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  2. I was wondering if anyone knew where in sheffield rotherham area I can but some aluminium for a casting project please scrap or ingots both would be good but ingots specifically for casting would be best
  3. Jim Hardie

    Second World War Memorial Vandalised

    Ever heard the phrase 'Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind'?
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  5. ECCOnoob

    Fooling the people for nearly 40 years

    Wow. All those all worldwide longstanding social, corporate and human behavioural problems have only existed since 1979??? Jesus, I must have completely wiped my memory and totatlly forgot what a wonderful happy rainbow filled, free society we were 40 years ago. Of course I remember now, the world in 1978 was completey free of poverty, free from any sort of social issues, free from conflict, everybody equal, everybody with a roof over the head and pots of gold in the bank. The government was all about the people. Companies cared. Society cared. There were no worries or cares whatsoever. No crime, no corruption, no greed, no competition, no rivialries. Yes, of course, those happy times when men brough home the bacon and women stayed at home cooking it. Yes, those lovely times of blatent racism, sexism and homophobia all over the streets and on our TV screens. Ah.... memories of those union bully boys bringing our economy to its knees and mass disruption to essential services. Ah yes, those power cuts, food shortages, mass inflation, mass collapse of industry, wage discriminations and segregation of society. A happy unicorn filled golden ray of sunshine. ....... Right? Absolutely mental. "fooling the people". Who? Most of us are not that dumb. Human race is what it is. Human nature is what it is. This is nothing new and history shows a pattern of hypocrisy, selfishness and deception and advantage taking in all of us. The problems existno doubt, but to pin it down to some very recent time frame is just deluded.
  6. Jim Hardie

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Fifty years ago an atheist used to get on a soap box outside Manchester Cathedral on Sunday evenings and draw decent crowds. He was VERY entertaining. I saw him more than once.
  7. Waldo

    Drakehouse parking fine

    Mine went to court; and even though I was probably ill prepared; all we had to pay was the £100 ('fine'), plus a £50 court fee. I very much suspect that the PPC involved lost out in our case; they had to pay for a solicitor to come from Leeds to represent them on the day; plus whatever other costs they inccured. If everyone who got a ticket went through the whole process, and ended up paying what the court awarded (assuming the court finds against you, that is); I don't imagine they'd stay in business for too long. I suspect their business model is based on a high % of tickets being paid no questions asked. To be fair though, I do think land owners should have the right to charge people for parking on their land; but the way it's currently done, just seems really shady somehow.
  8. Many if not most of them do have somewhere to go. If I need to go into the city centre for shopping I try to do so before 10am as all the 'homeless' beggars are then still at home. Likewise the little Tesco at Bridgehouses roundabout - the regular beggar there never starts his shift before 11,
  9. For nearly 40 we have experienced increasing polarisation in wealth distribution. Those at the bottom in the UK need more than one job and with kids have to rely on food banks as well. Meanwhile at the other end its million and tens of million in bonuses. The whole social structure has been run through so called financial squeezing and privatisation. In 2008 there was the financial crash, where the banks were proved fraudulent and governments who rely on being elected, to represent the people, colluded with the banks and perpetrated the biggest fraud in history, making us all suffer in declining living standards through giving the banks all our money through bailing the fraudsters out. As for regulation or sorting out the bank, or prosecuting the banks nothing was done, as governments and banks continue to collude. When it was found that the markets had been manipulated for years by banks banks, again nothing was done. Market manipulation on a global scale by the banks means there is not such thing as a free market. We now have a financialised markets, which are run for the banks by the banks, and the government has done nothing, therefore supports these banking practices. The banks started printing money, instead of it being invested the economy, benefiting the population, it has been invested in the housing market and other assets that benefit the banks, not the people. House prices have rocketed while wages are either lower of have remained stagnant for most people, while food, energy, rail, water, etc. are allowed to rise, while public service investment that the population benefits from, falls. In France, unlike the UK , their education system make people more aware of the financial and economic swindle. They have drawn a line in the sand, enough is enough, as they cannot feed their families either. So they take to the streets. In the UK we also knew our earning s were going nowhere, public services cut, and when asked to vote on leaving the EU we voted to leave. That was how the British demonstrated living standard have fallen so much over the last 40 years. It was simple choice in or out, and again the politicians are trying to sell us out again, by asking what sort of out. In a divorce the parties separate, not negotiate to live in the house and being paid to stay, so its not a divorce and nothing changes. Since 2008 the financial fraud industry has inflated prices in all assets and the people have not benefited, as corporate profits come first, and the government supports a financialised world. We all know the pumping of trillions into these assets have not increased the standard of living for the majority, just look a the NHS, public services, the and the rest as it is all designed to disintegrate, so can end up like the rest of the privatised monopolies, not for people but profit. The bubble of money printing has reached such heights, and bank fraud is now normalised, the disaster is starting to collapse, the people are getting restless. So we know there is going to be A FINANCIAL COLLAPSE LIKE CIVILISATIONS HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED IN THEIR HISTORY. Its not a matter of IF anymore, it’s a case of when. When money printing starts again in the USA we know the financial industry is desperate, it’s the last throw of the dice, as the amount of debt in the world is unprecedented and unpayable, so the banks will default again. So how are we going to deal with the civil unrest in the UK, when our government supports banks that regard fraud as part of their normal practice, and still manipulate and control the markets. Maybe we are witnessing in France the lighting of the people’s fuse, who have had enough of being increasingly exploited, as life has got worse not better over the last 40 years, and being told the food banks will save you, and homelessness will increase. Soon we will accept poor people dieing on the streets as normal. This year local governments will have to employ people to remove the frozen corpses of the homeless. Is this the sort of society that a so called prosperous country with full employment expects? Or are we being told lies all the time on daily basis to deny and hide the facts? Are our politicians and its echo chamber the lapdog mainstream media lying?
  10. Jim Hardie

