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  2. I know some post their bile against Jack so I'll post to defend him, using him to attack me, yes it's been pointed out to me. You're now back on ignore. Bit creepy that Tom Sibon - https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1843270/Joey-Barton-Piers-Morgan-football-news
  3. No sense of humour Princess Cool. Am I off your ignore list now😁
  4. Funny thing about Jack are his rants about people who (in the vast majority) did precisely what he's hoping to do himself... they got the equivalent of a "green card", legally. All benefit scroungers apparently! 🙄 So one wonders what would make Jacks application any different... ...a profession needing advanced degrees, or an exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, education, or athletics? 🤣
  5. Cobblers. Any news on those accident figures since the introduction of LED street lights? Or are you just churning out more unsubstantiated rubbish?
  6. Work had started on the hotel at Bramall Lane, on the cladding , Hilton are the new operator.
  7. Says more about you and your petty comments,
  8. Just the other 725,000, who somewhat ironically did precisely what you've been harping on about hoping to do yourself... to deal with, then 🙄
  9. Hi guys, I remember that group the Four Tops. In 1967 they were ‘Reaching Out’ and what’s more they’d ‘Be there’! Pretentious lot! echo.
  10. I've got to say that's not my experience at all, I've been drinking 50 years and I've never seen a pub up north selling its main draught beer straight from the cask or main service in bottles. The extra cost was for the superior fixtures and fittings in the 'best' side and sometimes waiter service. I have though seen both down south although not necessarily in relation to tap room and lounge side.
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  12. You'll have to look long and hard to find a lefty in their corridors of power. Harder still to find a honest one. American citizens are snookered before they even go out to vote.
  13. What a laugh. The Tories are now the most comedic government in the developed world. The once rich and mighty British Empire who feared no one has now reduced to a set of rich playboy politicians who care more for their own wealth than their country. The nation that stopped armadas can no longer stop a few rubber dinghies and they are completely at a loss as to dealing with the unfortunates and wanderers who turn up on our shores and never even considered that, to make an impression, they should process them twice as fast as they arrive and not twice as slow. The government which keeps telling us what "WE" ( no, it's THEM really ), "need to do" and haven't yet realised that it's what "THEY" need to do. They could always call a General Election to prove they're still fighting fit. Poor old Jack ?
  14. Shake Me, Wake Me ..........Four Tops.
  15. None of them also cut ties with their closest trading partners, reduce their exports, and added a multitude of costs for no benefit though 🙄 Brexit is losing the UK, compared to our closest peers... more then the entire UK defence budget, every year... at current rates, is on course to be 3 times that by 2035! The party is currently ripped apart with two completely incompatible factions and differing idealogies. In all but name, the current crop is.
  16. No he's not ....not really He's been part of the US political establishment for over 40 years They're all the same Trump was the exception So weird how the lefties wanted Hilary Clinton just because she says she's a democrat The lefties are the establishment
  17. I was never in it Yorkie. They don’t call me Jack!😀 echo.
  18. But Biden is a lefty you silly sausage.
  19. I suppose our equivalent is 'how can I help you'?
  20. It is to all the right wingers who are waiting for something to crow about and blame the decadence of modern times onto others. The more bloodthirsty it is, the louder they can shout and so, they couldn't ask for more than mass rapes and beheading babies as well as genocide. People such as us, who are calling for peace are regarded as spoilsports who may manage to get it stopped before a whole nation is massacred. Strangely enough, it's the lovers of all things USA, who are the worst so it's telling that the USA is the only nation that is supporting Genocide and using a veto at the UN so that it can carry on. Who would have thought that Biden would emulate Putin so closely after all these years thumbing their noses at each other ?
  21. Going forward on my journey guys, I’m constantly reaching out to my community and raising awareness of our need for a new village hall. No wonder I receive scant response. I think a bit more blue sky thinking is needed. echo.
  22. Well look what I've managed to reel in. And one doesn't have a ground to call its own. Dear Sheffield F. C. when you get your new ground can you please, please share your ground with us. Mr Chansiri is playing with ours., 😭
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