View Full Version : Problem with my Acoustic Solutions LCD32762HDF TV!!

02-02-2011, 15:29
I have had my TV for nearly 3 years and the warranty has ran out.

When you turn the TV on it comes on standby with a dark blue light and then you have to press a button for the picture to come on.

For some strange reason when you press the button to come on it doesnt. The blue standby light just changes to a lighter shade of blue and then goes back to dark blue and no picture comes on. No matter how many times you try you just can't get a picture or any sound.

The even stranger thing is that it only happens from about 12am to about 7am! Ive checked the parental control settings and the timer and everything i can think of but nothing seems to be switched on :suspect:

Really don't know why this is happening, can anyone help?? :help:

Paul Blade
02-02-2011, 16:54
Is it ok rest of the time

02-02-2011, 17:20
Yes it works fine 90% of the time but between around 12am and 7am it just doesn't come on no matter how many times you try.