View Full Version : Help with fans on my haf-x case and other mods

07-01-2011, 14:53
this my first large build and my first water cooling build
where can i put the fans ?

I have 5 noctua fans 2 akasa led fans 1 coolermaster tri led and 1 antec ltri led all 120mm i dont know where to put them,

I also have a 2x 200mm coolermaster fans
220mm red led fans

I will be putting in a tri rad at the top

should i change the top fans from 2 coolermaster 200mm to 3x 120mm or something else

or keep the 2x 200mm and also add 3x 120mm fans

what would you do ?

07-01-2011, 17:22
Well,personally,i wouldn't be wanting to put that many fans in there.The two main reasons for water cooling is.. keep cpu,gpu etc. cool
2.less noise

You should only need 3 fans,one at the front(inlet),one at the back(exhaust) and one on the rad(obvious reasons). I would concentrate on airflow eg. letting the air flow more freely from front to back.This would include good cable management and maybe round sata or ide cables etc etc.......

07-01-2011, 19:26
What CPU have you got?
What temperatures is it operating at the moment? (idle and load)

07-01-2011, 19:33
I have a amd 1055T cpu

07-01-2011, 19:37
With water cooling it should be running quite cool, so I don't see the reason for that many fans. 2 top 200m fans should be more than adequate. You need to take into consideration the CFM (airflow) rating of each fan, and the decibel rating too.

07-01-2011, 19:45
well i though i need to cool the water in the rad, and also keep the other parts cool

07-01-2011, 20:27
You would need a fan on the radiator, if it's a 200mm fan then you should be able to get away with either 5 or 7 volts. This should ensure good airflow and quiet operation.

You'll need a fan to stop the air in the case stagmenting.

Don't go down the road of trying to make it silent, I've been there and it get's a little OCD.

Once you've got the main cooling done and it's quiet, you'll notice that the hard drives are noisy, or the PSU fan is noisy. It goes on and on and on!