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  2. Read up about Bolsonaro. He's a very bad man indeed.
  3. Prancing unicorns pranced perfectly yesterday Prance
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  5. Need to rehome a male cat . He's about 13 years or more old. The cat belongs to my mother in law and needs it to go to a good home. Because she is going into a home and can''t take him. i would say he's a man's cat because he was more her husbands who past away' he's not found of kids and being pick up. he's his own boss just like's to sit on his kitchen chair . NOTE I just want advice where to take him . so she knows he would be looked after
  6. surely the reality tv Kardashians in the Whitehouse is something not even the Americans could vote for
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  8. There’s also electric bikes. Hills are no problem at all on one of those.
  9. Just trying to work out why you think someone getting ill is better news....
  10. If there are any horse owners on here, could you advise me please. Can you recommend where I might try to obtain a full size bale of straw? When I phone farms they tend not to answer the phone-maybe out in the fields most of the time at this time of year.
  11. Thanks for these replies, I`l give it a try.
  12. Boris’s epiphany seems to have ended. PM Cummings has instructed him to blame the Care Homes.
  13. We all know bikes v cars in terms of the environment wins. It’s not an excuse for placing daft restrictions on people who can’t cycle to go to work. theres a cycle lane on that stretch of road anyway. its daft and there’s no real logic to suggest that a ring road leading to the main route out of the city is beneficial to cyclists.
  14. Bad Boys - 5/10 and two hours of my life I won't get back.
  15. Mine has. I don't know the full details yet as I don't need them at the moment but I shall be finding out in due course!
  16. Victory Club, Stocksbridge
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