View Full Version : Nan at Sheffield Dog Rescue

21-10-2010, 14:31
Nan is a lovely quiet dog who needs a special home with someone who can spend some time with her to give her confidence to settle into home life.She is a delight to walk .
I'm led to believe that a foster home may be an appropriate way to go , but the people at the dog rescue will advise on that.
Hope this link works!

Almost works, lots of other lovelys too!

21-10-2010, 15:02
ah poor Nan, didn't realise she was still there :( I did a home check for her ages ago so thought she'd gone off to her new home.

21-10-2010, 19:01
what a shame it didnt work out for her hopefully the right home will come along soon i think it puts people off though when the dog has been through a failed rehome even if it isnt their fault? she looks like she has some ABD in her, i love her collar like my diamonds

22-10-2010, 10:55
I've put a link to sheffield dog rescue on our site, so hopefully it will increase their traffic for her.

22-10-2010, 18:55
Thanks Rainrescue , she's such a lovely dog and seems a little bewildered by her circumstances , I hope she gets a nice home soon.

22-10-2010, 22:34
I can second what a lovely dog Nan is. She really just wants to be loved and is really not happy in kennels at all.

If it makes any difference to anyone reading it's my understanding that she spent very little time in her new home and would just benefit from a little time to settle in, it's not because she is a devil dog ;)