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  2. Indeed. Hasn't there been a report on the news this week that garden centres are going to lose a lot of revenue and have to throw away thousands of plants grown ready for this year?
  3. Agreed, but we're also overdue for the next ice age. This seems to have been forgotten and isn't mentioned in any climate debates these days. Also the river Nile used to flood every year prior to the building of the Aswan dam. It was considered of great benefit as it fertilised the land and resulted in better harvests.
  4. Bazza63 that was Terry Windle who built racing outfits sadly gone now,He built racing sidecars for most of the world champions
  5. Why should Argos be closed then?
  6. Agree. We should also remember after everything gets back to normal, to spend a bit more in the little, local shops. The ones who managed to source some of the bread & toilet rolls, etc, that we couldn't get hold of because of the panic buying in larger retailer's stores.
  7. I'm surprised nobody has commented on this. To my mind, assuming people can work reasonably safely (and I do mean reasonably, not 100%) companies trying to remain open and trading should be congratulated not criticised. There is every chance if this goes on for long that the economic crisis will dwarf any other effect of this virus, including deaths, of which there will be more. To repeat an answer to an other poster, wealth = health (by which I mean the wealth of the country = its tax take)
  8. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic and you’re sticking the boot into a 17 year old girl.
  9. Which is why they're asking people to use contactless cards if possible. But not everybody has them. However, beware moving longterm to the cashless society. Cash is one of our last freedoms, otherwise what do you do when 'computer says no..?'
  10. I do think that if you're in the shop for essentials, there's not much harm in buying non-essentials if they're already there. Plants in particular will just wither and be thrown away if not sold. A bit of gardening is good exercise, and is good for mental wellbeing. We also have to deal with a lot more unemployment and hardship after the crisis, if businesses have had to close down.
  11. Well, Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion loonies have got their wish. This is their world we are living now. With economic activity and travel at a minimum. Welcome to the brave New World.
  12. No. People having to stay in leads to boredom, which leads to stress, arguments, mental illness etc. Having something to keep occupied with while staying in is a big help, so I, and many others, will be glad they can buy DIY/home improvement supplies, gardening tools, seeds etc, etc.
  13. He seems to have lost a lot recently. Not sure if having a girlfriend 24 years his junior has encouraged him to exercise more....
  14. Saw Queen at Bingley Hall, Staffordshire, about 1976. Me and my 14 year old mates squeezed right up to the front barrier. It blew our little minds!!!
  15. Sadly and truthfully this is one of the main places to contract the virus as every one knows but we still have to eat, a bit of a dilema. Like I mentioned in previous post, just protect your self, its a start. Same without gloves then, they cant wash their hands after every customer either. Which I have already stated in previous post.
  16. And what difference do you think gloves will make, unless they change them after every customer (and have been trained on how to remove/replace/dispose of them safely) ?
  17. As I said it will become a greater danger as it gets older. More alpha particles will escape into the surroundings through the ageing seals an mechanisms Handling will become more dangerous as the dust spreads around inside the watch. The potential for the glass to break and release radioactive dust increases. Maintenance becomes extremely hazardous. The biggest danger is it being played with and/or mishandled by children and amateurs now or when "found" in the future. Giving an impression that the dangers can be ignored for now is a mistake.
  18. I was going to say you can run but cant hide boris, seems he cant do neither.
  19. Supermarkets are now one of the worst places to visit to catch the virus, with staff and customers not wearing masks they are coughing, sneezing and touching all products and surfaces.. Even people having shopping delivered may have contaminated products.. Everyone should wash all shopping to minimise the risk of getting the virus.. More supermarkets are starting to bring in extra measures to help but there is still more action needed...
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  21. I don’t know about that, like most blokes his age he’s probably carrying a stone or two more than he should be.
  22. I know what you mean and it makes good sense in stead of keeping the same gloves on for long durations ie serving endless ques, but on the same token they dont get chance to leave the checkout customer after customer to wash their hands.
  23. As pointed out numerous times its a lot easier to clean your hands than it is to change your gloves after everything you touch.
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