that gained more than 43.6% in their national elections? I went to bed happy late on Thursday night knowing there wasn't going to be a hung parliament. Coalition governments might work well for other countries but thanks to the first past the post system the UK now have a Government that can get things done.
  22. How are these muppets still in business?
  23. You're giving people much benefit of the doubt here. I've watched people drive into the advanced stop box when the lights are well on red and they've had plenty of time to stop. I don't think people know what the law is any more. It's like double white lines in the middle of the road, they often get ignored...
  24. I see that the rich are very happy that Boris stayed in power, the people who bought the property in the link waited till after the results to make sure the Tories got in before signing the contract. If they can afford that amount for a property I wouldn't have thought it matters who was in power. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/homeandproperty/mega-rich-family-buy-£65-million-home-after-tory-election-victory/ar-AAK6ExN?ocid=spartanntp
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