View Full Version : Who do I report diesel spills to?

25-10-2005, 10:34
Who do i report diesel spills on the road to is the a 24hr number??

25-10-2005, 10:57
this may help f-g the phone number is at the bottom of the page

25-10-2005, 11:03
Street Force: (0114) 273 4567

If it is dangerous and the Street Force number is not available, the would the Police help?

25-10-2005, 11:09
thanks :) .

25-10-2005, 17:16
Originally posted by Andy
Street Force: (0114) 273 4567

If it is dangerous and the Street Force number is not available, the would the Police help? If it's a hazard to other motorists then yes it's worth calling the Police (but remember not to call 999 :D) if you can't raise Street Force.

Good to see someone doing something about a diesel spill though. They are nasty for cars, but 10 times worse for motorcyclists!

If you ever see one it's well worth calling it in. It's better to receive several calls about the same spillage than none at all so don't assume someone else has called as often they are left unreported and cause injury.

25-10-2005, 18:17
I nearly came of my bike this morning becase of one on the parkway! People must start reporting them more

25-10-2005, 21:42
Well, listen to this one!

I work in a building overlooking the roundabout and traffic lights opposite Sheffield Arena, I think its called Arena Court roundabout? We regularly see shunts there each week as people race to get through the lights and have to brake late etc...
Anyway, at the end of Monday lunch at 2.00pm, we look out of the window and see a small hatchback car with hazards on in the middle of the three lanes, about three car lengths back from the lights, obviously broken down. There are two asian lads stood in the central reservation looking at their knackered car. They looked a bit puzzled. The bonnet had a bit a of a kink in it, so it may have rear ended another car, but dont really know. The car was in a really dangerous position.
Well, as we watched from the top floor I noticed oil pouring out from the engine. A huge black pool was spreading out from under the car and with all the rain, heading across the lane nearest to us as it was downhill. It was obviously really dangerous so I suggested to my manager that we should ring the police and let them know that a dangerous situation was in the making. We stressed the oil danger.
After finding the number for Attercliffe police station and explaining to them for about five minutes where we were etc etc they said they would send a car out. Meanwhile the oil slick was getting worse and cars were driving through it.
About 10 minutes later a police car pulled up and blocked the road off. The two bobbies went to the car and helped the lads push it onto the pavement out of the way. Then we saw how bad the oil spill was, the car must have dumped its entire sump out onto the road. It was really dangerous, but the police had it in hand now

.... we thought

They drove off. The police drove off after moving the visible hazard of a car with orange flashing lights, and left behind a near invisible huge oil patch in the braking zone for the traffic lights at a dangerous high speed, curving approach to a set of traffic lights!!!

Genius eh?!

If a biker had gone through it, the chances are he/she would have slid into the path of the cars crossing in front.

We could not believe our eyes. Thankfully there was no accident, but it could have been terrible.

26-10-2005, 13:45
idiots! Motorcycle News did a think about it a few weeks ago they found diesel spills, reproted them and waitied for the police to come out to see how long it took and what they did when they got there.

Cars are in just as much danger from them so its always good to report them