    "I want to buy your house" leaflet

    Yes, the school theory makes sense. They rent for 6 months, get Tristram into the school they want and then hand the keys back.
  11. swarfendor437

    Outlook 365 security bug ...

    3 months to fix it: https://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/kerala-based-security-engineer-spots-bug-in-microsoft-office-365-outlook-118121200159_1.html How do we know it has actually been fixed?
  12. It is more than likely due to the fact (especially if you login using a Microsoft Account) is that Windows 10 uses your bandwidth to push out updates to other users, so effectively your data is being gobbled up as an M$ Access Point for other users of Windows 10 to get their updates too. - This has been covered on here elsewhere in a different thread but can't remember which one.
  13. Halibut

    Another Grooming Scandal - Aylesbury

    If 'justice' like that is what you fancy, try emigrating to Saudi Arabia. Careful though as they flog you for drinking beer.
  14. Top Cats Hat

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    I have only been breathalysed once in my life and it was a traffic light system that would go yellow if there was any alcohol in your breath and red if it were over the limit.
  15. Halibut

    Second World War Memorial Vandalised

    I can't condone vandalism of this nature, but suspect it might be in protest at the appalling death toll our bomber crews inflicted on German civilians. Hamburg had about 40,000 killed, 37000 wounded and about a million who fled for safety. That being said there's no doubting the bravery of the bomber crews and I think the people that did this would be better using their revulsion at the bombing of civilians to try and persuade our government to stop selling arms to the Saudis who are using them to inflict atrocities on the civilian population of Yemen.
  16. Top Cats Hat

    Drakehouse parking fine

    I know that there are some on here who say that these parking 'invoices' are legally enforceable but I have always binned them and most people I know have binned them and apart from a computer generated follow up letter have heard nothing further.
  17. Obelix

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    The handheld meters might not give a specific reading and it's either pass or fail. So it might not be possible to tell in some had a legal amount of alcohol or not.
  18. Obelix

    Drakehouse parking fine

    So you decided to pay a speculative invoice because you couldnt see the signs seven foot up above your head? Thats OK if you want to avoid the hassle I guess. If you want to fight this sort of injustive though head on over to www.pepipoo.com and get some advice on how not to pay these...
  19. Yesterday
  20. As I said many pages ago, Brexit has split the country along left/right lines rather than the old Labour/Conservative lines.
  21. bungleboy69

    "I want to buy your house" leaflet

    We had one through the door a couple of weeks ago in Greystones. The writer of the letter was offering to rent the house for a few months with a view to purchasing it off us at market value a few months down the line. I asked an estate agent about it, his opinion was that he'd heard of similar things before, however he did seem a bit puzzled about the rental element of the letter. Usually they are when people want to relocate due to a certain school.
  22. Exactly. It simply said 'leave' which in the absence of any further information means leave the legal entitity known as the EU. May's deal does this. Norway does this. As I said earlier, any further interpretation of what the word 'leave' meant is simply in the head of the voter, not on the ballot paper.
  23. Halibut

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    The latest update from the Washington Post shows that the pathological liar in the White House, at the end of his second year in office has made a staggering 8, 158 false or misleading claims so far. The rate at which he tells lies has risen sharply from 5.9 per day in year 1 to 16.5 a day in year 2, almost triple. What a colossal tool. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/01/21/president-trump-made-false-or-misleading-claims-his-first-two-years/?fbclid=IwAR1JjifOlEXzxFF4jJkc9Nfn7dO0qNSLw02UpTD2HL39FeTxQboPYB3KU6s&utm_term=.bf277d460b3f
  24. It asked exactly that. It asked should the U.K. be a member of the EU or should it leave the EU we can stop being a member of the EU but stay in a CU. That outcome is entirely compatible with the question asked
  25. makapaka

    Sheffield Blitz sites 2017

    Thanks odd jobs I was wondering if I’d dreamt it!!! I Was brought up in brightside / wincobank so it makes sense we would have been down there. Might go have a look this weekend.
  26. Top Cats Hat

    Fire engine leaving the station

    Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub.
  27. Halibut

    A new influx of boat people from france.

    I don't know. One would have to in possession of a great deal of information to make sensible decisions about the numbers. I do think our contribution is rather weak compared to some of our European neighbours though.
  28. ChrisIB

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    The girl in the spider's web Slick and well paced with Claire Foy replacing Rapace as Salander. More Bourne than Dragon though and whilst I like Bourne, this was oddly uninvolving. 5/10
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