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  2. One police officer has been reportedly been charged with third degree murder
  3. I don't mind fiction as long as it's realistic. Sometimes the character in a movie has super powers while fighting that no normal human being could possibly have. That's the type of movie I don't like but I didn't mind Ghost, perhaps because there were comedy elements to it too. What about musicals? Do you like those? I loved Grease for instance but people just don't burst out singing in the street for instance do they? Do you just mean on TV Pat?
  4. The game is corrupt, how can anyone make a judgement. Too much cash sloshing around for any club to point the finger. Just enjoy the circus for what it is and don’t get too uptight.
  5. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Currently retailing at £139 on Amazon Sold virtually as new in original packaging (bought in Jan and only used a handful of times due medical complications)


  6. I notice the 97 and 98 say there's a special timetable in place. What is this and how are we supposed to know the changes in this service?
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  8. For some reason that I can’t understand, I cannot read or watch on tv any fiction. I can imagine the tv or film camera filming every move. I can only watch reality programmes like : 24 hours in A&E, Traffic Cops, 24 hours in police custody, etc, I am interested in the persons job that the programme is about.Is anyone else like this ?
  9. Can you provide a link or is just something that has been made up on a blog?
  10. Love this - China has accused the US of being responsible for the spread of the virus on its own soil, attributing the outbreak to American "politicians who lie". Trump that one! Oh, hold on - I play the BoJoker card! Do I win (or does the country lose?)
  11. Please try to stay on topic. There are separate threads about the political parties, and also the GA. Thank you.
  12. I seem to remember delivering mail to them here: Owler Bar
  13. But we know that its not their fault - it is the fault of those darned remainers who kept us in the EU so long that the food standards went way above what was necessary - chlorinated chicken anyone? Steroid injected beef perhaps?
  14. That still doesn't help, Ghozer asked the right questions which you'd need to answer for someone to help.
  15. And you were conflating the whole Iraq war rather than the initial conflict, the figures for which I gave you so either compare the initial conflict with the UK or the whole IRAQ war with the whole world - but hey, spin it whatever way you want... you will anyway.
  16. Odd that the Mail has picked up on a story from France that is well over two months old. https://www.aa.com.tr/en/europe/covid-19-medical-masks-still-in-shortage-in-france/1772242 Macron, in his first televised address to the nation, apologised for mistakes and promised the government would learn from them. Has Boris apologised for this yet? "Our country remains extremely well prepared... We already have a fantastic NHS, fantastic testing systems and fantastic surveillance of the spread of disease." Boris Johnson, 3rd March 2020 https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/51722972 Or the lack of PPE, or lying that it wasn't policy to move people from hospitals to care homes...............or anything else for that matter.......
  17. Presuming the shaft slides through the thread (and it corresponds to one of the common plug threads), it looks like a tool for gauging piston top dead centre when screwed into a plug hole.
  18. I see that there has been a petition signed by over 1 million to get DC to resign... Still falling short of the millions who signed for a 2nd referendum that got ignored, so I hope that there is some consistency in the government...
  19. In 2017 Corbyn was still new and the labour party was reasonably coherent and tbh he looked as good a leader as May. I suppose point scoring is in the eye of the beholder, but I can't say i've noticed any.
  20. Yes the same fool Corbyn who was Labour leader when Theresa May fought the 2017 General Election and lost her majority. Let's think what two things changed since the 2017 General Election and the December 2019 General Election. One change was that Boris Johnson became Tory Party leader and the second change was that Dominic Cummings became the adviser to the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings = Election and referendum Victories.
  21. with the virus and times as they are,its really bad for these guys,hope they can pull through this bad fortune that's become on them.
  22. when are our accounts to be published anyone any idea,plus this silly FA nonsense whens that?
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