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17-01-2012, 19:12

Can anyone Help me with this... I recently bought my 9 year old son a blackberry playbook thinking he would be able to use bbm on it. I have now been told that he would need a blackberry phone in order 2 pair the 2 devices together..(am I right so far??)

I don't really want to have to go out and spend a fortune on a new blackberry as he only wants to go on the bbm thing and the apps on the playbook so my sister said he could have her old blackberry, but I've also been told that u can't get bbm on the really old blackberrys,or if it's been registered before then u can't register this right?

The other option is my husband has a blackberry as his work phone, if I were to link his phone to my sons playbook would that work or would they both receive each others messages etc?

Thanks for reading..xx

17-01-2012, 19:59
looks like it.

had a blackberry phone, dint like it, too many problems everything is tied to a subscription.

i was on orange pay&go and i had to have blackberry internet service which cost me 5 a month, so got shot of the phone. couldnt even use home wifi when the internet service had ran out,.

little tank
19-01-2012, 21:48
Hi yes you can only use blackberry services if the tablet it linked to a blackberry phone I'm no expert but I've had second hand blackberry's and was able to set up a new account