View Full Version : Turnbull Pub, Stannington - Is it still open?

26-01-2006, 16:50
Anyone know if the Turnbull pub on Liberty Hill in Stannington is still open? We drove past it last night and there were lights on, but we weren't sure if they were open, last I heard the place was shut.. Anyone know different?

27-01-2006, 15:22
Was open the last time I went past


27-01-2006, 16:37
Yes its STILL open but god knows how they make any money as no one goes in these days, really really run down, will be flats within a few years for sure. Not sure about the clientele anymore, what few there are.....

02-02-2006, 16:06
its still open though true no one goes in its crap never got any stock in