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  2. 32nd most densely populated country in the world. No big deal. Perhaps they speak English, have friends, family etc over here - a skill or profession we have shortages in.
  3. Your'e not wrong there. Early start tomorrow.
  4. That’s a question that you’ve asked 12865433 times on Sheffield Forum. Why not look up some of the answers that you’ve been given. They all make sense to anyone without an irrational fear of foreigners.
  5. Lee Mack, I can't find him funny, no matter what he does, tbf, all modern sit coms are rubbish these days, its probably an age thing with me because the old sit coms are literally hard acts to follow, must be a nightmare for writers ect these days,
  6. If the EU is so great why would they want to come to the over crowded UK risking life and limb in a dinghy.
  7. Primarily talking about current stuff. Secondarily about the future, and with talk of the past way behind in third place.
  8. Just watched Lee Mack in semi-detached. It was absolutely abysmal. Certainly won't be watching it again 😱
  9. Are you withing 10 miles of here https://www.gardenbuild.com/products/pea-gravel-10mm
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  11. James (Hold The Ladder Steady) - Sue Thompson
  12. Both. Done a lot and still loads to look forward to.
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