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20-10-2005, 08:29
There's a chain email message going round allegedly from Sainsbury's saying pass it on to 10 more people and copy it to Sainsburys and as soon as the 10 people send it on to 10 more people you will get a 60 shopping voucher. You won't.

Their site states that it's bogus. Probably started off by a disgruntled shopper or employee.

If you send on a chain email message at work and you get caught you could face disciplinary action.

20-10-2005, 17:32
Where does it say on their site that it's bogus ? :confused:

20-10-2005, 17:36
Sorry, I have now found it :blush: :blush: :blush:

20-10-2005, 17:41
Its almost certain that chain mail is bogus in fact does any one have a story to tell about any that have ever existed that in fact were genuine ??

20-10-2005, 17:43
Originally posted by NUCAD
Its almost certain that chain mail is bogus in fact does any one have a story to tell about any that have ever existed that in fact were genuine ??

It's not almost certain it is certain, just click on the link above and Sainsburys say it in black & white. :|

20-10-2005, 17:57
i did not dare say that just in case :thumbsup:

22-10-2005, 13:10
we got that email at work the other day and was informed it was a virus. the head honcho in our building sent out an email saying not to open or forward it. wouldnt you know, not even five minutes later my mailbox had 6 emails from people? idiots.

27-10-2005, 00:00
I've just received this from a friend - I have emailed her back to advise it's a scam - hopefully she'll email all the people she's sent it to too!!!


27-10-2005, 10:21
Why do people still fall for rubbish like this?

09-11-2005, 19:33
I received the following e-mail from a friend, who works for Sainsbury's, and thought it was genuine. Like an idiot, I forwarded it on.

Later this afternoon, I received an identical e-mail from someone else I know, to whom I hadn't forwarded the original one, and the alarm bells started ringing.

Subject: Free 60 Sainsburys Vouchers--Its worth a try
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >Sorry guy's but I have received this twice from different sources,
>> >>it's
>> >> >worth a try
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >Please do pass this on to 10 people cc'ing the sainsburys one and
> we'll
>> >>all
>> >> >get
>> >>60 voucher - the friend that sent it to me did ring Sainsburys to

>> >> >sure that this is a valid offer and it is!!!!!
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >Dear Sainsbury's Shoppers!
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >As part of our marketing exercise we will be giving away 60 gift
>> >> >vouchers.
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >Yes you read it right, Free gift vouchers, no catch. All you have

> do
>> >>is
>> >> >forward this email on to 10 friends & a copy to,
>> >> > simple as that.

I then decided to look at the e-mail properly, and realised that the e-mail address for Sainsbury's was all wrong, and when I clicked on it, I was taken to Hotmail.

I have to assume that this is some sort of spamming portal, so if you receive this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't forward it on.

09-11-2005, 19:36
You'd think there would be easier ways to steal email addresses - but I guess these are guaranteed to be gullible people who might buy something! ;)

If you google around, it's immediately obvious it's a hoax, and there's even this on Sainsbury's own site:

I stick by the good old "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" motto :) If they'd suggested a fiver of vouchers, that might have just been almost believable...

09-11-2005, 19:38
Any e-mail that contains a statement similar to

Please do pass this on to 10 people


Please forward this to everyone in your address book

will undoubtedly be a hoax. Seen thousands of them :roll:

09-11-2005, 19:38
that came round work. I will wager many replied

09-11-2005, 19:40
can you imagine sainsburys inbox!

09-11-2005, 19:43
I received this from a couple of different people yesterday. Have see these before. last one i got was that if i didn't forward an email to 14 people in my Hotmail address book, i would have to pay for all email services. Needless to say, didn't pass it on. :thumbsup:

09-11-2005, 20:00
I've e-mailed everyone I sent to whom I sent it, to let them know, and can only hope I've caught them in time.

I've also let the two senders (to me) know that it's intent, and can only hope that they will act in the same way I have. Probably too late for most by now.:rolleyes:

All I know is that I'm going to be spammed to death now....thank goodness for spam filters.

09-11-2005, 20:06
I dont get how it can be possible for anything like this to legitimaly work by forwarding it to a certain amount of people. I mean how would Sainsburys know that you have forwarded it. Email forwarding cant be tracked. Or can it :suspect:

09-11-2005, 20:11
It has already been discussed on the Forum here ( I received it from a friend and immediately let her know etc


09-11-2005, 20:27
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09-11-2005, 20:37
Sorry....I was so angry with myself for being such an idiot, that I forgot to do a search before starting my thread.

Thanks Shiesh for pointing it out, and thanks BoroughGal for merging them.

*starts 100 lines of "I must do a search before posting new threads"*:wink:

09-11-2005, 20:43
No prob Ann - the extra exposure (bumping) will no doubt prevent even more victims!


09-11-2005, 20:55
Originally posted by Shiesh
No prob Ann - the extra exposure (bumping) will no doubt prevent even more victims!


But is there actally a victim though? What harm can it actually do? (serious question :))

12-11-2005, 10:17
Originally posted by spyro2000
But is there actally a victim though? What harm can it actually do? (serious question :))
In terms of actual harm very little - although it would give a nice long list of working emails to the address you had to cc it to (which wasn't a sainsbury's one!). It's a slight variation on the electronic chain letter, and it's more of a personal annoyance than anything else as far as I'm concerned. Plus I got a copy of this from someone I would normally trust not to be so gullible, which made me waste a few seconds reading it. I could have spent those extra seconds asleep! :)