View Full Version : Evidence of a new economic collapse looming.

25-03-2011, 16:07
The evidence I'm suggesting lies in the charts of 30 year commodity prices which can be viewed via this link:

The charts that I'm referring to represent coal, oil, coffee, barley, maize, wheat, beef, poultry, fish, sugar, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, cotton, rubber, gold, silver, copper and tin as well as some others.

In many of these there was a price spike in 2008 which collapsed when the economy took a nose dive. Now the price seems to be spiking again although this time it's happening to commodities that weren't affected in 2008 also.

Some of this rise is related to issues of supply and demand (bad harvests and peak oil) but much of it is driven by the US quantitative easing program which is currently issuing $4 billion a day into the world economy at a time when few people are looking for loans. The money seems to be heading straight into the hands of speculators who are now gambling with the commodities market. However, QE 2 is due to end abruptly in June and some forcasters are warning that this will also end the new super-bubble that is currently growing and that a global economic disastor will likely follow. This is discussed here:

These are just charts and are open to many interpretations, but I believe that forewarned is fore-armed if you also detect the patterns that I'm seeing.