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  3. Yawn. Please change the record.
  4. He won’t face the criticism that Corbyn got. How could he? As far as I know, he hasn’t palled up with the IRA or Hezbollah, he’s not an anti Semite and I think he sings God Save the Queen when it’s called for. In other words he’s a patriot. Very important when you run for PM.
  5. It's been a tough start, no doubt about it. Egan's crazy red card against Villa didn't help in that game, and losing Jack O'Connell long term, and Lys Mousset and John Fleck short to medium term is causing us headaches. We don't have the strength in depth of other teams (Arsenal bringing on a 70 million quid player, off the bench, a few weeks ago!) and that is just a fact of life we have to deal with. I think it will get worse before it gets better, but as Aston Villa know very well, sometimes you just need a bit of luck to stay up in this league.
  6. You can’t make jokes on this thread. Or many others for that matter.
  7. Three easy games. Luton? It’s at Hillsborough. Rotherham? Won’t be at all easy. Wycombe? We all know what happens when we play a team that hasn’t won all season.
  8. Should have beaten Fulham 3-0 and need to be better in front of goal. Mousset injured is a big blow. Berge played well, and good to see Norwood back, but he needs to stay in our own half, because he is easily beaten when he comes too far forward.
  9. Brentford looked like scoring every time they went forward. We didn’t. We didn’t defend as a unit. Brentford did. Too many players that are strangers to each other at present. Must improve and I think we will.
  10. The working class put Johnson in charge, rather than putting Corbyn in charge. I’d just let that sink in properly, if I were you. Starmer is just fine. He’s intelligent. He’s principled. He’s also quite strategic. At the moment we are almost four years from a GE. By the end of that time, Johnson will be a gibbering wreck if he has to face Starmer once a week. There really is no rush, and we are in exceptional times.
  11. There were 3 mills in the NBM, 9inch, 14in and an 8inch double duo. I was in the roll turners with Eddie Kendrick(foreman) Derek King and Fred Parkin. Also Archie Stacey used to sit in the shop sometimes. Good days.
  12. I agree he knows his stuff at the dispatch box, but apart from that I think his general demeanour comes across as a bit weak and woolley. I don't think he has the strength of character to follow through in the face of the sort of criticism Corbyn got, nor do I think he represents the people enough to carry them with him. I hope I'm wrong but we shall see. The working class did indeed put Johnson in charge, a move I believe they'll come to bitterly regret.
  13. Perhaps going for a drive to test his eyes. Quite legitimate so I understand.
  14. I might not be brave enough to call them 'scum' but I would certainly desist on principle from calling them 'the honourable gentlemen.'
  15. Stanley Johnson remains at large, doing what he wants with no consequences.
  16. Labour deputy leader reprimanded by deputy HoC Speaker for calling Conservative MP 'Scum' during debate. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-politics-54638267#aoh=16033168203148&referrer=https://www.google.com Blimey. You can take the woman out of Stockport but....? What a showing up when the deputy Speaker singled her out & rebuked her. Looked like a frightened 5 yr old.
  17. Brentford just had more quality going forward. Didn't do too bad overall but a loss wasn't a surprise. Next 3 are critical, Luton certainly we need to be looking at 3 points minimum
  18. Hello I'm Michael Himsworth. Joyce was my Grandads brothers daughter I.e daughter of Joseph Beeston Himsworth who I used to visit as a child. I remember Joyce well and was invited to the exhibition at Sheffield City Museum on 8th. July 1978 when Joyce was honoured to be one of the few people to have such an exhibition in their lifetime. I still have the invitation and exhibition catalogue and a few small pieces of her work. My brother has an interesting spoon made by Joyce with the swastica design engraved on it. I was very interested to read about the Stalingrad presentation however I can't shed anymore detail about the presentation box.
  19. Did ok in the first half but Brentford were the much better side overall.
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