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  2. I don't know, But feel free to suggest it to your local headteacher.
  3. Yes, I think it's pretty common knowledge that his attitude is suspect. But would it be different if he was playing for Wednesday? I think it would. You have to remember it'd be different to players walking into any other club in Yorkshire. On that note, I think we should and probably will take him. He'll be the first signing announced I reckon.
  4. They still think they're a big club. Maybe right in a little pond.
  5. Which big club would that be? Is it one in the Premiership? Could see a. Rotherham player moving to a bigger club in the Championship but moving back down the leagues to a 3rd or 4th Division club would surely be a backward step career wise or if he did, its like saying I'm not cut out for top flight football. Why would a player want to move back to the lower leagues having left them? If you were a Championship player, would you seek a move back down to the lower leagues rather than try & prove yourself in the upper leagues against bigger clubs & better players?
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  7. I popped it on fb market place to see if anyone wanted to swap for something normal of same era. Doubt I’ll use it.
  8. A HUGE bud of mine is at Rovrum FC his take on Ladapo is..... that hes a billy big balls that thinks he should be 1st name on the teamsheet everyweek, doesnt always work hard enough to regain possession even when hes the one thats lost it & when hes got the monk on hes a lazy trainer that just goes through the motions and shows little interest in teamtalks. He has worked hard this season to try and rectify his attitude,the success can be measured in RUs acceptance he needs another club and reluctance to offer him the better terms he was demanding.
  9. Surely, having secured his 4th European Champions League title with Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, has to be considered the greatest football manager of all time?
  10. Just as soon as he's learned to spell "Guillain-Barré syndrome". And once he's stopped drooling.
  11. Well excuse me . I wouldn’t want to be a member of a club that would allow someone like me to be a member ( Groucho Marx) 😀
  12. because hes on a free and wants a big club ,easy
  13. reney avenue in the 50s/60s not many cars in them days,off to graves park,fishing in the boating lake and putting them in the middle pond,and watching out for the park keeper, life was simple in those days,winters where cruel no central heating,ice on the windows ,kids say that must of been bad,then you tell them the inside and they go OMG,the summers seemed long,yes great days
  14. Why would, whoever the Rotherham forward is, want to play for a team in the 3rd Division?
  15. i think it would be great to get that rotherham forward,what do others think?
  16. You been crying to admin again about a few home truths Snitch?. Posts removed showing you for the child you are. It seems you can post any garbage you like and then moan about the fall out.
  17. How much would you want for it?
  18. Tom Little becomes Head of Performance. https://trainingground.guru/articles/little-leaves-preston-after-nine-years-to-join-sheffield-united Remember the old days of a chairman, manager, one trainer with a 'magic' sponge & apprentices cleaning the pro's boots, touching up the stands with a bit of paint & jumpers for goal posts? "The Blades have not had a Head of Performance since the exit of Rafa Cristobal along with manager Slavisa Jokanovic last November." Well, Mr Cristobal was good at his job wasn't he.
  19. Church Lane, Woodhouse. Dave Berry's dad bringing a piece of coal round at New Year. Trifle and Yorkshire salad. Story records that ran at 15rpm. Pushing the coal delivery down the coal hole. Mowing the lawn 😬
  20. What time is the Dark Prince due ?
  21. She takes an hour getting ready to go shopping. Also she has suckers down all her arms.
  22. I don't have any motive or agenda. Nor am i filled with misogyny and racism as some people seem to think. I'm free to have an opinion just as much as anyone else. I dont like her. I didn't like her from the moment she merged on the scene. I am not talking about all women. I am not talking about all people who are non white. In my opinion She (i.e. Megan) is a low rent low level actress who bagged herself a Royal, immediately behaved like a spoilt diva, clearly tried to embarrass and attack our long-standing institution and who now trots around being a wannabe Saint building vast amounts of wealth, influence and contacts to worm her way into politics. I have no support for any of her family one way or another. They all seem troubled, loaded with baggage and all seem to have at least a certain level of toxicity everytime they open their mouths. As for her husband, we always knew Harry was the flaky one just like his mother. Another fantastic manipulator of the press whenever it suits then instantly turn on the water works as soon as they dare to challenge back. Quite frankly I'd be delighted if the pair of them just disappear off into to obscurity as they both claim to want. But of course we all know that will never happen because it's their PR that keeps them in the money. She's certainly not going to be getting some blockbuster Hollywood role anytime soon and I doubt very much that Harry Windsor is going to have a comfortable fit finding a career in the fickle world of Los Angeles. Whether people agree with the concept or not, the institution of monarchy and those senior-level participants have a duty. They do of course have a life of extreme luxury, privilege and influence, however that comes with a lifetime of service. Trivial it may seem to many but there is equally just as many who take it very seriously and see it as a great honour when any part of our royalty influences their lives. People can't deny that when that particular Circus comes to town the world watches. Just as the world will be watching with all focus on this tiny speck of a country next week. Miss Markle and her ginger lap dog could have been at the heart of that - however they clearly thought they were somehow better than and bigger than "the firm". Clearly tried to have their cake and eat it... Take the title and influence but do none of the duty. Worse, they went one further and sought to make money off it like some smart price facsimile brand to anyone who offered the highest bid. Why shouldn't they be criticised and challenged and attacked.
  23. A 'house' in the fields off Hathersage Road past the Dore Moor Inn. Then to the Clarian ramblers club house. Then to Clarkgrove Road near Botanical Gardens, played on the road riding my 3 wheel bike.
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