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  2. The club announced last week that the restrictions would remain in place for last Saturday’s game. They have a meeting with the council this week to try to come to some agreement going forward
  3. If you're insured by Admiral and its related companies for example, it won't make a difference between doing a course or taking three points because they ask if you have taken a speed awareness course. Forgot to add, if you don't get the letter notifying you of a speeding offence in 2 weeks, it doesn't count.
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  5. I don’t think racism was to blame, interesting article here says the same= https://www.thepostmillennial.com/racism-is-not-to-blame-for-meghan-markles-behaviour/
  6. Glad you are feeling better. I hope it's just muscular too. Don't overdo things just yet.
  7. I've just finished The Storm Sister by Lucinda Riley. Its the 2nd of the Seven Sisters books. Its a multi layered story, switching from the present day back to 1870s Norway, through WW1 & 2. I'm looking forward to reading The Shadow Sister which is the next book in the series.
  8. I wonder if Car Boot was a royal, would he be so keen to give up the title, influence, power and redistribute his wealth to those less fortunate? What do you say Car Boot?
  9. 21 went from pond street to Intake then Handsworth, Orgreave, Treeton, Aughton, Swalownest and then turned around at Aston. Buses were double deck, but lower roof line to get under low bridge between Treeton and Orgreave 15 went from Pond Street to Manor Top, Intake, Handsworth, Woodhuse Mill, Swallownest, Aston, Todwick, Anston, Dinnington 85 went from Pond Street to Attecliffe, Darnall, Handsworth, Woodhouse Mill, Swallownest, Aston, Todwick, Aston, Worksop then to Gainsborough 6 went from Pond Street, Attercliffe, Darnall, Handsworth, Woodhouse Mill, Swallownest, Aston, Todwick, Aston, Dinnington 19 went from Pond Street, Manor Top, Intake, Normanton Springs, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Mill, Swallownest, Wales, Kiveton, Todwick, Dinnington Think most are correct but not sure about the 6 whether that also went through Kiveton Used all these in late 40's, and to mid 50's - old enough to drive in 1956 (motorbike) and 1957 (car) when travelling to and from Sheffield, or Woodhouse (WGS school) , Handsworth to play around with v cousins etc Don't remember any tram routes because they only ran to Handsworth Did 23 run from Woodhouse (terminus opposite Station Hotel) via Wodhouse, Woodhouse Mill, Normanton Springs, Intake, Manor Top and into Sheffield Many years ago now and never been on a bus since July 1956 Best Wishes from Malaysia, year round summer, no seasons - Monday 8-08am, 84 degrees and climbing - will be over 100 by mid day, fairly average - a cold day is around 96/97 degrees Victor ex Swallownest to 1967, ex Driffield to 2006, Subang Jaya (9 miles south of Kuala Lumpur) since end of 2006
  10. Why, if we get a punishment we take it on the chin and move on, I'll still watch games whatever.
  11. I hope for your fans sake that Wednesday are as innocent as you think they are.
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  13. DECT phones can and do work cross brand.
  14. You missed the bit where you got the trained attack dogs to gorge upon their entrails.
  15. I’ve just finished “Cruel to be kind” which is Will Birch’s biography of Nick Lowe. It is a compelling book, which tells of Lowe’s genius and his fragility. A must read for any 70’s, or 80’s music fan.
  16. Jaffa has a thing about presentation. Mostly about female presentation, but I think that he extends that to male socialist presentation. I haven’t seen his opinions about Boris’s “hairstyle”, or Pritti’s smirk.
  17. Little Women. A long film which told the story well but was forgettable to me. Not a massive fan of classic books 6.5/ 10. Nice night out with my daughter made it worth while.
  18. Diet and exercise don't work for people with the inherited condition in the link below. It runs in my husband's family. Early death, early heart attacks, including his at 49. Because one of his brothers died in his forties and the other (a keen sportsman) had an attack in his early forties, my husband was eating a diet of mainly fish, vegetables and oatmeal, and had cut out nearly all saturated fats. He was very slim, but none of that helped. He's been on statins for about 25 years now. However, he has had side effects, and our GP has changed the specific type more than once. He's now on one that seems to cause fewer side effects. I'd be very wary about telling anyone to come off them. https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/medical/familial-hypercholesterolaemia
  19. Not much competition in the area so there is plenty of interest. On the few occasions we have walked on to the Princess Royal this year we have been disappointed with their random opening times. This is an asset to the area and I will definitely be back for a second visit
  20. YOURE WORSE THAN HITLER!!!! SPEED KILLS!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Phew, feel better now thats out of my system. I got flashed once and like you it was during an emergency. I fretted for over a month before I plucked up the courage to make some enquiries as to how long it would take for me dreaded NIP to come through the post. The really helpful lady told me I was in the clear as I had to be notified within two weeks so no fine and a load of worry about nothing. She also told me that a surprising number of flashes result in absolutely nothing being sent out. She wouldnt tell me the locations of the cameras that give these false flashes though 😞 Finger crossed youll get nothing through the post but as some have said you could be offered a speed awareness thingy although I do hear this depends on previous driving record, how long you have had your license and some other factors but I cant be 100% on this as like I say its just what ive been told. Good luck and I hope your sorted your emergency out.
  21. Yes Its going to be rather busy at first I should settle down though .
  22. Not really, businesses do things like this all the time.
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