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  2. Brandy you're a fine girl, What a good wife you would be, But my life, my love and my lady, Is the sea.
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  4. Contempt for the working class because they disobey the voting instructions of the ruling class. How very Tony Blair/David Cameron.
  5. Here's an idea. Let's forget about democracy and vote just in order to appear 'smart' to bitter and rejected europhiles? However people have voted, democracy has won. Embrace the May 2019 People's Vote as it will confirm that the people still want to Leave the failed EU.
  6. Top Cats Hat

    EU Election exit poll

    Almost certainly opponents of the working class but advocating a second referendum hardly makes them opponents of democracy! 🙄
  7. Top Cats Hat

    Ex Black Footballers Denied Opportunities

    Really? I’ve been at football a ton of times where only a few idiots have being making racist chants and most people just ignore them. Maybe if fans stood to lose more, then they would speak up and tackle these idiots when it happens.
  8. Sadly your body doesn’t 😀
  9. Car Boot

    EU Election exit poll

    Actually Change-UK TIG want to turn back time to before the June 2016 referendum, when Tony Blair and David Cameron ruled the UK with austerity and illegal wars. They are opponents of democracy and the working class.
  10. catmiss

    Benefits advice?

    Try another Citizen Advice and perhaps go with her. They are trained to give accurate impartial advice on benefits. Sadly local government cuts have seen the loss of local advice services Sheffield was once afforded
  11. Your brain gets better as you get older. 😉
  12. Top Cats Hat

    Freedom of religion - no

    Caring and compassionate people don’t force their own opinions on other people! 🙄
  13. catmiss

    Freedom of religion - no

    I worked in the Health Service amongst staff and patients of various religious beliefs. This nurse will have gone through disciplinary process before being dismissed. Seems as though she was abusing her position by enforcing her religious belief on those vulnerable patients
  14. I’ve told my kids to put me in the composting or anything to avoid funeral directors making a profit out of me. Aged 18 I left my body to medical science but as I get older it’s more unlikely they’ll want me!
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  16. Michael_W

    The price of football tickets

    We did have two decent seasons until the wheels came off, I'm not disagreeing that the cost of tickets would be more appealing if they were lower, I'm pointing out that he delivered on spending to justify those price increases, unfortunately it did not pay off, like I said you can't guarantee success, but when the team has been on form ( and not so injury prone) the performances have been much better than for most of the last 20 years IMHO ! Oh and don't forget some of those goals we have seen eh
  17. catmiss

    living in poverty

    I am so sorry to have been born at a time when, encouraged by working class parents, I took full advantage of state education, started work at 15, studied 4.5 years whilst working a 40 hour week to qualify as a Health Service professional and pay Into the pension. Apologies for marrying someone who did a 5 year apprenticeship, studying night school outside a 40 hour working week who also paid into the offered final salary pension. Sorry we bought our own home, brought up 2 kids ,who both have jobs, homes and pay for pensions, paid the full cost of child care and after working 50 years have retired without claiming any benefits, other than child benefit (reduced for 2nd), So sorry as pensioners we now receive state pension after 50 years NI contributions and pay tax on our work pensions. No apologies if we are ok financially so that we don’t need to rely on the state because we chose to look after ourselves
  18. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Rescue, re-home and adopt We’re glad you found us! If you have problems keeping the fishes you have, do not just throw them away! Do not release them into the reservoirs and canals, there’s a high chance they will die. And if they survive, they will disrupt the local aquatic ecosystem (which is already damaged with many alien invasive species). The best option is to re-home them, to allow them another chance to live happily ever after To put up your fishes for re-homing: Send us a few photos or a video of your wet pets, include basic information like their species, size, number and any special requirements for them etc... tell us if you are also giving away the accessories. Include the place of collection, telephone number (for faster response, but optional) We Review all potential adopters carefully to choose the best person to take care of these delicate animals. (We Check that they have tanks/ponds that are big enough, not overcrowded with too many fishes, And there tank mates are compatible, All the best! (Please note that we do not charge any fees. for collection within 10 miles of Post code (s66) after 10 miles its a £1 per mile If anyone wants to collect a fee from you on collection other then fuel , feel free to ignore them.)


  19. Michael_W

    Ex Black Footballers Denied Opportunities

    Raheem Sterling (not Stirling), is actually advocating a 9 point deduction and playing games behind closed doors for clubs who's 'supporters' are racist, I don't agree personally, punishing clubs, all their employees and thousands of decent fans for the actions of one or two idiots would be ridiculous. How the hell can football clubs control to that sort of degree what comes out of the mouths of such people ? The football clubs in England and the British game in general has been pro-active for years in stamping out racism, there probably isn't a more diverse sport on the planet, Sterling himself has been fortunate enough to earn millions playing the game, and then comes out with suggestions like that, which arguably would and could effect the earnings potential of many others including his current, past and future colleagues , I suggest he comes up with something more reasoned or practical. There are laws already in place to deal with racist behaviour in this country, people at football matches like any other event or public place should be dealt with by the police, through the courts and punished according to the law of the land...… we don't punish public transport companies when such behaviour happens on a bus or a train !
  20. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

    • Job Vacancy
    • Not Applicable

    Require a tradesperson to purchase and fit a new letterbox for an aluminium/upvc door. Quotations for product and fitting Cheers


  21. tinfoilhat

    Google restrict Huawei's use of Android

    Apple iPhones are made in China. Apple won't check them all will they?
  22. Top Cats Hat

    Poor TV Reception in S1 tonight?

    Our telly either comes from Emley Moor to the north or Crosspool to the south. If there was anything wrong with either of those transmitters at least 1/3 of the city would be affected. 😵
  23. Top Cats Hat

    A Good Description Of Our Political Masters.

    I take it you are wanting a general election?
  24. makapaka

    People going to work on bikes.

    Can’t say I’ve seen the latter. seen loads of the former - almost every day. a cyclist this morning went round me and through a red light at commonside. Very rare I see cyclists wait at red unless there’s no other option.
  25. I1L2T3

    living in poverty

    Self pity? Explain...
  26. Baron99

    living in poverty

    Not biting but you keep wallowing in some self pity I1L2T3. Don't worry they'll be a support group along in a few minutes. Yes, how dare some folk get themselves a decent education & have the gall to work hard, leading to them picking up a generous salary & pension. Can't put my finger on it but there must be some correlation between a good education & a good pay packet? Nasty pensioners. Especially those who had the audacity to take early retirement.
  27. They got me on milk and alcohol.
  28. Bargepole23

    People going to work on bikes.

    I'd say you're wrong on both counts.
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