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  2. I thought one at the cathedral and the be nice one on moor were vandalized. Whole city centre looks vandalized. All these bears have actually made it look a bit better again. They add a natural balance to all these empty boarded shops.
  3. I’ve now read that it’s the two chimneys and boiler house at Ferrybridge and not the cooling towers which are being demolished on the 22nd 🤨
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  5. That Eggborough or Ferrybridge? Edit: Just seen it's Ferrybridge, Eggborough has 4 left anyway. And it's 22nd August not 21st which makes sense as they usually do these demolitions on a Sunday morning for some reason.
  6. It's been disclosed today that the hereditary peer, Lord Bethell replaced his mobile phone before it could be searched for information relevant to £85m of Covid deals that are subject to a legal challenge. Bethell said the mobile phone had broken, after deals were done, and after he was told his mobile phone would be searched for documents relating to this case. Lord Bethell is already under investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office over the use of private emails for government business, prompted by revelations that his former boss Matt Hancock was using a private account at the height of the pandemic. Bethell has previously faced calls for his resignation after the Guardian revealed that a number of emails had been copied into his private email account. His address was copied into at least four official exchanges relating to a businessman who was attempting to get government contracts during the pandemic. Lord Bethell in hot water after phone containing documents relating to Covid contracts mysteriously 'broken' (thelondoneconomic.com) Bethell has told the Lords “In terms of the use of private email can I just reassure members that I have read the ministerial code, I have signed the ministerial code and I seek to uphold it in everything I do.” Just like his 'honourable friend', Boris Johnson.
  7. I’m passing through today, so obligatory favourite thread visit 🙂 Brexit is allegedly costing £440m per week, according to the IFS studies (IIRC). Whether that is accurate or not, is moot: whatever the actual cost is, yes, regrettably it will continue to rise for a while yet. The ongoing supply chain crisis (not only in the UK, but beyond) is fast compounding these costs. Secondly, regrettably again, you should not expect Brexit to get ‘done’, or ‘redone’, for quite some years yet. If you’re talking about actually getting somewhere, pragmatically speaking, rather than politically.
  8. A couple of quick questions: given Brexit is only currently half done (baked?) can we expect this cost to rise? Secondly, given the latest attempts to complete Brexit were met with a resolute 'non' when exactly can we expect to get Brexit (re)done?
  9. My father had a butchers shop at ManorTop opposite the Elm Tree and his mother lived on the premises. My grandmother was great friends with the Olivers, they used to visit her holiday bungalow at Humberston, and at the time they had a shop on Handsworth at he top next to the cinema. She took me to stay with Mrs Oliver, I think she was widowed but her family visited that day. We stayed over a couple of nights I think and I remeber clearly the old organ in the large kitchen and the grand piano. There was a 'hidden' back straircase too and a bed so huge I couldn't climb into it. I remembered the garden as having a stream running through but having read more I now believe it to be a channel to keep the livestock in, or out. My gran was Florrie (Florence) Wells and my father was Charlie.
  10. Hi Daven, I was just wondering how you were getting on with your Womersley research? Nigel Womersley was my dad’s cousin. I tried to piece it all together but I gave up. There were so many repeated forenames and I couldn’t work out who was related to who! 🙈
  11. It's costing £800m a week, instead of £350m... ...oh hang on!
  12. So where have we got to? The OP put forward what I would suggest amounts to washerwomanperson gossip. For so-called normal people (eg Tory ministers) he would normally suggest that people be presumed innocent until proven guilty but not this time. This time equipped with only such information as is visible from the top of his high horse he finds the situation intolerable. Where will this all lead? Shall we have reserved parking for bigots? After all the OP's rant was occasioned by the catastrophic inconvenience of his favoured parking spot being unavailable. And what is to be done with the 'Gypsies' who have been declared illegal - not you should note the actions of these people but the people themselves?
  13. True enough but the government source doesn't seem to be saying the 200 000 was put forward in the media because of government manipulation ... or does it.
  14. you mentioned police presence, so i mentioned yes there are police around and saw some earlier is all? agree with this! some places in the city look great, and there are exciting new things coming up like the Festival on the Square in Tudor Square, and Hedgerow Market on Division Street for example. Definitely not all doom and gloom in my opinion.
  15. Doo Wop In Harlem - Prefab Sprout
  16. We booked to go to Lukes Place for a nice meal before Christmas last year and paid a £20 deposit to secure a booking. Lockdown II then hit and we were unable to go as restaurants were mandated to close. After many emails the owner finally got back to me and rebooked us in for May 2021. Unfortunately for us, he booked us in just before restaurants and bars we allowed to reopen. I have since sent the restaurant 3 emails, an Instagram message and even visited but no one has got back to me to rebook us in. I really want to support an emerging business/chef but unfortunately I feel ignored and unvalued from this establishment - that is fine ii it's doing well but I wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience? I just can't help but think maybe they are not responding to me but I cannot for the life of me understand why....
  17. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) - Simon and Garfunkel
  18. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

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    They are 150 mm Long and are M8 and M10. They were Bought from Screwfix and are Surplus to Requirements.


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