View Full Version : Q-Park opinions..

17-01-2011, 21:38
Looking at a season ticket for Q-Park, anyone used this car-park (city centre)?
Someone at work said their friend got a season ticket for 600 per year.. seems a good deal if true.

Kind regards


17-01-2011, 22:01
Prices are on their website.

Season tickets:
7 x 24 - Quarterly 379 + VAT
5 (M-F) x 24 - Quarterly 345 + VAT
Office (M-F) 08:00 to 18:00 - Quarterly 298 + VAT

17-01-2011, 22:25
It's light, bright and secure (when the exit shutter is working). Nice big spaces (although still not big enough for some), speedy lifts and clean stairs.

17-01-2011, 22:38
Depends what car you drive. Theres only a couple what take an audi q7 and there usually taken if your car is any smaller highly recommend

17-01-2011, 22:55
Thanks all, the prices seem a lot higher then my colleague advised which is a shame. Wonder if they do corporate deals if a lot of people at a company take one out... I've dropped them an email.

Thanks again