View Full Version : Number 52 bus to Handsworth...need help !!!!

22-11-2005, 13:53
Right, heres the story :

I'm going to meet my mum at work at about 5pm this evening. I understand that the 52 bus is the one I need so plan to take it from Crookes. However, I do not know which stop to get off at !!!
I'm wanting to go to Orgreave Road in Handsworth as my mum works for A.G. Barr there.
Can anyone tell me which stop I need to get off at ? No use telling me the road name unfortunately as I don't know the area particularly well, big shops/landmarks would be extremely useful.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this!


22-11-2005, 14:03
as soon as you get to the very top of the hill at handsworth where the church is get off a couple of stops later. There is a fork in the road and I think orgreave goes one way and retford road goes the other.

22-11-2005, 14:05

Yeah... this might help Kelly

Cya tommorow :)

22-11-2005, 14:07
There's a bus stop at the brow of the hill across from the church.

The next one should be down the hill near the social club.

There is then a fork in the road with shops between the two. There's a bus stop there.

There's one more a few hundred yards later. This one is at road level with some steps going up the slope to street level.

Just after that is the one you need.

If you ask the driver or a passenger to let you know the "old Asda bus stop" that's the one you need.

22-11-2005, 14:26
Thanks a lot everyone for your help.
Think i'll be best asking the driver to let me know when to get off, i'll sit near the front with all the oldies :D

And yeah see ya tomorow 'Colonel'