View Full Version : Broken upcv door lock

13-02-2011, 15:01
Anyone know if it is easy to fit a new lock, the handle is stuck in the up position.

13-02-2011, 15:07
10 minute job - in my case anyway. Getting the correct length lock however is the time consuming bit.
I removed one from an old upvc that is now an internal door and repalced the one on the front.

That could be a broken handle though not the lock check out ebay. tells you how to measure acurately and buy one for a few quid, i got one for 4.

13-02-2011, 15:13
locks are in pound shop:)

13-02-2011, 15:16
locks are in pound shop:)

be careful i bought some and they aren't long enough(upvc) to go through the door.

13-02-2011, 15:18
a place called edwards on attercliffe common has all styles of locks and parts for pvc doors and windows, not expensive either. its roughly opposite nat west bank