View Full Version : Parcelforce Assesment

30-01-2011, 19:37

My dads got a assesment day tomorrow for a driver job with parcelforce and they have invited him to an assesment then a possible interview after.

What is involved on this assesments?

does anyone know/or done it before

DT Ralge
30-01-2011, 20:04
If I were doing the assessment I would be checking on:
- eyesight and licence, use of seatbelt
- use of all controls, smooth, appropriate and eco-friendly?
- evidence of good/poor driver attitude
- good levels of concentration
- effective observations
- intuitive anticipation skills
- space retention in moving or static traffic and escape routes
- time to spare or rushed/kept to limits, knowledge of van limits
- systematic style of driving, mirror use?
- manoeuvring
I would get to know more about what the driver is thinking, doing, seeing etc by asking him/her to give a driving commentary.
Put another way, would I have this driver out with a liveried vehicle and would I allow him to drive my daughter home, will my deliveries get there?