View Full Version : Black and white cat knocked down-S35 Chapeltown

14-01-2011, 23:54
Sad news... I've just come along Ecclesfield Road, Chapeltown and seen a black and white cat has been hit by a car outside the entrance to Ecclesfield School. Whilst I was turning the car round, someone has lifted it up off the road and placed it on the grass verge.

I went to check if the poor thing had a collar on but it hadn't and was dead. From feeling the temperature, I think this had only just happened so the owners might not have missed it yet. I thought I'd put it on the forum in case this helps someone know what happened to their pet but I left the animal where it was in case it's owners are local residents. I will pop back to see if it has gone tomorrow.

This has proper upset me, so now I'm going to give my cats an extra love x :(