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  2. What about mrs Thains and mr and mrs Enzer on the corner of Cyclops st known as the top and bottom shop and Gledhalls in the middle of the lump on Grimesthorpe rd
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    Beautiful vintage mirror, peach and clear glass. Some minor age related blemishes under the glass. This has a solid wood back and is hung by a chain. It is very heavy. S2 Skye Edge.


  4. Thatcher loved the Single Market. It is Thatchers Single Market. "A single market without barriers – visible or invisible – giving you direct and unhindered access to the purchasing power of over 300 million of the world's wealthiest and most prosperous people” Margaret Thatcher, Lancaster House speech 1988 to an audience of bosses. Smash the Single Market. Smash the EU. By any means necessary.
  5. If Jeremy supports Remain in a Brexit dominated general election he would ensure that the Labour party loses most of its working class votes. He is well aware of this, and does not want Labour - a party set up to be the voice of the workers - to be just a voice of the EU supporting bosses and the affluent middle class.
  6. Margaret Thatcher would be proud of you ,old chap. You and Anne Widdecombe combining to facilitate a totally deregulated economy.
  7. Unfortunately most Remainers want to turn the country back to how it was before we had the 2016 People's Vote. Cameron with his austerity and Blair with his illegal wars. Well we're not going back. There is no return. The class war genie is well and truly out of the bottle. The rich have never been so afraid.
  8. You're exactly correct. It's in the Labour Party's best interest for the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result to be delivered on 31st October. There was a BBC News report last week from Barnsley which is a very strong Labour supporting area. Every person who was interviewed said they had voted for Labour in the past but support Boris for what he is trying do which is to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result. The BBC stated they went to Barnsley on 24th June 2016 and the support for our country leaving the EU hasn't lessened from the people of Barnsley during the time that has passed
  9. So, a dedicated Marxist like yourself doesn’t want a left wing government led by corbyn but a really right wing Tory one with a working majority to do as it will, unhindered, for 5 years, led by Boris Johnson. Is that about right?
  10. Thought Wednesday played well Friday night, but failed to finish the game off to their peril. Stoke have some good players, but saying that, Owls 2 Stoke 1
  11. Its not being lazy if they are frantically tapping on their mobile or on social media, its not like they are in bed, although they could be lol
  12. The longer this goes on, the more the British electorate just want to get Brexit done and to Leave the EU. 54% of the British public now support the UK abiding by the referendum result and leaving the EU - regardless of the way they voted in the 2016 Referendum. Most people’s preferred outcome is for the UK to leave the EU. A Leave supporting Tory party could well find itself with a working majority after a Brexit dominated general election if Brexit is not delivered on October 31st.
  13. Today
  14. Yes, I agree. The programme looks very forced and unnatural. The presenters look bored, and the guests all sitting round that big table look false , and just waiting their turn to flog their latest book, song or film. Then making the guests join in with the cooking is hilarious. It’s about time this programme was taken off !
  15. For anyone not wanting to subject themselves to The Star website... Herries Road/Herries Road South diversion route 5.30pm – 7.00pm Penistone Road North single lane closed 6.45pm – 9.15pm Catch Bar Lane/Leppings Lane closed 7.00pm – 9.30pm Penistone Road both carriageways closed 9.30pm – 10.30pm Herries Road closed 9.15pm – 10.15pm
  16. Sunday Brunch is nowhere near as cool or as funny as it’s presenters think it is. Both look shattered as though they have been on the “lash” the previous night. How annoying is the the floor manager who instigates the canned forced laughter at anything. Shame really as some of the guests and the music are interesting.
  17. You're living in cloud cuckoo land if you think we will ever be making meaningful use of the resources of other planets! All the progress to date and we can just about manage a bit of moon dust or a vial of gas if we get lucky and don't crash. At some point people will realise that time, brains and earth's resources are better utilised seeking solutions to over-population, starvation and exhaustion of the planet's resources. This is the planet that the human race evolved on and will eventually become extinct on- in the blink of an eye in the history of time. And why is extinction such a bad thing?
  18. No. I was challenged re: The Dunkirk Spirit. I get sick of people using patriotic cliches from the past to support their position when it has nothing to do with it. They can often be used to support any position as I attempted to illustrate. "Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel"-Samuel Johnson. https://www.quora.com/What-does-this-quote-by-Samuel-Johnson-mean-Patriotism-is-the-last-refuge-for-a-scoundrel-Why-will-it-be-the-last
  19. Boris isn't going to lose any support if the new Withdrawal Agreement doesn't get through Parliament before the General Election because his supporters know he is not to blame for the actions of the dishonest rogue Parliament. The fact that the EU have supported Boris with the new Withdrawal Agreement is to his advantage. You do make a sensible point regarding the Brexit Party because there is a danger some votes that would have gone to a Tory candidate will open the door for a Lib Dem candidate winning a seat by default. The DUP are not going to be wiped out and will only lose one or two seats at worse. Hopefully Boris will not need their support after the General Election because he will have a working majority.
  20. There are far more Tory/Lib Dem marginals than Labour/Lib Dem ones.
  21. You need to lookup (highly peculiar-) NI politics a bit more The DUP don't have much to fear: unlike the Tories and Labour which are newly concerned by ideological rifts within their traditional electorate due to Brexit, the DUP's electoral base has always been ideologically-driven due to reasons wholly unrelated to Brexit (-save where its implementation risks alienating NI from the mainland UK).
  22. It all depends on where the votes go, because Labour could easily lose their shirt to the Lib Dems. I'm not sure anyone is bothered about the DUP next time around, I can see them getting nearly wiped out after cosying up to the Torys.
  23. No I haven't forgotten that if you read my post. I said hire car or taxi once you get there.
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