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13-04-2010, 20:52
I am wanting help in finding old pictures of shiregreen/hartleybrook,firth park areas from back in the day.

I have found ones of penistone road being laid down, and one of hartley brook i think back in the 60's...but there is little i have found so far.

Are there any local photography sites that might hold images by area or something like that?


13-04-2010, 20:55
The sheffield library site has hundreds of pictures.

13-04-2010, 21:25
The sheffield library site has hundreds of pictures.

I just love one of the photos I saw on there of the duck /boating pond and the clock tower at Firth Park , Now when I'm on the bus getting stressed out by all the chitter chatter , I just close my eyes as we approach the old library, see this picture in my mind and imagine life in more quieter, genteel days . Heaven !!!

bus man
13-04-2010, 21:27
Go to sheffield scene on pinstone st or any local library look for the "In camera " series or books incase theve done one for that area

Look in local library as some of them have copies of there local area on display

14-04-2010, 17:40
try going on facebook and joining a group called pictures of sheffield old and new