View Full Version : Vauxhall Zafira help..

03-06-2011, 16:19
My Y reg Vauxhall Zafira suddenly lost power while i was doing 70mph down the motorway, it dropped to about 30mph. An orange car shaped light came on on the dash with a spanner in the middle. I checked the maual and it said its a safety measure for the engine and to turn it off and on again i did this and it was fine for the rest of the journey.
Does anybody know why this happens and what is wrong with it? Its happened a couple more times and have arranged for it to go to the garage. Any help would be fantastic thanks :)

03-06-2011, 17:37
what engine is it ?

03-06-2011, 17:59
1.6 Petrol

03-06-2011, 18:05
1.6 16 v ..... these throw the eml light up if low on oil , have you checked that ? if not the other common fault is the egr valve

03-06-2011, 20:39
mine use to do this,bought some carb cleaner,clean the carb out and also the egr valve,replace and runs like new again, carb cleaner cost me 3.80 from bullseye motor spares,good luck,hope this works for you like it did me,but yeah most common fault is the egr valve,but like i say this may only need a clean like mine..good luck

04-06-2011, 00:26
Will most likley be a gunked up throttle body, take it off and clean it. Also if it the twinport 1.6 16v they have a common fault with the throttle body (whistles like a turbo when driving)