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12-08-2005, 19:30
My father was John Francis Bailey. His father, John Samuel Bailey, was involved with the 22nd Sheffield company of the Boy's Life Brigade involving the years 1919 onwards. Sam trained and conducted the band in which my father played drums. The company was affiliated (not sure in what way) to Holmhirst Road Methodist Chapel. I remember going on Whit marches with the Chapel in the '40's. Dad was very proud of his connections here and I would love to know more about this time. John Francis was Sunday School President at Holmirst Road Methodists when I was young - again in the '40's. We have his drum sticks from the drumming days and a wonterful 'blue ink' copy of 'The Pioneer' - an undated handwritten magazine, No 2, of the 22nd Sheffield Brigade. The symbols used in this are the 'wheel', the 'lifebuoy' and the 'crossed flags'. There is no symbol of 'The Anchor' - which, I understand, was the Boy's Brigade 'logo'.

Does anyone know more of this group, or has reminiscences or paper records? I would love to know. John Francis died in 1984 and his wife, Isabel, now aged 93, lives near me in Bury St Edmunds.

13-08-2005, 10:52
I used to be in the Life Boys & Boys Brigade at the Heeley Church on Gleadless Rd in the 60s have great memories of the games we used to play.